Swansboro, N.C.

June 20, 2021


I would like to express my support of the Swansboro Yacht Club. The club has been an integral part of our town for almost three decades.

They have always facilitated a sense of community and family to the local clientele and the staff alike. The opening of their successful seafood restaurant brought more tourists who enjoyed the friendly atmosphere as well.

I could not tell you how many times me and my fellow Yachties have taken pictures for visiting families, friends and groups. The tourists were always anxious to ask questions about the town and surrounding waterways and the locals were happy and proud to answer.

We all enjoyed the view, the wild birds, marine life and the beautiful sunsets in our Carolina blue skies. I would also like to mention the Marines that gravitated to the club for many years, drawn in by the friendly hospitality that made them feel part of the Yacht Club family when they could not be with their own. Many became regulars before they had to move on; some became permanent regulars staying in the area as retirees .Swansboro Yacht Club treated the tourists and our military like part of the community, not a commodity.

"Friendly City by The Sea" has many attributes, the climate, beaches, waterways and our precious downtown, but mainly its' people.

That is why I am writing this letter to let you know that not only myself, but many people of Swansboro and the surrounding area sorely miss the Swansboro Yacht Club. The establishment is not just a restaurant and bar, but the designated locals club where we share our lives and love for each other and the town we adore. Almost three decades on, it is part of our town and our hearts.

I would like to ask our Mayor, Town Manager, Board of Commissioners, Town Planner, Planning Board Members and our Town Attorney to please work with the proprietors who have endured not only Hurricane Florence but the devastating Coronavirus shutdowns. Remember to be integral is to be important and necessary to complete the whole.


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David Collins

So the Yacht Club is a true local treasure and the town needs to work with the owner more . Ha , Ha , Ha . Guess one man’s hunk of trash is another’s treasure . The owner has had more than ample time to make repairs . Instead he has turned the property into a junkyard . Past time to clean it up or move it out . What you see now is what you will continue to see if nothing is done . Yeah , he really cares about the town and it shows .

Jackie Gleason

The Swansboro Yacht Club?....please. The place was a problem before Florence and continues to be a problem now. Don't speak for the entire town. There are a lot of people that did not like this establishment and what went on into the late night hours. Just look at the police logs for noise and drunkin behavior. You want the town to do something for this place and the owner?.....stop the nonsense.


I've been there twice in my lifetime. It was my first time and my last time. What a dump and a meat market. Maybe every town needs one. Not my cup of tea.


SYC is a sorry looking historic site, and cannot survive a good NorEaster let alone a hurricane. Location, location, location. Close enough to the town limit to escape the long arm of the law for the drive home.


gee, 4 negative comments on a positive article. "dive bars" are a thing. old often decrepit they offer strong drinks and good food. I looked on yelp as i was curious after reading the comments, overwhelmingly positive reviews, food /service /views often described as " amazing". think I will support a local business and check it out in person a couple times.

David Collins

Been there before . Yes , it has pretty views from both sides but what is in the middle is far from attractive . The owner has been fumbling and bumbling about for long enough . Time to do the job right , clean up your act or get out . The town seems neutered when it comes to dealing with this guy but that’s pretty normal for them .

Yelp reviews ? Anonymous comments authored by who ? Yup , that would be my guiding light . Has always been a dive , full of bored drunken pleasure seekers , some spoiling for a fight . That includes males ,females and anything in between .


This is a heart filled letter. Thank you for sharing.


(Edited by staff.)


Sounds like they are in need of new investors , and may be willing to stay open minded about the future of the joint? (if not, it looks sadly like the old govt may take it over, which is not a benefit for anyone at that point).

David Collins

So now the Corona virus is blamed for it being shutdown , malarkey . Shut down before then and still is with little chance of anything changing . From the heart , from the pocketbook you mean .


Since I was "edited" for my second sentence, I will rephrase. I hope those who grumble can look beyond their own prejudice, I see pride and love in this letter. No ulterior motivation.


Agree with the iron words of JFA. Who is next after the SYC?? Remember the $1,000,000 sale and $1 a year leaseback scam that was attempted but failed due to possible felonious behavior exposed to daylight.

David Collins

That was sunset park , was it not . Everyone that could possibly profit from that scam was all for it . The principals are still out there and rumor has it that money actually changed hands after litigation . Of course they were sworn to secrecy to save the town face . Nondisclosure clauses and all that . But then it could all be one more urbanized legend .

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