Morehead City, N.C.

Feb. 19, 2021


It seems strange to me that County Commissioners have gone behind the back of Carteret County citizens, without public discussion and decided to post all public notices on their website in lieu of publishing them in the newspaper as now required under state statutes. How many folks reading this letter have ever been to the County Commissioners website? Do they keep records of the numbers of folks who visit their web site? Is this number public? Are the Commissioners trying to hide something?

If you have ever read my LTE’s, you know that I have frequent issues with editorial positions of this newspaper. However, we share a common belief in the freedom of the press and the importance of local newspapers to keep the community informed. My husband was born in Morehead but I came to know the town through this newspaper: The Seafood Festival, The Big Rock Tournament, Arts Festivals, Beach Clean Up, Amendment One, Weddings, Funerals, stories from DownEast, plus the three Carteret High Schools and their bands, athletes, scholars, Teachers of the Year, and information on the achievement of Scouts, Covid 19, both the spread in the county and places you can get vaccines, etc. etc., etc.

There are few things on which Republicans and Democrats agree. Having a community newspaper, the Carteret County News-Times, is a belief we share. We all want to know what is happening at City Councils at Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, MHC, Newport, Cape Carteret. We count on these reporters to cover these important items of business. We depend on this paper. I encourage all my friends to buy it. I know many folks get information from Facebook, Twitter, TV. I am a newspaper person. I assume that if you are reading this letter, you are a newspaper person as well. I pay for three newspapers because I believe in reporters who do their legwork. I depend on them to find facts so we can find truth.

If you agree with me, then please contact these County Commissioners and tell them to remove Carteret Co from the local bill, H.B. 51. We want to read Public Notices in this paper, not search for them on a Web site. How many Carteret Citizens don’t have computer access? Even our local Representative in Raleigh, Republican Pat McElraft, thought this was a bad idea and refused their request to put Carteret Co on the bill. Our Commissioners had to go to Harnett Co. to find an agreeable Representative. They did this without informing the public. Maybe their intention was to hope no one would notice. Unfortunately, for small newspapers this money which 88 Counties currently pay to local papers, is important to the survival of small papers. Local newspapers hold a community together. It is interesting that these same Commissioners who will pay money for a fence to protect a statue refuse to support their local newspaper that has been around since 1912. I encourage everyone who reads this letter to call or write the following Commissioners. This information is from their web site.


Mark Mansfield - 252 732 0875

Jimmy Farrington - 252 723 0002

Chris Chadwick - 252 725 0820

Robin Comer - 252 725 0548

Bob Cavanaugh - 252 241 6420

Ed Wheatley - 252 241 8626 (Chair)

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I guess that they don’t realize that not everybody has internet not even own a computer. How is someone going to access the county website when they have no idea how to operate a computer? All this computer mess is for the newer generations. Once again a display of inconsideration for the older citizens who do not have access nor do they understand computers. And if the officials want to keep things and their ideas and plans private, what makes anybody think that they are going to listen to people’s complaints about public notices not being published in the newspaper? It’s like public input is not these officials concern.


Thanks for posting, Lela. I agree with you completely on the importance of local newspapers to keep our community informed and I truly appreciate having The News-Times.

I am a little prejudiced, having spent my entire career working for two major newspaper chains, and now enjoying my retirement pension from these organizations.

I’ve always depended on newspapers for my main source of information and although I do visit county government websites, I do believe they give me the information “They” want me to have and maybe not the rest of the story.

I will write our commissioners to let them know of my displeasure with HB 51.


Unfortunately, some newspapers and news networks have become sources of opinions, not facts. And the sad fact is that most of their audience does not understand the difference.


Folks, IMO, this is not political , its a move to further distance from voters on how your COUNTY runs, and where the money goes. ie: does it really matter which symbol these bozo's hang on their name when voting? As a matter of another opinion, meaning mine, the more regulations and rules that keep getting slung around without future impact implications being a factor, especially on ECONOMIC matters, is HORRIBLE. This is a divisive way , to allow anyone with access to your pocketbook , to operate. If these folks will not stop this, behavior, and turn their guns off their base, i'd hate to be one of them with a business here in Carteret County. Their supposed to be looking out for the good in the deal, not stick it to the taxpayers. (same goes for these 'town' servants as well. )


The Constitution Isn't Suspended Because of a Pandemic


This was mind blowing, and scary , but worth the watch, at least the frist 10 mins, enjoy / Justin Amash - Behind The Curtain - /


Just an update, Lela: I reached out, via email, to the commissioners from your list, expressing my concern and disappointment in HB 51 and that I felt strongly that public notices should remain in our local newspaper.

It’s been five days since they received my email, and although I didn’t ask a question or ask for a response, I’ve heard nothing back from any of them. Hmmm.

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