Morehead City, N.C.

June 8, 2021


I don't know why the town is requesting that the state lower the speed limit on Hwy 24. I realize they state safety, but they cannot enforce the 35 speed limit on Arendell St. now. Speeding is out of control, and I see no effort to en-force it.


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Capt Grumpy

Just how fast do you have to drive thru Morehead City to get a speeding ticket??????


Regarding local enforcement of basic rules of the road during the hours of 6a to 6p is non existent. There remains no visible law enforcement to enforce the basic rules of safe driving. Tailgating and zigzagging, aggressive driving. The streets are out of control and the big pickup trucks zooming around towing trailers full of lawnmowers and tanks of gasoline walking around on the trailer, not hitched up correctly, no lights or tags while the driver is on the phone to his next customer promising to be there in a few minutes is crazy. People are actually passing in the deceleration lane now. If you are doing 55 you are going to be run over. No stopping at stop signs, stopping past the white line and creping forward not knowing if he sees you or is he going to stop while on the phone. I have witnessed law enforcement turn a blind eye to some major traffic violations right before his eyes and move on. I have seen law enforcement pass me, seeing he is on his laptop wandering out of his own lane. In my opinion it is very dangerous to drive in this county with many routinely crossing the center line totally distracted. The most dangerous activity you will have to do is drive to the grocery store. After burning the ear of a local highway patrolman he said, " don't worry about the traffic behind you, pay attention and obey the law". That's it, no other comment like we're trying or report this to the highway patrol. Bottom line to help this madness is enforcement. Remember, these inconsiderate drivers are thumbing their nose at law and jeopardizing your life and everyone else around them. I'm considering a 4 point drivers seat belt and race helmet.

Here we go again!

If these old people that have no business driving would get off the road, we wouldn't need to lower the speed limit.

Mr. Tom Slick

Well did someone ever stop to think what happens these days when an officer actually does their job? In certain areas of our country it has gotten the officer in more trouble and even in prison...………..something to ponder. Drive it and shut up.... be thankful your not getting a ticket.


I'll bet ya they are not wearing a MASK either, right? ........... [beam]


Dc and Baltimore are the worst, cars with no tags, paper tags expired for months, lumpy fenders and will just veer over as it suits, hit you and flee. Enforcement HA!

It's common for the intersection to be blocked through 3 changes of the light, and if it's not for God's sake don't pull out when it does change cause 6 cars will run the red.

Things have changed for the worse locally over the last 30 years.. spend rush hr in dc

On any given day and you can return to the coast and count your blessings.


Yep, Leftism is dangerous period.


Bla bla bla bla bla bla…..leftism?


Lack of critical thinking skills and blind adherence to dogma from either party is what is really dangerous. Couple that with the media fixation on demonizing and drama and ppl who love such things..


Why do law enforcement officers pull people who are speeding when driving anywhere’s, law enforcement officers are speeding in their patrol cars. That is hypocrisy in action right there. If they are on a call, then turn on the blue and handle your business. But if you are not on a call, drive the speed limit like you want others to do. And stop turning on the blue lights just to get through the red lights then shut them off once you clear the lights. Remember, just because you have a badge and drive cars bought with taxpayers money allow you to be above the law. Do what is right even when nobody is looking.


Correction to my post due to a tying error. Just because you wear a badge and drive a car bought with taxpayers money doesn’t make you above the law.


There are many reasons cops don’t enforce some laws or even want to be a cop.

Now that the leftists have let felons go free, thrown in bail reform to keep the criminals from returning to jail, and defunded the cops, why would you want to stop and ticket or arrest folks these days?

Michael Brown got shot for attacking a cop in Ferguson, Mo., and they erected a plaque in his honor. Jacob Blake sexually assaulted a woman, resisted arrest, went to his car to get a knife as he was being arrested, got shot seven times, and Kamala Harris met Blake and actually told him she was “proud” of him.

As Mr. Slick says, drive and shut up. I agree.

Here we go again!

Perfect explanation for MHC's fast drivers not being pulled over.

Mr. Tom Slick

Way to go mpjeep……


If traffic stops are the most dangerous stops for law enforcement, why just not deploy speed cameras?

Seems like others have done this successfully and unsuccessfully, plenty to learn from to make it right


Felony stops are different then normal stops but all carry potential risks. Traffic cams are huge money makers and I am surprised they are not more widely employed locally.


Tickets issued by a camera are issued to the vehicle and not the person that may actually be driving the vehicle. So doesn’t this leave some uncertainty of the offender? Just more problems and more things for us to complain about. Bad idea!


Pull them for the MASK VIOLATION, hit them high , then drp the speeding on them in the same ticket, and throw in a careless , or reckless capper, and bingo..... everyone will stop driving like pure cr@p, i'll bet! [yawn]

sick and tired

It's time to go back to the horse and buggy. That will solve the speeding issue, and help the environment. Oh wait, that would be cruel for the horse though. I guess my mom was right, you can't please everybody.


If he has a mask on, its ok................................

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