Morehead City, N.C.

Jan. 20, 2023


On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, I was very happy as I went to Spectrum Cable Co in Morehead City, NC to tell them to cancel my cable TV as I was tired of them continually raising the monthly rates plus adding additional charges to the account which you could not understand as they do not wish for you to comprehend their billing practices.

After turning in my three (3) cable boxes, I was informed that I would be billed for the next 30 days even though I had just cancelled the service and the bill was paid thru yesterday for the last month for TV Cable services. We have been paying them a total of $257.21 and they still wanted to screw me more.

I wanted to keep the internet service as I did not want to change my email address and make my contact list change to the new email address. The clerk told me that my cable speed would be reduced and the monthly cost would increase another $12. For me to keep my present speed the price would increase another $14 per month.

Spectrum Cable Co advertises on their commercials daily that you can now get their Internet for only $49.95 monthly and I requested this only to be told that as a current customer I did not qualify for this.

My desire was to eliminate Spectrum Cable and their lies of you have many channels to look at. What they fail to disclose to the customers is you have hundred(s) of channels, however they consist of maybe 50 to 60 different channels but you have approximately 60% of them over and over as you change the tv stations.

We now are using TV streaming where we control the costs and no longer have the same TV channels over and over as you use the “tv guide” on your remote. My next step in the next few days is to be completely free of Spectrum Cable Co as they have raped me enough in the years we have been using them.

One would think that the Carteret County commissioners would have the guts to question this cable company and stop allowing them to continually screw customers. But this also brings up more questions and ask what if anything, do they get from Spectrum Cable Co. to allow this to happen year after year??

Spectrum Cable, you now have caused yourself problems due to your greed and you can be sure I will now refuse to pay for another month. Complaints are now in the process of being made to Congress and Senator from Eastern NC, The NC Attorney General, The FCC, the local and national media and social media.

I now understand why thousands of former cable customers have left their cable tv companies and now use streaming TV as reported by the national media. The monthly savings and you the customer are in total control of what you wish to see and pay for.


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David Collins

Wanted to do the same . Ran into the same roadblocks . If they don’t get you one way , they get you the other way . Where else are you going to get decent internet service ? They are the only source and they know it .


You nailed it, Mr. Hill, and I agree with you 100%. I cut the cord three years ago with Spectrum TV.

I kept Spectrum internet because my only other option was CenturyLink. I’ve used them before, and their reliability is horrible.

Why Spectrum advertises the internet at $49.95 for new customers tells us they don’t care about existing customers. My current internet costs are $101 per month, and the service is less than stellar.

I pay for the fastest home internet speeds of 300 Mbps and check them regularly, and I’m lucky if I get a third of the speed I pay for. Spectrum refuses to explain this to me.

I keep hoping that one day I’ll have a better option for the internet than Spectrum or CenturyLink.

the secret life of man

I once saw a subliminal cable TV salesman,but only for a second.


It is not just spectrum, although they have a local monopoly. Verizon, comcast ,cox et all they all play the same games with ' bundles' that save you money, stand alone internet we will punish you! We cut the cable cord about 5 years ago, and we couldn't be happier. A broadcast antennae brings in free tv, a wifi hot spot gives us internet at 50/mo, and a roku 9 30 bucks one time fee) plugged into tv gives more darn content then you could watch in a lifetime.

Depending on your phone plan your cell may act as a wifi hotspot.

Ditch cable that 100 a month invested for 30 yrs will ake a big difference in your retirement plans, and time spent outdoors/ volunteering/ reading/ or just walking the hound will enrich your life far more then sitting in front of the idiot box. perhaps a mass exodus of subscribers will cause them to rethink their business model.. even in areas that have other cable options they all play the same games.

the secret life of man

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Hang in there. Starlink will be available pretty soon.


GREED, GREED, GREED! And asking politicians to intervene, yeah right. It's the politicians how have caused this mess and corporations will capitalize and prey on the citizens. Spectrum isn't the only price gougers out there increasing rates. Duke Progress Energy is doing the same thing as well. Politicians are the biggest liars. They stated that price gouging is illegal but in turn, do not enforce it. Corruption at its finest is what is running this country and it's only going to get worse.


Viva La Revolution!


I really wish Carteret-Craven Electric Co-op would deploy fiber and get into the ISP business like other electric co-ops. Brightspeed purchased CenturyLink's footprint and they have mentioned plans to deploy fiber in our County, but the extent of coverage for that deployment is not known (only a few select areas might get it.) I should mention that cellular-based home Internet may now be a viable alternative for some in the area.

Looks like Spectrum is going to milk their existing HFC network here vs. deploying fiber to the home until a significant bit of competition materializes. If fiber ever finally shows up and is available to a large portion of residents here, we might see a rhyme of the early 2000s of Cable's DOCSIS blowing away Telco's DSL, with this time Fiber ISPs taking away Spectrum's customers.

It would be nice to have an actual low latency, symmetrical Gigabit (or more) option at an affordable price.

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If there's one industry that needs to have its feet held to the antitrust fire it's this one. These companies have literally carved out multi-state-wide monopolies for themselves that continue to go virtually unchecked.

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