Newport, N.C.

July 30, 3019


I express my thanks and gratitude to Board of Education members John McLean, Melissa Ehlers, Jake Godwin, Brittany Wheatly and Clark Jenkins for your “Yes” vote and attempting to convince Travis Day to rescind his vote to keep MaST Early College open. You demonstrated you “cared” in the best interest of the students. Your vote weighted on those students sitting in front of you. He didn’t show any compassion toward them. He attempted, over and over again, to prove his statistics and cared more for “those other kids.” He gave the BOE a bad name, but you reprieved yourselves by standing up to him and to that we owe you.

I can assure you, if you run for BOE members again you have my vote. You proved that you “cared” for the interest of the children and their education. Mr. McLean, you especially showed you did your homework and attempted to get the point across to Mr. Day. Of course, he demonstrated he was not buying it. We all know he had his own agenda. Can’t wait to see his next letter to the editor. Let’s hope he finds it in his heart to be an “apology” to the students and their families. These students and parents did not deserve to spend their summer wondering whether their school was going to close. Summer breaks were meant to be the time to take a breath and enjoy taking time to spend with their families, but instead they remained “doomed” and “gloomed.”

All through this duration, we heard concerns as to why the MaST Early College was important to the students and to the community. The support from the community was heartwarming.

During these past weeks, we have had “tears of fear,” but last night were “tears of joy.” The expression on Matt Bottoms face was epic. Matt Bottoms always cared for the students, and always will. He is the best superintendent anyone could ask for. It is a shame that he was made out to be the scapegoat by putting the pressure on him. This was another act of Mr. Day.

A “thank you” also goes out to Dr. Hauser, Carteret Community College, to offer “the gift.” Without this offer I don’t think we would have won this fight.

I thank you, again, and for God for guiding you to make the right decision.

One happy grandparent,

P.S. Mr. McLean, please consider, when the time comes, to run for BOE chairman. I will personally campaign for you!



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Better check your left pocket, since they 'allowed' taxpayers money to appear as if they gave you few folks a dollar for your right pocket! ie: make sure you still have all 5 fingers after your handshake......... hahahahahahahhaha [yawn]


This is such a great comment! Perhaps, though, the tide is changing as more of us realize that the good old boy system that has sold us out needs to change for the benefit of all of us, not just the ones at the top.


No, beachmami13, there is a 5 dollar bill missing out of your left pocket. [wink]




Duly noted. This grandpaw votes too.

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