Newport, N.C.

August 25, 2021


The editorial in last Sunday’s News-Times was eye opening. Our North Carolina state political leaders want to open the door to sports gambling, even to the point of allowing betting on some amateur events. They are so blinded by their love of money that they refuse to see the damage that will result.

Our sports used to be a welcome escape from daily life and provided us with inspirational feats of overcoming adversity and good sportsmanship. Today they are more about the quest for more money, influence and social messaging, not to mention the bad examples of athletes using physical violence off the field.

Now let’s add gambling money and the possibility of corruption to the mix. Perhaps we should apologize to Pete Rose.

The most appalling thing about the bill is the allocation of money towards addiction issues. They KNOW that some lives and families will be hurt. A lot of damage can be done before anyone admits that they are addicted. And then a few weeks in a recovery program does not usually fix the problem permanently. Gambling affects the brain the same as meth and cocaine.

Dr. Timothy Fong, Addiction Expert and Co-Director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program says, “Without a doubt, we know it’s an actual brain disease. That’s very different from 20 years ago when people saw it as an issue of morality, greed, and lack of willpower. There are brain changes that explain why people can’t stop.”

Is the damage done to the emotional, physical and financial health of our citizens (not to mention their families) worth the money gained?

Please contact your representatives and ask them not to support this destructive bill.


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David Collins

The powers that be know full well that gambling is addictive and a mental issue as well . Supposedly treatment is funded , by the taxpayers , to treat addiction , supposedly . Now it appears they are throwing up their hands and saying that we might as well make some money off of this misery . Was going to say misery that has been known to tear families apart , I did say it , but these days there are fewer and fewer actual families to tear asunder . Progressive progress I guess .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Here’s the thing. People are already gambling . You can go online right now and book a bet.

Or call your local action taker.

This bill isn’t introducing gambling or the ability to gamble in NC. This bill simply makes it legal.

David Collins

Is there a difference , BFDR , if so please explain for the end result is the same . More losers .


It’s a first! You and I agree on something….perhaps you’re not so bad, after all! Lol!

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