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Dec. 19, 2021


Climate change fanatics might want to read up on information about the Ice Age. According to scientists our planet is around 4.5 billion years old. During that time they have evidence of five different ice ages.

An Ice Age is a cycle the earth goes through based on certain conditions that occur over millions of years. One of those conditions is the earth's change on its axis with the sun. Other factors are volcano eruptions and forest fires.

In fact, the earth is now in one of those cycles on the warming or interglacial side. According to many experts, the earth’s temperature will continue to rise, melting glaciers and in a few thousand years the S.C. coastline will possibly be somewhere around Columbia, S. C. like it has been in the past.

As an elderly native of upstate S.C., (now living in N.C.) I have seen changes in our climate that indicate the earth is warming. Our winters are not near as cold as those back in the 40's and 50's. Back then we got more snow in the winter and the temperatures would drop so low that many small ponds would freeze over so hard that you could ice skate on many of them. That was an activity that many upstate people looked forward to on Mirror Lake in Highlands, N.C. every winter. I have seen the ice on that Lake freeze so thick that people would drive their Jeeps out on it. That has not happened in many years.

Humans have very little influence on climate change compared to other effects. If someone is really serious about reducing the effect of human activity on the climate they should be starting with China and India where the huge populations exist. Of the 7.6 billion population of the earth, China and India account for about 2.6 billion or 34%, and many of these people still use coal and wood to heat their homes and cook their meals.

Whatever the United States does on its own will be equivalent to spitting in the ocean. But the US population will suffer greatly from higher energy and other costs forced on us by the fanatics.


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Carteret Native 01

Nothing new here. The same old climate change denials. Yes, the world has endured multiple ice ages and thaws in conjunction with sea level fluctuations.

Yes, everyone has known that sea level has been rising very, very gradually for several millennia. But, in the past those changes have taken place over scores of millenia. The rate of sea level rise in recent years has accelerated and all but the willfully ignorant acknowledge that humankind has affected that acceleration by altering the climate. If the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica collapses in the next 3-5 years, as projected, Patterson's beloved South Carolina Low Country will all but vanish, along with Sea Level, Stacey, parts of Cedar Island and the Straits. We'll shop Beaufort's gift shops only at low tide. And the race to pump sand onto Bogue Banks to preserve the precious tourist trade will suck up the entire County budget. We're going to be in a world of hurt, even if we ignore climate change and sea level rise. If we take absolutely no action as the writer seems to advocate, what world will we leave to generations to come?


" If we take absolutely no action as the writer seems to advocate, what world will we leave to generations to come? " BUT Whats your plan?????????????????? Talk it to death???????????????? Sea level will rise with increase in water temp. that will be offset by latent heat of ocean water evaporation. Has that happened. Weather data historically was gathered and transmitted by telegraph invented in about 1850. . Any data before 1850 is probably goofy because it was gathered and sent by pony mail. Our news media only reports bad weather- have you noticed. Warming is problematic but we have NO answer.


They need to make a movie about this…oh wait…

David Collins

I did not read that abbreviated blurb as denial but as acceptance of the climate changing over time . Back and forth over a lot of time . Eons !

Back in the 60s , the cry was global cooling . A new ice age was on the way . Wall Street and Broadway would be soon be snowed in with with mammoths , somehow being reborn , roaming the frozen streets . Remember it well for it was even posted and depicted in the magazines of the time . That was the social media of the day back then and the “ educated alarmists “ used it well . Still awaiting that non-event but who is watching .

Now we have the opposite and the answer to this latest calamity in the making is to throw money at it . Always your money . Like all of these latest and greatest Green Projects will prevent anything , other than draining your wallet while the pundits jet about the world telling us to change our lives as they live theirs in luxury . Mr Obama stood before the Nation proclaiming that our greatest threat is climate change and that algae will replace oil as jet fuel . Now he lives in a 15 million dollar mansion on the Vineyard using as much energy as a small town . Yeah , do as I say , not as I do , again . Just like the other climate notables do . No offshore turbines for them because it ruins the view of the ocean from their homes . Yours do not seem to matter so much . This ploy just goes on and on .

When the climate does eventually swing , it always does just not tomorrow or the next day , we will have to do what animals have always done . Modify and adapt . Meanwhile, enjoy the next million or so years as best you can . Let the chicken littles and worry warts do their thing as they are prone to do . There are far more immediate perils facing us that we can do something about than this .

David Collins

By the way , it appears that the Polar Bears are running out of ice again , at least that is what the holiday adds on tv are proclaiming . Please , if you really care , arrange for your credit card to be debited for the rest of your life , to get them some more ice . After doing that , you can do the same for the elephants . Money obviously cures all the ills of the world and the beasts have learned to use it as well .


So Obama should do sack cloth and ashes to prove his devotion to environmentalism? The fact that the earth undergoes climate change over the course of eons, does not mean it can't change quicker, or that man has no effect. The % of various gasses in atmosphere are pretty conclusive evidence. 

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David Collins

One can look at mountains of evidence of this and that or whatever till the cows come home but nothing definite has come from all of it . Only WAGs with might be’s , could be’s and followed by ifs ands and buts . If all those were toys and nuts then we would have a Merry Christmas . Tell ya what . Keep the hoax alive and report in when it is time to actually take a look see at something notable . Go out and buy an EV and cover the house with solar panels plus a power wall . Meanwhile I am going to take a nap and think about going fishing , if there is enough water to get the boat out and back .


Oh no back to follow the science again. Working well with Covid lockdowns isn't it.


Earth’s climate has always warmed and cooled over the past 3,000 years. Human produced CO2 is re-absorbed by oceans and forests, negating any climate changes.

Global warming and cooling are primarily caused by the sun’s heat fluctuations and not by human activity.

Sea levels have been steadily rising for thousands of years, and the increase has nothing to do with humans. Glaciers have grown and receded for thousands of years due to natural causes, not human activity.

David Collins

Not exactly the response some were anticipating mp , not at all . No money in that reply .

David Collins

Vaccines are poison . Medicines are poison as well . A directed poison which if taken as directed will have a minimal negative effect on the patient . Figure out the rest yourself .

Strange ideas , yup , ya got that right but that and money makes the world go round and round .

Still awaiting the high water alarm . Meanwhile ZZZZZZZ


Let’s ban volcanoes…mean ole things


I like the volcano metaphore. Giant lumps burning up inside and spewing hot gases outside.


About Polar Bears and ice. ! All of the claims about Polar Bears and melting ice causing them to potentially die seem to be false as the population of Polar Bears is at a record high. In fact there are complaints about too many of these Bears in some places. Also, I have never seen a picture of a dead Polar Bear because of melting ice. Believe me, if there were one it would be published world wide by the liberal media.

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