Beaufort, N.C.

Dec. 10, 2020


Fear of God is a biblical admonition that I have lived free of for my 70 years,….. until now. Many want to ignore or pretend that the covenant made between the founders of our nation and God is of no consequence or does not exist. They bury and misconstrue the prayers, and the Providential events and circumstances that formed the greatest nation this world has known. They take for granted the immense sacrifices of our forefathers to enable the prosperity that is lifting the world from poverty and has empowered the human spirit to unprecedented achievements in medicine, science, and agriculture.

The removal of God from our government and schools, the destruction of the sacrament of marriage, the embracing of abortion, is not simply the progressive evolution of government to address inequities in society. They are intentional acts of defiance against the Creator, the biblical foundation of our country, and declarations that we can make our own gods. The parallels with ancient Israel are unmistakable.

The divisiveness that exists in our country is reflected in many ways, Republican/ Democrats, rich/poor, ruling class/working class, takers/taken from. It is becoming clearer that spiritual belief is a point around which everything turns. The attacks on Christian values have become more outspoken and intense. The church is the last institution standing as a bulwark against evil forces and is under immense pressure to secularize and accept antithetical values. It has become commonplace, even among our highest elected officials, to mock evangelicals for their beliefs, i.e. guns and religion.

In his great masterpiece, “All Along the Watchtower”, Bob Dylan, warns of not taking life seriously, and living oblivious to the coming consequences. If we consider the US constitution as our protective wall, and watchtower, guarding our individual rights, and the unrelenting attacks against it by overwhelming forces, while we go about our business as if nothing is amiss, we will be left only to ask- may God have mercy.

Two riders are approaching. The first conquers and the second destroys. Regardless of the election. WE are witnessing an imminent breach in our protective wall. Our Government has been comprised from within. Unchecked, we will soon be overrun by forces intent on plundering and persecution. Many among us seek the idols of group think, climate activism, political correctness, gender bending, and that spiritual values are a joke. How can we not acknowledge the subversion of TRUTH in our world. Fake news, Fake elections, Fake people, Fake jobs, Fake CIA/FBI, Fake Judges, Fake Laws.

Complacency, or Willful Ignorance of history and biblical prophecy is no excuse. We are required to be diligent. To whom much is given, much is expected. This world does not exist for no purpose. Life is not an accident. The USA was created for the intended reason of being a light in a dark world, and because of the founders honoring God. The cold distance is not so distant. The wind has begun to howl. Judgement happens.


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The 3rd paragraph told me all ineeded to know. Thankfully freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. Otherwise the Christian taliban would have taken over years ago. The founding fathers were wise, and not nearly as pious as some would have you beleive. Franklin in particular.


CNN anchor Don Lemon stated that Jesus Christ “was not perfect”. And CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said that Christian faith should be no more than a weekly Sunday commitment, if that, and then back to the secular world on Monday.

Leftist stooges like Lemon and Cuomo think Christians should be free to worship whoever they want, on a part-time basis and out of sight.

Lemon and Cuomo, as well as many other democrats, think it’s dangerous for Christians to hold public office or be judges, as they persecuted Judge Barrett and Judge Buescher for their Catholic faith.

Seems to me that religious bigotry is rapidly growing in our country and this is an attack on our liberties and not something we should live with or allow.

As history teaches us, after Hitler took away people’s guns in Germany, he then went on to eliminate churches. We should certainly beware of politicians who target religion because such persecution is often followed by much more serious oppression.

Biden says one of the first things he’s going to do is remove the religious exemption for orders like the Sisters of the Poor, so that they can be made to support contraceptives.

Hitler: Guns and Religion -- Biden: Guns and Religion

Many.many, many years ago folks were persecuted for their religious beliefs and it seems to be coming around again.


I think you may find judge Barrett is not catholic. You may also find invoking Hitler constantly diminishes the value of the comparison. I am personally grateful no religion can be force on us, esp fundamentalist ones of whatever stripe.

The tired mantra of they are taking your guns, has been gummed to death in this forum.


No ... Hitler did not 'eliminate the churches.' The German church became accomplices to Hitler, much in the same manner as much of the 'Christian' church in America has become an accomplice to Trumpism and white 'Christian' nationalism. You should examine the scribblings of Dietrich Bohnhoffer, Karl Barth, and Martin Niemoller ... the founding of the Pfarrernotbund and the reasons therefore ... and the Bekennende Kirche in opposition to the corruption of the Landeskirche by the Nazi-supported Deutsche Christen.

David Collins

While I agree with you , mp , it is also true that more inhumanity to people has been done in the name of religion than any war . So far . There is still time .


You're correct, David. Makes me kinda sad.


You are absolutely correct. You don’t even have to go back to the Middle Ages for the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. Just look at the Northern Ireland conflict up to the 1970’s. Catholics killing and persecuting Protestants and vice-versa. Very Christian indeed.


Actually, the title of the piece is correct..."willful ignorance is no excuse" as it applies to religion. Please produce any factual evidence of a deity.


The limitation of Darwin's theory concerns the origin of DNA and the complexity of the cell according to some scientists and biologists. They insist just too many missing links, like the transition of no fossils ever found. Darwin’s Evolution includes no such verifiable data. No new species has ever been observed to arise in nature without human intervention.

In the 1960s, at NASA with a team of astronomers using cutting-edge computers to recreate the orbits of the planets, thousands of years in the past when suddenly an error message flashes up: There's a problem: way back in history, one whole day appears to be missing.

The scientists are baffled, until a member recalls something in the Bible. Looking at the Book of Joshua, chapter 10, in which Joshua asks God to stop the world for "about a full day!"

The astronomers happened upon proof that God controls the universe on a day-to-day basis, that the Bible is literally true, and that by extension the "myth" of creation is a reality. Darwin was wrong.


...    And I will believe in your "God" when you explain to me why he allowed a ten month old girl to be raped by her father and die a horrible death due to the trauma. An event that just happened, but just one of the millions of atrocities of your belief system.

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Carbon based life forms evolved toward survival - Darwin's Law - not theory but scientific law that has met the rigors of The Scientific Method of research I hope we don't drag this straw dog out of the closet for another round of endless debate. We all have our Gods. "The universe has yet to produce a mind that can understand it". Albert Einstien


The greatest gift if freedom from religion.


"Free Will" is granted to every man. If he desires to incline towards the good way and be righteous, he has the power to do so; and if he desires to incline towards the unrighteous way and be a wicked man, he also has the power to do so.


Not even a worthy start to justify man's behavior.


I’ve never said that folks don’t have the right to not believe in God. They certainly do. But, I do get tired of atheists whining about me believing in God. It’s a two way street and all should consider that.


For those of you that don't believe in God's existence please provide proof that he doesn't. Every sunrise and sunset, everything that I see in nature tells me that he does. But we all have free will.


People have asked if I am disappointed about the election.

When I think about my answer, I have to say honestly, that I am grateful—grateful to God that for the last four years He gave us a president who protected our religious liberties;

grateful for a president who defended the lives of the unborn, standing publicly against abortion and the smear it has made on our nation;

grateful for a president who nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court and to our federal courts;

grateful for a president who built the strongest economy in 70 years with the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years before the pandemic;

grateful for a president who strengthened and supported our military;

grateful for a president who stood against “the swamp” and the corruption in Washington;

grateful for a president who supported law and order and defended our police. I

I’m grateful for a president and a vice president who recognized the importance of prayer and were not ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ.

I’m thankful that the president stood against those who wanted to take Christ out of Christmas and that he brought back the greeting “Merry Christmas!”

So as we come to the end of this election season, I look back with a grateful heart and thank God for all of these things.

It is unfortunate that many people got confused and made the election about personalities rather than the policies of the candidates.

President Trump will go down in history as one of the great presidents of our nation, bringing peace and prosperity to millions here in the U.S. and around the world.

May God bless him, Melania, and their family, as God leads him to the next chapter in his life.

by: Franklin Graham


There is exponentially more whining from theist trying to force their religion on others than any atheist trying to keep you from believing whatever fairy tale you want to believe. How many times has an atheist come knocking on your door wanting to discuss the "good word" of atheism?


No, the greatest gift is freedom OF religion. Atheism is also a religion.


No doubt over history & up to this day there have existed very good, good, very bad & bad in ALL religions including the Atheist Religion. Personally, I don't believe in any of the religions totally except that I believe in a Creator as stated in documents of our Founding Fathers & that this nation was founded on Christian principles. Were our founders perfect? Far from it, but they were better than anything we know of & we as a nation founded on those so-called principles like it or not have gotten more Christ-like over time. Abolishing slavery is a good example. If not for the churches it would have taken much longer if ever. So, there's a place for churches as long as they are doing good deeds.


Atheism is a religion? How is not believing in something a religion?

I'm going to assume you don't believe in the Greek god Zeus, does that mean you are a member of the atheist religion of not believing in Zeus?

The claim atheism is a religion is just a silly attempt to bring non-belief in the supernatural down to the religious level, doesn't make any sense at all.


To Rhadhd, where is your proof that time/space exempt fairies didn't create everything? I see fairy created trees everywhere, please prove they did not.



"Atheism is one thing: A lack of belief in gods."

"Atheism is not a belief system nor is it a religion."

And, evolution is fact. Science proves it. And science is what we humans use to explain our existence because it can be verified and replicated. Not fairy tales based on nothing.


On December 15, 1791, the new United States of America ratified the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Unless you have taken the US Citizenship exam, most, including me, will not realize this date...December 15th!

Our ancestors gave us freedoms and we should not allow them to be stolen.There must be constant vigilance by "we the people" to ensure that our constitutional rights are defended. They stood for what most take for granted today. Are we going to stand by and allow it to be taken away?

The five freedoms the first amendment protects: speech, “religion”, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government.

Before agreeing to accept the Constitution, our Founders demanded that these freedoms be protected by the First Amendment.

If you’re in the U.S., you have freedom of Speech, “Religion”, Press, Assembly and Petition.

The First Amendment is for everyone no matter what age and protects us against government limits on freedom of expression.


Unless you're a Scientist, you can only have trust or belief in Science.  Kinda like my trust and belief in God.


Unless your purple, you are not a people eater.

David Collins

Good gosh ! How many times are we going to hash and rehash on this subject ? You are free to believe whatever you wish but not so free to impose it on others . When you were born here you hit the jackpot of Freedoms , that is why others wish to be a part of it . Be grateful and move on .

Not going to get into the business of religion , for another day .


One more time: a religion is simply a belief system. If you have the ability to reason that you do not belief in God (monotheism) or gods (polytheism) then you have a BELIEF SYSTEM in that you BELIEVE that you don't believe there is a God or gods. Therefore, your religion is Atheism. Some Atheists call themselves "Nones". Believe some congregate like other religions to celebrate their religion. Some Atheists in the military have demanded & probably got their own chaplain. Times have changed for some while many of us like to remain old-fashion.


So our Creator as referenced in our founding documents & the universe itself is nothing?


This letter is about Religion. For those that don't wish to rehash the topic, I would suggest they not open or review the comment section.


This thread has gone off topic. Therefore no more comments will be approved.


Sorry for being late.

Xtians in the USA are few and far between, especially white xtians. The evangelical, fundamentalist and even the more mainstream sects of xtianity are more anti-xtian than any JC I ever read about in the buybull. Pick any of the hundreds of versions of the buybull and every one of them make it crystal clear that, politically, JC was a liberal socialist, period.

And while writing that I thought about Republican Hall of Famer, Superstar conservative and 1964 GOP Presidential Nominee Barry Goldwater. Mr Goldwater saw what was happening to the GOP and was prescient when he stated the following:

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible d**n problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them.”

― Barry Goldwater

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