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June 12, 2021


I see that RuckerJohns restaurant in Emerald Isle is being sued by their landlord, York Properties, Inc. The reason? Because RJs wants to close on Sunday. York Properties say RJs should close any other day of the week, but not Sunday. And the reason for this is RJs draws the most people into the shopping center. If RJs closes on Sunday then the other businesses in the shopping center will dry up. So, maybe the other shops should close on Sunday also. That would solve the problem.

Another solution to York’s problem would be for RJs to just leave the shopping center, just find another location with a suitable property owner.

It is not RJs responsibility to supply the patrons for all the other shops there! York Properties should be happy RJs decided to move their business there in the first place. Maybe York Properties should be giving RJs a break on their rent since they bring in so much business for the rest of the shopping center.

At least this is my humble opinion.


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One would think that this york crew has a financial interest investment in the other business? If not, they really need to take a flying ####.

David Collins

A lease is a lease . The Devil is in the details . The Devil is not necessarily nice . All about the money . $$$ .


UM, yea, the ... at the restaurant actually SIGNED a LEASE with the clause in there, according to a later printed article, so, views are changing. Perhaps York should advise the owners of the food joint on further things in leases NOT TO SIGN , lol. Business 101..... Lawyers are made for business owners who cannot, or do not READ THINGS BEFORE THEY SIGN THEM. ps.... I WOULD NOT ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS STORY HAD I NOT READ THE LEASE TERM IN ANOTHER ARTICLE AFTER THE FACT. [innocent]

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Do you read the fine print as well? I don't I just not, Read but not legible or understood." Your move. All leases can be broken! York is acting badly.


York has a reputation to bully as required. RJ was damaged and should sue to recover plus punitive .


In the first place, i'm sure i have overlooked alot of small print, everyone does at one point or another, even in consumer applications. Secondly, with a huge amount of business here in this particular case, where your as an owner of a restaurant , allowing another 'entity' by way of contract, dictate your hours , well....... THIS IS EXACTLY WHY A LAWYER READS THE LEASE FOR YOU<-----. Third and final, regardless of anyone's feeling of the matter, the COURT is EXACTLY where these matters wind up by the tens of thousands every day. The Judge overwhelmingly finds in favor of the 'ORIGINAL SIGNED DOCUMENT ' and content inside the 4 corners of it. ps.... yes, leases are broken al the time, however, this may be reduced by nothing else but, taking a bit, and reading.

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