Emerald Isle, N.C.

Jan.20, 2021


I read two letters that were printed in your newspaper on January 13 that I thought were of the kind your editors would never print. The two gentlemen apparently have ungodly hate for the President and our Congressman, Dr. Murphy or just enjoy showing their ignorance.

I have had the good fortune to spend nearly 84 years on this earth and I remember every president back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and none have equaled Mr. Trump in his fervor for this country nor his wisdom and hard work. Donald Trump has done more to excite the people of America and bring them back to a belief in patriotism and the Constitution than any president since JFK.

It is a blatant lie to say or suggest that the President attempted an armed insurrection or armed a group to take back our country. His speech directed people to non-violence, only!

The parody on Dr. Murphy was so cruel and so way out of line, I find it hard to believe that another doctor would stoop so low. In fact, there was no way Dr. Murphy could have acted to assist anyone in the Capitol building. This group was mainly a leftist mob serving the Democrat agenda, another situation in disguise.

Some from the Liberal side might not like Dr. Murphy’s objections to the certification of the two states or his opposition to the confirmation of elector votes from Pennsylvania. I am disappointed that Congressman Murphy did not oppose elector votes from at least three more states that voted illegally.

Attitudes of people like the two being referred to in this letter have caused a downward spiral of ethnics and Godliness in America. A lack of understanding of the Constitution is at the center of the problem. If you study the Constitution you will find it works best when God is a big part of the thinking, and that is just the way our forefathers planned it. Fortunately, the President, as imperfect as he was, was leading his 74 million plus supporters in the right way. You and everyone else could have benefited from his leadership but because of jealousy and hate you want to lie, cheat, and censor him and his followers out of existence so that you can help turn the best country ever into a totalitarian regime.

Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, with a lot of help, have set a tone of evilness in our congress and a “Satanic culture” has developed. For improvement, a change in the spirit of many people must occur and their pride and selfishness must become secondary to love of others. Pride in country and love of God and fellowman must become paramount. George Washington made it clear to us when he said, “It is impossible to rightly govern --- without God and the Bible.”


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David Collins

It is not lost at the sight of mr biden being sworn in with his hand on the family bible , as big as a small car , followed by his insistent call to join him to worship at his church . Just before signing those horrid executive orders undoing all things Trump . Things that actually were helping our country .


Amen! I agree with every point. If there are any “left of center” Democrats remaining in the party, it is time to speak up and support common sense in gov. If not, the far left progressives will be coming after you next. Start reading world history early 1900’s. We are repeating history and the results will not be pretty.


"This group was mainly a leftist mob serving the Democrat agenda, another situation in disguise."

Clearly the facts of the case have eluded anyone who thinks it was a leftist mob who attacked the capitol, and trump and his enabelers goaded and incited that mob action since 2016 when trump would not admit he lost the popular vote, their vitriol and lies increasing near daily leading up to the events of Jan 6th 2021. % people died and the capitol was attacked because donald trump is a vain, bitter, petty man, with no moral compass.


Religion and politics should always be separate. As a human, you should have the moral fortitude to do the right thing. Believing in a God does not make you a better human.

Nancy Pelosi is Catholic and Chuck Schumer is Jewish, so how are they promoting a "Satanic culture?"

And Trump was leading his 74 million... well, there are far more people that he needed to consider. The election proved it.

And you want "a change in the spirit of many people must occur and their pride and selfishness must become secondary to love of others." That is what you are getting with the new administration. As I hear repeated by many, God has a plan, he put President Biden in office, so let it be.


“This group was mainly a leftist mob serving the Democrat agenda, another situation in disguise.” - misinformation, plain and simple. Like COVID was a leftest democratic worldwide conspiracy and would go away this past November if Biden wins election.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The Dr Birx interview on Face The Nation is reason enough to know the real satan in DC was Trump. Over 400K dead because he thought the Pandemic is Hoax designed to get him.

She I was put n a horrible spot by Trump and he didn’t allow her to speak to National press after he spoke to set the record straight in regards to his lies, making her see to agree with him.

She feels the media treated her unfairly, but she understood because Trunp put her in that spot. She doesn’t feel it’s fair, but Trump put her in that spot.

She had to start traveling the country to talk directly to Governors because Trump wouldn’t let her say it publicly. She says that Mike Pence was trying to help her but Trump and other Republican Gov’s were pushing back and not listening.

Sad, very sad.


I agree with you on Dr Birx, big fat. She was put in a terrible position by some in the Administration.


Some? Some? I will say it trump put her and fauchi in a terrible position. Not some, not pence, trump.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Donald Trump lost the election. Dr Murphy is unable to oppose Trump’s loss because there is no evidence.

Rudy G and Lin Wood have nothing.

There is more evidenc

It’s more likely Rudy G and Lin Wood broke the law over the last 3-4 months than anything else. It really stinks our former President betrayed his oath of office. All good, healing is on the way.


I heard they are shooting a movie remake at mar a lago. " lord of the lies"


“Lord of the Lies”, good one, ski.

So if I understand Biden correctly: The Dems are a party that supports abotion over life, illegals over citizens, and refugees over our veterans.



Presidential Approval Rating Entering Office: Rasmussen’s Poll --

Obama +8

Trump +2

Biden -2

C’mon, man..No Honeymoon.


Why did she resign? Guess the other doc hasn't advised everyone to do one thing & they don't need to your esteemed leader. So, he can stay? She should have just ignored the complaints like everyone else. Probably actually rather spend more time with family after working very hours on the job.


If Trump was chosen by God to lead, so was Joe Biden. Of course I have a feeling that the letter writers idea of God would be unrecognizable by Jesus.


You may not like Guns or believe in God…...that’s you right….but if someone breaks into your home, you will call someone with a gun and pray they get there in time.[smile]

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Benelux dropping truth bombs.

DC, she resigned because no matter what she does, she knows her reputation is now a drag on the cause.

She had high praise of Nancy Pelosi because of their work together on the Aides pandemic. Called Nancy a hero in that cause.

She has always looked up to and respected Nancy as a leader.

Dr Birx’s resignation in the middle of the pandemic is so Biden can put someone in the position who is trusted, she fears staying on will continue the confusion put in phage by the previous admin.

She believes the media will not be able to salvage her reputation, and yes she has hard feeling towards the media and Saturday night live etc.

But she blamed Trump for silencing her and putting her a position to ruin her reputation for his gain.

Trump is a sick, sick man.


One only has to read the first chapter of Romans(that's in the Bible) to understand exactly where this country is living right now. Explains much to anyone with a functioning brain.


"I've always said that the Biden-Harris administration is going to lead, and we're going to lead with science and truth," Biden said, Harris said: "That's right."

Biden already denies 2 scientific facts.

1- Biden, say, he believes every transgender person should have the option of changing their gender marker to 'M,' 'F,' or 'X'.

Science says that whether a human being is male or female is determined by their chromosomes when fertilization occurs. They cannot change their sex and that is the scientific truth.

2- Biden denies that life begins at fertilization.

But science says, life begins at fertilization -- it is a male or female human being -- and the scientific truth is: Every abortion kills a little boy or a little girl.


Merely stating science says, means nothing.

Science says" you can drink diesel fuel to cure acne" there science said!

What is now called intersex happens in about 1.7% of births, that is comparable to the population that has red hair. So not all people are either boys or girls.

(Edited by staff.)


Congressman Greg Murphy will volunteer at the vaccination clinic in Greenville. Good guy!


You conveniently forgot drunk. Believe she resigned shortly after the media reported her at family gathering at DE beach after advising every other American family to not do such foolish things. Surely they all took her seriously right? She should have sucked it up like all the other hyopcritical elitist ruling class Leftists such as JB, Fauci, etc and kept on keeping on pulling in nice salaries like Fauci's about highest paid govt employee of just short of half a mil to do what? Keep experimenting with deadly viruses in China? Don't believe she was in on that act and actually did some yeoman's work. The president was on top of all of it trying to save the country and got a vaccine in less than a year as he promised. He gets really important things done unlike too many others in govt. If Birx wanted to die on the vine like others seem to have a need to she probably could have. Cry us a river.


Well a river is certainly flowing, the source does not seem to be hyopcritical elitist ruling class Leftists such as JB, Fauci, etc

Now that birx and fauchi are free to speak, truth and science is it surprising they are being attacked by the trump cult?

What should we do instead of studying viruses, I know, lets shut down ft meade and pray about disease organisms.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Just go to the video tape from Sunday DC, it’s all there. Dr Fauci is saying the same thing. Trump was using an alternative set of facts and info that was not supported by the CDC.

It’s disgusting.

I applaud Face The nation interviewer fir not letting Dr Birx off the hook. It’s obvious that both Birx and Fauci are destroyed by what Trump did as they stood silent.

I believe Dr Birx is upset much more than Dr Fauci because he at least had to be told not to come out because he would contradict Trump, they silenced him.

Dr Birx knows she was used and her reputation soiled by Trump too willingly.

Such a shame, we really don’t have a clue how important these two have been for keeping us safe.


Bill Hemmer asked if Fauci was ever prevented from talking when he was working under the Trump administration.

"No, that's why I got into trouble," Fauci responded, noting that the White House "wasn't happy about some of the things that I said."

David Collins

..... No one is completely safe . Stuff happens all the time . A couple of talking heads on TV giving you the latest best guess is not going to keep you safe . Use common sense .

(Edited by staff.)


We sure don't have a clue. Masks advice all over the place. If not N95 or double any real value? Dr. told me you should wear face shield too. Seen one on these two docs? Social distancing? Yep, if you can just stay away from everybody including your own family. Did they do it? Nope. He goes to ball games and she goes to beach house with family? Washing hands? Maybe and maybe not done right . Who knows? Know of at least 2 people going to ball games of their grandkids. One died and one almost died. If both of them had resigned when their feelings got hurt you can bet they were replaceable though her work product was more valuable. How many lives did they save? Don't know. Do you? Obviously many, many haven't and won't follow their advice and they haven't followed their own advice. Suspect president being "xenophobic" and shutting China out saved most lives up front. Even Fauci said so. And, getting vaccine in less than year as promised will probably save most on the back end and in the future. So, I m going out on a limb and say President Trump has been and will be the greatest saver of lives by thousands of country miles compared to these two govt employees who don't follow their own advice.


Here is a question as we approach half a million dead. " how many would be dead today if President trump had made wearing a mask and social distancing a priority, and he as potus had led by example?"

Big Fat Drunk Republican

To lead or not to lead? That is the question.


You seriously believe JB & all the other Ds hypocritical BS has & will make a difference? Watch BO/SR guide JB. It will be resounding success. Who's in charge?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

People with higher moral integrity in charge now.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Speaking of leadership

The Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office has been tasked with attempting to return a $2 million stockpile of a malaria drug once touted by former President Donald Trump as a way to treat the coronavirus.


Wise people take advice and guidance esp from people who are smart and successful.

Other people think they know better then the generals and drs, and or take their cues and clues from far out media sources of whatever stripe. Obama. 2 term president, successful, intelligent, family man. I won't even make the comparison lest the editors get carpel tunnel from unceasing edits.


"If the media were doing their job, they might ask these important COVID questions". By J. G. Smith. India and hydroxy? Probably a conspiracy theory for anti-Trumpers.


Sigh it is so sad to see the American stinker quoted as if it were factual information, rather then opinion. The article you cite starts with a biden insult. Then progresses to vauge questions with few facts, . It has to do with the childhood vaccinations that are common in India, and uncommon in the usa.

To be fair the American thinker did post some facts recently...

Far-right nationalist website American Thinker became the latest conservative outlet to backtrack from its baseless election fraud conspiracies about voting machines on Friday, issuing a statement retracting the “completely false” claims the site made about Dominion Voting Systems.

(Edited by staff.)


Biden beat Trump, but some things do seem odd:

Trump received 10 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016, but lost.

Trump won 18 of the 19 counties both Democrats and Republicans regard as the "bellwether" counties, but lost.

Trump won four bellwether states: Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina, but lost.

Republicans held onto all the House seats, plus gained another 13 seats, but Trump lost.

Some states, including NC, changed election laws and some Dem states sent out millions of absentee ballots that were never requested. People have submitted sworn affidavits that they witnessed ballot tampering.

Biden did win the election, and even though there was fraud, there was no proof it would have been enough to overturn the election.


You say there was fraud, I say lead is more dense then water. I can prove my statement.

David Collins

We will never know if the claims about dominion are really true or false . Way to much time has passed and any trace has long been eliminated . Such is the way in this digital world . Someone knows and given time , it will come to light , always does . The old in person paper ballots , while labor intensive and not perfect , did provide an Avenue for oversight . Sometimes the old ways do prove to be the best ways . Anyhoo , it is a moot point for now .


Is all this conspiracy theory or is there just a smidgen of TDS and old-fashion hatred? "Study ties hydroxychloroquine use to lower COVID-19 death". By Marty Johnson "The Hill". Remember a black female congresswoman thanking President Trump? Seem to remember a black male NYC councilman too.


Surely the fallback position of TDS will eventually become to tedious to use when you do not have a cogent reply. I do find it interesting you mention the race of the 2 people who thanked trump. Are persons of color somehow more credible when praising trump? That article you cited is from July and has several key phrases that should have raised some questions. Like " along with other protocols"

Fda yanked emergency use authorization based on large scientific study that found hydroC/Q had no benefit and significant risk.


Can you please post the link to the FDA 'yanking' this?


Whaaaat?!? The American Stinker is backtracking on all it's "facts"?!?

That can't be, the Stinker is known for it's fully credible articles targeted to the gullible!! You mean just writing things that someone wants to be true might be wrong??


Obviously , all the media can post nonsense. [yawn]


Rather then give you that fish... open google, in the midpage window type " fda pulls emergency use auth" 940,000 results are returned. the first 5 are the same info from different sources. the more specific you are in keywords, the fewer and more on topic your results are. Enjoy !

You're welcome.


Seems before vaccine any "promising" treatment was worth trying IF you're sick. Obviously it's been used before becoming sick. Why would a healthy person take a questionable drug/treatment? Is the vaccine questionable? That's in this discussion isn't it? Court is still out on value of hydroxy although there have been interesting studies. Personally believe the "Z-Pak" is the most beneficial in that package of treatment because I've found it effective against severe bronchitis/congestion in the past. Certainly everyone have varying experiences.


Dr fauchi said there is no value to trumps wonder drug hydochloyquinie. Thats good enough for me. If court is still out in your mind injest whatever potion you think best. Quack remedies seem to be an American tradition.


And, please link the vid of 'your demi god' saying this, there should be multiple ones.

David Collins

That’s right , dc . We all are a bit different and can react quite differently to any one medication . Often there are no outward signs to go by . That is why there are slight modifications to the same drug . All this is done by trial and error . Lucas Research is involved in just that .


Here's one for you. They are still fighting in AZ about who gets to audit the machines as obviously the Ds want their selection and Rs have theirs standing by really to go. What even Bannon seems willing to accept the Ds demand to get it over with? Rudi has the right idea just like in an autopsy both get a go at it. The outfit that audited the Antrim Co., Mi machines findings and recommendations were what? If you were declared the winner of any kind of race (e.g. car or horse race) by the pundits or otherwise would you be open to inspection of your car or horse? If not, why not unless you had something to hide? What do all these resisters have to hide?


And what was his relationship with the lab, mask advice, etc? Believe others more convincing.


"Having sowed the wind, are the Democrats reaping the whirlwind?" By Andrea Widburg. "Quote, in part, "It was the Democrats whose response was extreme, violent, and abnormal -- but the white-collar leaders and fawned-upon activists were insulated from the consequences of their actions."

"Sen. Corey Booker told people to go to the Capitol and 'get up in the face of some congresspeople.' Sen. Tim Keane called on people to engage in street fights with Trump and his supporters. Former AG Loretta Lynch told people to bleed and die in the streets. Rep. Maxine Waters encouraged people to physically harass anyone from the Trump administration. Kamala Harris insisted that the violent protests in June should not let up."

"Ehen these leftists were encouraging discord and violence, they were imagining against the other. It never occurred to them that, once you light the fire, you lose control of the direction in which it burns."


You boys need to be nicer, looks like they're shutting down all the article comments.


Thats too bad, in recent months there has been more pushback from local moderate voices against the incessant far right diatribes that have been the staple comments on here for decades. Perhaps they should follow the yahoo model and just not allow comments? Perhaps with a serious editorial on cancel culture and the suppression of the conserative view. ( he said drily)


I'd say, it goes both ways. [innocent]

David Collins

We all were warned about name calling and belittling . Guess they just got tired of having to edit out the worst of it . Don’t fault them a bit .


20-30 % of what i say gets the axe, and i'm still waiting on the first paycheck......go figure. [sad]

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Too much truth for some I guess.


Yeah, if the editor (and most of the regulars) would just accept what I say as true then a lot of these discussions would just end a whole lot quicker with rational resolutions.

But no, we have to deal with a whole lot of non-sense discussion before y'all accept my brilliant insight.


We always appreciate your charming, civil, and educated response, johnny.r

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