Beaufort, N.C.

June 2, 2020


We believe that all people are created by God who calls humanity good.

We believe that all people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

We believe all people should have the right to peacefully protest.

We abhor violence in all its forms.

We pray for our nation and our world that there will be both justice and peace in every place.

 "He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" - Micah 6:8

"Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it."  - Psalm 34:14


Purvis Chapel AMEZ Church


Ann Street United Methodist Church

Editor’s Note: Revs. Fryar and Mills, pastors of different races, have come together to make this joint statement to the community.

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David Collins

Prayer is good . Prayer without action is not quite so good . Does not God help those that help themselves , as the saying goes ? Where are the reputed leaders of these oppressed people . Leaders who have enriched themselves , while quite often fanning the flames they profess to want to quell . Yeah , you know the ones . We pretty much all do . Why do we glorify thuggery in deeds and song while supposedly wishing for us all to get along ? Nope , nothing is going to change until these oppressed folks change their ways and conform to rule of law and stop blaming someone else for their self imposed problems . By the way , this issue is a world wide thing but one has to actually want to read and research to figure it out . A clash of different cultures and values for sure . A brief synopsis . Not enough space to go into detail . Not many listeners out there anyway .


I believe the pastors are correct and they said it in very few words with scripture to back it up. In the eyes of God all people matter and should be treated equally. How about we assimilate and become one nation under God!

David Collins

If by assimilate you mean complete equality in all ways , nope . Never going to happen . There are always those that are just a little bit more equal than others . Read Animal Farm . The world is littered with supposedly equality countries that are failed states . Let us see , there is Cuba , Venezuela, North Korea , China and a host of other bastions of freedom and equality .


It WILL take an act of God to straighten out the mess our world is in. COVID-19, police brutality and other unmentionable things that have happened, may just be Part 1 of His act. Who knows? Noone but God. But.. we do know Paul's words in his epistle to the Romans - Romans 8:28 and those words provide comfort.

Core Sounder

just getting tired of always hearing its the white person's fault. The wife and I quickly realized that we both had to get a job if we wanted anything and we both worked together while raising our child even if it was 25 years of marriage, working, and saving and before we were able to buy our first home.

David Collins

Upon my discharge from the Navy back in 1968 and subsequent entry into college , I found that the professors were pushing this white privilege thing on their students . White shame , if you will . The textbook of choice was named “ Crisis in Black and White “ . Having experienced the going ons in the military at the time , I realized that who ever authored this book was quite clueless of the attitudes of those oppressed minorities . Nothing has changed , as far as I can see . You see , attitude does make a difference and without a change in that , nothing will change for the good . As the saying goes , if you do as you have always done , you will get what you have always gotten .

This call to defund the police is beyond stupid and the scary thing is the number of elected politicians going along with it . At least they say they are . Of course these politicians have their own security details and the citizens do not . Just take the time to think of what would happen on day 1 if this were to occur .

David Collins

By the way . It is reported that there were over 20 homicides in Chicago this weekend . Pretty much average , I guess . All people of color , black and Hispanic . No police were involved . Yup , those folk really matter , don’t they ? How about giving us all a break .


Negativity versus positivity. What does prayer generally connotate from a "Christian" viewpoint? I would submit our country has been in an overall negative mood since at least 9/11/2001 after it was attacked by a bunch of radical Islamists. Depending on whose side you are on it shouldn't be radical to say they represented at the time they attacked us & still represent evil. So, our country went to war with great support with few exceptions. After the war didn't go as planned the fair weather sailors jumped ship. As time passed the war effort improved but the country experienced a financial meltdown. Tired of war, fiscal worries, & to prove this is not a racist country as many, including the D nominee, claims the country elected its first black president. And, then re-elected him. Did race relations improve during his 8 years? Did we become a more Christian nation? Remember he & some of his underlings said this was a racist & non-Christian nation & did everything he & they could to ensure it. Along comes a disrupter to the status quo of D & R politics of the past who says he can return some positivity to those who yearn for it. He had no chance of being elected & you were assured by the first-elected black president that was a fact because he had written himself an "insurance policy" with a whole lot of help from many of the country's "patriotic" servants. The list is endless & you know who they are. The unelectable disrupter miraculously was elected. He went about real change while the "insurance policy" forces against him continued their crooked coup attempts to UNELECT him. Every president has been subjected to everyday human & natural events, tragedies, flash points, etc. Some presidents have been supported in their efforts to get past these events & some have not. This country has endured a lot to survive all of it but it's finally reached a breaking point. We should welcome those honestly after positive change & going about it peacefully. Hiwever, we now are faced with radical elements trying their best to destroy a country that has represented the best example of the struggle for freedom for all its citizens the world has ever witnessed. There have been many obstacles from our founding but we've managed to overcome the hurdles & stay in the race to further the example. The totally destructive revolutionary forces engaged against that example are intent on proving the "original" revolution was evil at its inception, has been evil all along, & will continue its evil ways unless they overthrow it. Those "destructive forces" need to hesitate, look at the world's & this country's histories & evaluate how far we have come together then decide if they really want the revolution that's destroying everything we've accomplished together. As one smart historian said, "today's revolution ensures tomorrow's counter-revolution".

David Collins

So now it is reported that Pelosi is calling for the removal of the Washington and Jefferson Memorials . Yeah , a true California patriot .


So now it's just going to be called the "District of Columbia"? Why doesn't she & her ilk really nuke our country & its history & give it back to Englan1d since George was too evil to have beat them & their slave empire. Better yet give it all back to the natives & they can turn it into one big casino. Only problem is since we all will be on welfare there'll be no money to spend. Or she could just enslave all the descendants of pure white Europeans who are also pure white to the descendants of pure natives who are also pure native & descendants of pure Africans who are also pure African. Then the country will be whole again. Those makers of DNA or whatever it is test kits will be able to support the economy until it can get back on its feet. I may be safe & have more Cherokee than Pocahontas Warren. What a relief.

David Collins

Been wondering if ever I would hear about the numbers of white folks that were shipped to the Americas and destined to live lives of servitude and bondage . You never hear about that , do you ? You also never hear about slavery being alive and well in Africa , the Middle East and parts of Asia . Those that constantly whine about being oppressed should walk a mile or two in those folks shoes .


Too many have died voluntarily & involuntarily carrying this country to this stage in its history overall providing its citizens & even non-citizens with unprecedented opportunities & freedoms. It's sickening to witness so many fools willingly being led to the slaughter house. And, we thought this kind of stuff only happens in places like Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, African & other genocidal led regimes some going on today. Students of Alinsky have found an opening to bring it all down. If people like Soros & his comrades aren't stopped we're going into the dustbin of history. Kruschev & others will get the last laugh.

David Collins

If anyone wonders where these misguided , whining , slogan shouting folks get their ideas , tune into NPR radio . The problem is that these radio folks never offer any precise solutions for the world’s problems other than coming together . What ever that is supposed to mean these days .

My current favorite is the segment concerning America’s indigenous folks , the Indians , that were robbed of their homelands by the evil White Man . They failed to mention who the “ Indians “ overthrew to capture these lands . Gotta love half stories .

Tune in , if you can stomach it .


Guess you could call it the passive approach to life. Not all problems can be solved with brute force to make those in opposition conform or to try completely eliminate those who oppose your viewpoint. And what is wrong with passive? It is not a trait that many humans inherently gravitate towards. That thing defined as survival. The understanding of evolution explains it all.

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