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June 3, 2021


Vaccines are one of the greatest human achievements of all time. Smallpox killed millions before being eradicated by vaccines. Polio paralyzed too many children and is now almost eradicated. Tetanus, a fatal disease, is preventable with vaccination. Rabies was also fatal before vaccinations.

The speed with which a safe and effective Covid vaccine was developed is miraculous. Infections with the Sars-Cov-19 virus can kill even young adults and children and can lead to long-term disabilities. These are preventable with vaccination.

It is disappointing to see that Carteret County is lagging way behind the rest of the nation in the percentage of vaccinated people. As an emergency physician who sees the ravages of this vicious virus, I would urge everyone to take advantage of this medical miracle.


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And, you can thank President Trump.


What, exactly, would we thank Trump for? His downplaying and politicization of the virus is appalling…..


“Vaccines are one of the greatest human achievements of all time”. I guess “one of” is a true-ish statement but with todays culture....I was thinking Facebook or hip/hop or gender neutral... haha


Thank you for taking the time to write this, sadly it is a partisen issue, and the latest fad in the magaverse, is to attack Dr fauchi, science, vaccines, and apparently common sense. If only we could get 90% vaccinated and go back to attacking Hillary Clinton.


Being conservatives and under the advice of Donald Trump, my wife and I decided to get the Covid vaccine.

I asked my local Carteret County doctor, who specializes in Geriatrics, for her advice on taking the vaccine and her response was she was not recommending the vaccine just yet to her patients until more data has been collected.

I’m not sure why folks are postponing the vaccine other than what I hear from relatives, friends, and information from many news sources.

From what I understand there are two types of folks that have not taken the vaccine: vaccine-hesitant people, but who are willing to listen to educated information, and people that are anti-vaccinators and refuse no matter what educated information is provided to them.

As I understand it, the main reasons for not being vaccinated are: they don’t want germs put inside their bodies from inoculation, there’s not enough long-term information on side effects, the vaccine is too new, they don’t believe it’s effective, they are not concerned about contracting the virus, they have already had the virus and feel they are immune, they don’t trust the government and folks that already have a weakened immune system.

In any case, some folks are just taking a “wait and see” position.


It’s hard to believe a doctor who specializes in geriatrics would tell their susceptible patients to not take a preventative approach. Such is the politicizing of viruses….and I am surprised your physician is not capable of connecting the dots-more vaccinations=less death (as we are seeing nationwide). I would find a new doctor myself….


You are right. It is hard to believe.


Well, Doc..... i'm of the opinion that , as disappointing as these FACTS are to you, (if its facts), I'm more concerned that the KUNG FU FLU WAS IN FACT A GAIN OF FUNCTION BIO-WEAPON, LET LOOSE ON THE WORLD BY COMMIES IN china, WHICH IS TYPICALLY AN ACT OF WAR IN ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY, AND OUR SERVANTS ARE FAILING US BECAUSE THE CHI-COMS NEED A TUNE UP OF A MAGNITUDE WE CAN DELIVER, FACE TO FACE FOR THEIR UTTER CONTEMPT OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE. (just seems a bit more of a disappointment DOC.... ) Small Change there pard.....[whistling]

Always A Teacher

I disagree...Trump did nothing except spout lies! We need to thank the scientists, researchers, and volunteers who tested the vaccines. Trump did NONE of this. He did not even understand the science of it all. Trump: Inject yourself with bleach.


Covid 19 will evolve toward it's survival and we will play it again as covid 20 - until the money and credit runs out. Trump is superman!!


TDS.................... You do know that, much like the flu, the vaccines will be around every year , and that the story is still unfolding but thank goodness for Operation Warp Speed! (time to pull the always part from the name there 'teacher'). You are tainted with TERMINAL TDS......


Yep, he did everything he could not to get you a shot. What a joke.


Image the lives that would have been saved if Trump would have said three simple words at the beginning of this pandemic...wear a mask. But no, he made it political. He is not responsible for the vaccine. He is responsible for an insurgency and he still continues the lies of his election loss. A fool indeed. The contempt of the human race is loud and clear among Trump and his fan club.


Imagine the lives that would have been saved if china had not , in an act of war, released this bio-weapon on the entire globe! (someone's bad with remembering) It ain't TRUMP! ...

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Maskmania? N95 or any old rag I presume. TRUMP WILL RETURN


We should not always follow the science, and in this case, I mean Dr. Fauci’s science.

Trump and Rand Paul were correct about Fauci. The emails prove Fauci lied about many Covid related issues while under oath in front of congress.

Dr. Fauci now admits his wearing masks indoors despite being vaccinated was based on imagery, not science: "I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting are extremely low."

Fauci knew perfectly well he’d funded gain-of-function experiments at the Chinese laboratory.


Just can't get over TDS. Surely fewer would be dead if the Marxists had been in the driver's seat. After all they have been very critical of the CCP/WHO cover-up and knew all along this was all a right wing conspiracy. Open borders, pro-CCP, 3-5 years to develop "approved" vaccine, etc. If they could have done more to prevent the best president in their life time from doing his job they would have the country and lives be damned.


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