Newport, N.C

March 1, 2020


As I’m writing this letter I am a candidate for school board. When it is published, I will be a past candidate or the Republican nominee for Carteret County Board of Education, District 2.

I spent years educating myself – studying legislation, educational policy, spending hours a week at the school and in our classrooms. I’ve attended every Board of Education meeting for four years, since my oldest child entered Kindergarten. I’ve worked hard to raise thousands of dollars for our schools. I’ve advocated for the students and teachers, and I’m willing to speak out even if I know it will be hit with opposition. I’ve also been very open that I support non-partisan school board elections.  Education isn’t political. Kids aren’t political. School safety isn’t political. Curriculum - not political. Kids aren’t partisan. And every one of them, every teacher, janitor, cafeteria worker, teacher assistant, librarian, administrator – all deserve more. More than the pay they get and much more than the respect they get.

Saturday night, the Crystal Coast Tea Party made the decision to email, and post to their website, a Photoshopped image, of me (and Andrea Beasley) with Nancy Pelosi. They included the verbiage – “don’t be fooled by fake Republicans promising to work with Democrats on Carteret County School Board in non-partisan school board elections. That would be like Senator John McCain promising to vote to end Obamacare, or these two Republican school board candidates shredding the President’s State of the Union Address.”

Not that I feel the need to defend my political history to the Tea Party, but political affiliation is public knowledge, as is which primary you vote. Therefore, it’s public knowledge, since I registered at age 18 – I’m a Republican. In addition to my conservative values, that I raise my three small children on, I have a couple things some members of the Tea Party are lacking -Decency  and Morals.

With this campaign I was able to show my kids (ages 5, 7, and 8) how to play fair – when we stopped to pick up signs that had blown over, we also picked up our opponent’s. I ran on my qualifications and strengths, not someone else’s weakness. The most important thing I showed my three kids is that I will ALWAYS be their voice. I will fight for what is right, and I will fight to always give them the best.

To the Tea Party – thank you for giving me the chance to teach my children not to trust anything without doing their research. Thank you for allowing me to teach my kids that you respect people until they give you a reason not to, and after that – respect is no longer a privilege – it’s now earned. Thank you for giving me a chance to show them not all people are what they claim to be – and for them to be sure they associate with people that will build them up, and cheer them on. If at any point my children realize that their circle isn’t cheering them on, they know it’s okay to walk away and find a new circle.  

To the Republican Party – I’m sorry the Tea Party carries our name on their back. I stand with you disappointed that the Tea Party portrays themselves as true representatives of our party. We all know that the actions of a few on Saturday night do not represent the morals and values that we hold true.

We can do better, and our kids deserve it.


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On Monday before election day, I was walking our dog at Fort Benjamin. As we were leaving, a van with Katie Statler placards pulled up. A lady got out and started removing all of the signs of Statler competitors. I guess there's another lesson here.


That was me, I was the only van with magnets. Would of been happy to speak with you then if you thought anything was in malice. I removed mine, Andrea Beasleys, as well as a couple of Andrew Wigmore (for judge) to other polling sites as Fort Benjamin is only in my site for early voting & not for Election Day. All candidates knew what was happening.


Morals and Ethics have disappeared from all politics, all that matters is their very skewed viewpoints, both the far right and far left. I can look on social media and see people I once respected acting like fools with their verbiage, (both left and right). I don't know how it happened, at what point did the majority of people become blind to the lowlifes that govern us now? Has it always been this way? Does this explain why the general population has been willing to become paupers to the latest royalty disguised as politicians?

Vote Bernie in 2020!


No, the "royalty" you refer to are really the career politicians. We need more royal pain in donkey party career politicians who have never had a real job or accomplished anything like your commie. He did manage to suck up enough from somewhere to become millionaire. Can you explain that? He hated millionaires before he became one & now hates billionaires who've actually done something. If he could get elected by complete fools & become a billionaire next up would be hate for trillionaires. Might have to wait awhile on that one.

David Collins

While I must agree that voting for Bernie would be a great thing for the Ds , making a resounding statement and all that stuff , be careful what you wish for .


Bernie Bros Aren’t Very Happy About It [ ] hahahahahahah FEELIN THE OLD BERN! [whistling]




Mrs. Statler, if you can get rid of or at least try to get rid of the BS politics that hold the kids back and the Socialist idea of Common Core math and a lot of other issues like bringing back Corporal punishment and stricter rules for kids ,then I would not only be impressed but I would support you 100%. The teachers need better pay and more say so in how they punish the kids when they act up. The parents need to get a back bone and discipline the kids at home too! We need to teach about real history and government and economics and values and morals. Not free family planning . Give the kids back real skills like Home Ec and More Wood shop and Trade skills. Have only one test per year to determine where they are. These kids are so stressed about life and Test after test and feel like losers and then the social media bullying. No wonder we have a higher rate of teen suicide then we did when I was a kid back in the 70s and 80s. Parents cared more then and did more than they do now. To some teaching is a glorified babysitter job. That is why we really need some ok ne who can stand up to the bullying in the BOE and Commissioners. Do not be a feel good candidate or fair weather administrator. Be the real deal.


Go one step further to say that most of humanity has little proclivity for morals, decency, or ethics. This reality is now just part of our daily culture, with technology driving the rampant onslaught on social media.

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