Morehead City, N.C.

Mar. 30, 2021


On Sunday, March 21, 2021 my Letter to The Editor was printed in the Carteret County News Times regarding the Carteret County Commissioners’ lies, deceits and failure to tell the truth to the people and taxpayers of Carteret County, reference their secret discussions of selling the County Water System. I requested that if they were not liars, to announce to the media and public that they were calling off all discussions.

Two weeks later they are still lying, denying and hoping this will go away. They believe that by not replying, keeping quiet, that this issue will GO AWAY and they can keep doing business as usual behind closed doors.

The commissioners are not aware that I have had several calls from individuals that are retired with backgrounds on federal level that urged me to keep exposing these politicians as they will eventually make mistakes that will come back to bite them in their butts big time.

Come next election they will be reminded by me via full page ad, one half page ads or several smaller ads that they have lied, are lying, and still lying. The taxpayers that vote will be kept aware of the games the county commissioners play believing they are dealing with stupid voters.

In this same later I promised to ask some questions of the “Good Ole Boys Club” controlled by the same county commissioners.” Two years ago, I sent letter to the county manager requesting a list of all the county boards with members and how long they had held office.”

Mr. Burns informed me that they had no list, but that I could come to his office and he would make the records available and that I could sort thru them and find the info I wanted. What the county manager was saying was, that this was how Carteret County commissioners operated and that they could appoint friends, family and whomever they wanted and therefore no one would be aware of the “Good Ole Boy Club.”

I find it remarkably interesting that one individual is always on a Carteret County board and has been for many years. Pat Joyce is currently treasurer of Carteret Health Care Hospital Board and has been chairman for many years. He was put on the Carteret County Airport Board last year and now has is chairman.

One man, many boards and this keeps others from being involved. What the hell is going on?? Any board that Mr. Joyce is appointed to, you can be assured taxpayers monies are being spent. Example: $4,000,000 approximately to update an airport that has few planes flying, $400,000 to tear down old hangars. I live on a flight path that planes use to fly down the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW) to go to Beaufort. Be assured that the planes are not flying down this way anymore. I believe that $55,000,000 was spent on the local hospital and more updating is being done now. The hospital board evidently is not aware that many people bypass this hospital and go to Carolina East Hospital in New Bern or Vidant in Greenville.

I am sure that Mr. Joyce is a super guy but there is no excuse that one individual is so special that he spends a lifetime serving on boards. There are too many people that are currently on County Boards with 10 years or more time. There is no reason that a county commissioner serves on any board other than the commissioners. MORE TO COME IN MY NEXT LETTER.


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David Collins

Agree but , the same old voters keep voting as they have for decades. Stupid does as it has always does . Nothing changes , does it ?


Heads or tails? If the people are so inclined to continue wasting their money on expenses that have NO OBVIOUS BENEFIT TO THEM OR ANYONE THEY KNOW, i suppose its their choice. I'm of the opinion that this participation by being here event is not going anywhere, even though , it needs to be wrapped up and tossed out, thereby allowing people to KEEP THEIR PROFITS , and simply live in peace . This is my plan, were i on this needless board. NO TO ANY TAXES/ ELIMINATE EVERYTHING I CAN IMMEDIATELY. Back to basic living. [wink] ps.... this includes staying out of your neighbor's business.

David Collins

My kind of guy . Sadly , it ain’t gonna happen .


Never trust a politician


It’s all buddy buddy once they get your vote, then it’s as if they never knew you.


Oddly enough , and not to vary too much, i would like to know how did 'socialist's, as in DSA 'Democrat Socialists Association , or whatever ' get on the dam# 'DEMOCRAT' voter roll, SEEING THAT THEY ARE 2 VERY DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS? These 2 groups have entirely different leadership, as well as structure, etc? Anyone? THIS IS , IMO, ELECTION FRAUD AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. Anyone else has to get BALLOT ACCESS IN ALL 50 STATES? ie: the green party..... etc. You don't just jump in the general line, but, if they can do it, well, maybe the Republicans can let the Republican Guards in on their ticket next time! Go figure. Now back to the good ol' boys club.


Funny how these so called politicians smear the roadways with all their garbage, then get out into the “PUBLIC” and try to convince the public to vote for them and once they get in office, slam the doors on the very people who helped put them in their positions. Unless you are very close to them, you can forget about obtaining any information that should be in the public’s eye. You work for us, the taxpayers who have to pay your salaries. Quit this good buddy system and start doing what’s right for the taxpayers of Carteret County. Let us voice our concerns and stop all your assumption nonsense.


Really need to remove POLITICS from GOVERNMENT , and slide in some form of a person who does not mind placing the citizenry first, like their supposed to. (a sharp accountant with the bottom line on LIFTING UP THE COMMUNITY, not profit where there should be none). Nice to dream. [wink]


These people have no shame. And don't overlook commissions and worthless non-profits who work the grant money scam . NC Coastal Federation comes to mind as will as the Bogue Inlet Commission. CAMA, Community College name a few.


You should look up where the newest commissioner, enjoying the fruits of Nepotism, is employed....that should really make the authors blood boil.....

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