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April 17, 2020


Nancy and the do nothing, stalling Democrats are at it again.  The additional $250 billion requested to keep the Paycheck Protection Program going has been blocked by the Democrats.  Pelosi and Schumer are apparently proud of their efforts while many small companies and their employees suffer.  They are wanting additional funds for other things and since the Dems control the house why do they not prepare a bill for what they want and try to pass it without holding up something they have already supported?  Why do they not want to provide funds to continue a program that they supported in the big stimulus package?  Maybe they will hold this hostage as they did the stimulus package until they got some of their “pet projects” such as the $25 million for the Kennedy Center included.  The Kennedy Center furloughed the majority of its workforce and is complaining that it will run out of money as early as July.  

How many small businesses that would receive help from the additional Paycheck Protection Program would be very happy if they could make it to mid-summer?  Many of them have already run out of funds and face the real possibility of never opening again and potentially losing their homes and other property that they used to secure funds for their businesses before Covid-19.

As anyone who has read any of my letters should know, I am not a fan of MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd.  However, I have found something he said that I totally agree with and hope his warning comes to pass.  In an article by Joseph Wulfsohn, Todd “offered a warning to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-N.Y. that their strategy in delaying coronavirus relief for struggling Americans may backfire on Democrats.”  An article by Adam Casalino on April 16 included the following: “As Americans struggle to make ends meet, Nancy was eating ice cream, praising her party for blocking the bill.  A bill that could have saved countless businesses was blocked by Nancy and her goons.”  I personally saw one of her interviews where she was so proud of her freezer full of lots and lots of ice cream.

Where are the people that are supposed to work for us, the American Public?  They are all (or at least practically all of them) away from Washington.  According to a piece from Charlie Kirk, “House Democrats announced that they don’t plan on going back to work until early May ‘absent an emergency.’”  Charlie says “I guess a global pandemic, 17 million American out of a job, and thousands of small businesses closing their doors doesn’t qualify as an ‘emergency’ to Nancy Pelosi.”  I think that maybe if Nancy ran out of her huge stash of ice cream (aren’t we all supposed to not be hording), she might deem that an emergency and get her back side back to Washington.

OK, the “NO DEMS, DO NOTHING DEMS, AND DO ANYTHING TO ATTACK THE PRESIDENT DEMS” are proud of themselves for another stall game.  Stalling and saying no seems to be all they know.  They stalled on delivery of the impeachment papers, they stalled the stimulus bill, and now they are stalling again which is hurting millions of our fellow citizens.  What have they done productive for the American public? It certainly wasn’t the crooked Russia investigation, the impeachment that any idiot knew would not go anywhere, etc., etc.

They like to say that President Trump is constantly lying, but I do not think all of his exaggerations, etc. come anywhere close to the numerous lies that came from the Obama administration.    

The biggest lie I think I have ever heard from a president was “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, and that the average family would save big money with Obama Care.    


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David Collins

I agree Turner , an emergency is anything that would make our president look bad . Political BS on steroids for sure .


I'll bet you if the Demoncrats were depending on the money when they are broke they would declare it a real emergency. Since everyone is taking cuts in pay let's cut all of congress' pay and benefits and see how long it will take to get all them jokers to agree and get it all done and if they dont follow through I say forfeit all their pay and benefits .Period!!!!


Biggest lie a president ever least lately. How about one from March 6, 2020 while #45 toured the CDC in Atlanta: "Anybody who wants a test gets a tests". I know, just another Trump "exaggeration.


What have Demoncrats told the truth about in the last 35 years???? Crickets... lol


Barr suggests DOJ will intervene on states overextending stay-at-home orders [ ]

Mr. Tom Slick

Well well...…….Looks like she's at it again...…….


Mr. Pigford starts his letter quoting trump. " do nothing democrats". We know how its going to go from there. Before its all over 3-4 trillion of future tax payers dollars will be spent.(thats $12,200 dollars for every man woman and child in the USA) Trump just fired the IG responsible for oversight of this money. Most of that money will go to big wealthy corporations.The whole plan is a bi-partisan disaster. Corruption on this scale has never been seen in world history.. Huge corporations who got a 2 trillion tax break from trump, then bought back their own stock caused the stock market bubble, it burst with the corona virus, and now they have their hands out for public trough money " too big to fail part 2." Instead of falling ( again) for the dem/ gop blame game you would all do well to remember the words of Huey Long from 1938

"Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish. They've got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. But no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen."

By the way Mr. Pigford there are still 400 bills passed by do nothing dems sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk, never to see the light of day. Why hasn't the senate debated them and voted them up or down?


Mr. Pigford is just another example of our crazy world now. The hard-core Trumpers will never see another point of view beyond their strict party lines, he closes with a jab at Obama but would never acknowledge the craziness that has come out Trump's mouth. I wonder if Mr. Pigford has injected himself with disinfectant yet? I'm beginning to think this pandemic is pure Darwinism in action, natural selection at it's best. We could stand a good cleansing based on the comments I've read on this site.


Seriously, Johnny, it is the Trump haters that never, and never have seen anything but the democrat agenda and point of view. IT is laughable to hear these liberals throwing insults at our president, when the inescapable fact is that the democrats have lied to the American people for decades, and continue to this very second. Only the Tide Pod eating generation would seriously even consider this disinfectant injection nonsense, but that is the very definition of the democrat party. A good cleansing? I hope we see this in the next election; a total cleansing of the democrat illness that is the real pandemic we are experiencing.


I see a lot of opinion there but few facts.

K. Jack Schidt

"Nancy Pelosi and the Dems" want the exact same thing as trump and the gop, that is to enrich their owners (Wall St) and themselves and to increase its grip on power. ... as the fella says "they're two cheeks on the same axx"

They've got us fighting each other for scraps, all the while they're stuffing OUR money and resources into their pockets. Until YOU hold the politicians in YOUR party accountable to ALL OF US, this will continue. We'll lurch from "crisis" to "war" to economic collapse,

Turn off your TV, be skeptical of everything you read and hear... and follow the money.

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