Newport, N.C.

May 27, 2022


When purchasing a firearm, a background criminal and mental health check is done by the seller. That's the law. If there is no record of mental health issues or criminal activity, the purchaser legally buys the firearm. That seems to me to be appropriate due diligence by society, appropriate control over who is allowed to buy guns.

What isn't appropriate due diligence is when a juvenile commits acts that might, and probably do, indicate some sort of mental health issue, but when he turns 18 that record is closed, so when he applies to buy a firearm, his record is "clean" and the licensed dealer sells him a firearm. Legally.

No amount of "gun control" laws will change that.

If a person has a record of any kind at any age, that record should be available in certain instances (purchasing a gun is one of those instances, as would working in a bank, a nuclear power plant, a humane society, maybe a day care center, depending on the crime committed by the juvenile). But that's not fair, you say. He was just a kid. How long does he have to be punished for something he did when he was young and stupid? We should close his juvie record, and let him start over, you say.

Nineteen nine- and ten-year-old children were murdered this week by that young man who was "starting over.

Two devoted teachers were murdered by that same young man.

The husband of one of the teachers, after making her funeral arrangements, had a fatal heart attack. He died literally of a broken heart, leaving behind four young children.

The young man went to a gun store, and because the gun dealer saw his "clean" record, he had no reason to refuse to sell him guns. No amount of "gun control" would have stopped him from buying those guns. But if his questionable behavior as a juvenile had been known, perhaps that would have stopped the sale.

We need to stop protecting people who don't necessarily need to be protected. We need to hold them accountable and let the chips fall where they may. There is plenty of blame to go around in Uvalde, TX, for this week's tragedy, but none of that blame lies with the gun that was used, or with existing gun control laws.


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David Collins

Blaming the weapon is easy . As of yet , no weapon has been able to lawyer up and defend itself .

The vocal proponents of banning firearms from the president on down to the activists , and make no mistake about it that is their goal , have also lobbied for safer schools . In actuality it amounts to just talk due to their actions to defund law enforcement and restrict them from doing an effective job . The bad guys love it and now it is open season on the weak .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

You know who else doesn’t lawyer up?

People killed by guns.

It’s also hard to sue the federal government, if you think that’s hard, try fighting our Gov.

You gotta realize your type tried to overthrow the Gov with guns once before.

That ended with right side winning.

At that point in time the Regular citizen was much closer to being armed like our Gov.

Todays military would sit back and shell the holdouts with the AR’s and gun collections while sipping on a cold drink, probable pulled from their dead, cold hands.

The current gun laws and ability to purchase weapons is poor and the fallout continues to


The writer to put it nicely is full of soup. Says no amount of gun control laws would have changed things. How about denying 18 year olds from buying an AK47 type assault weapon? How about baring the sale of any type of assault weapon, to anyone? A weapon designed with the sole purpose of killing other human beings.

The second amendment is not absolute. It is illegal to purchase or own hand grenades, surface to air missiles, a 50 caliber machine gun, and a host of other weapons. So let's be realistic.

Some, myself included, favor baring the sale, manufacture, and possession of any type of weapon, except those specifically designed for hunting and those used by law enforcement officials. Let's try that and see if we can't spare the lives of our school children and much of our adult community. Let us all get our heads out of the sand and face the reality of the situation. Action is required, not slogans and equivocating by our politicians aka "leaders."


Spot on. Our Constitutional rights are not unlimited. Freedom of speech has limits. There is absolutely no reason why any private citizen, no matter their age, should be able to purchase a military grade assault rifle - none.

David Collins

Ban , ban , ban . Ban everything you do not agree with . What about the millions who have done nothing wrong with their firearms ? They don’t count , do they .

Raise the purchase age to 21 makes sense as long as it is enforced rigorously . While at it , possession by a minor , outside of actual hunting with adults present , should be included and rigorously enforced . Mandatory extended jail terms and steep fines would help . Sadly there are Judges that would find a reason not to act properly . Then there are the legions of liberal do gooder lawyers that would clog up the system , just as they have done with the illegal immigration problem .


We banned DDT because it was killing wildlife. Is banning military grade assault rifles to protect our children asking too much? Guns are now the number one cause of death for children in the USA.


Complex issues do not have simple solutions. The facts are there are 20 million ar-15s in circulation. That is only one style of weapon, ruger mini 14, various knock off and aftermarket guns. Now add shotguns, handguns, rimfires, and pellet guns many of which are lethal weapons. 300 million 500 million?

1986 was the last time there was any significant gun legislation, it was in response to a school shooting. It had a 10 yr sunset provision and was not renewed. mass shootings actually went up very slightly during the ban on " assault rifles". Banning bump stocks, banning high capacity magazines, those are ok, feel good ideas. The internet is full of work arounds. The gun lobby has huge power, and no GOP politico wants a bad rating from the NRA.

The second admdt is not absolute, gun folks like to forget about "well regulated"

you cannot own a fully automatic weapon, a silencer,( without a special atf permit) a flame thrower, or weapons of mass destruction like hand grenades. If we are strict constructionists that go by what the constitution says and means at the time it was written ... well, then, you are limited to black powder muskets that an expert could fire 3 rounds in a min. If that doesn't have the gun nuts howling this will. The idea in these modern times that a few "patriots" with their tricked out ( scary black folding stocks and custom mussle brakes) AR clones are going to subdue a tyrannical govt, you clearly were not been watching the news for the last 20 years or so.

drones, loitering munitions, cluster munitions, cell tower spoofers, informers.

Ammunition resupply ?clean drinking water? seige supplies? come on! You are not going to defeat the full might of the united states.

"thoughts and prayers" after a tragedy are less then useless, hardening the schools? pretty unrealistic, a good guy with a gun? unless you are reasonably skilled,& practice constantly you are more of a threat then a help with a handgun. Banning guns is not going to work there are way too many in circulation, even if guns were banned tomorrow. Ghost guns are popping up all over.. What is the solution? moving the age to buy any gun to 21 seems reasonable, harshly punishing parents who let their( now dead) children get access to firearms seems reasonable. Better mental health screening for kids.. iffy at best. It is a mess, with no possible solution.


You can ban all the firearms that can be legally bought but how is that going to stop the sale of firearms on the streets? If you think that the government can stop that, look at the drug problems. If they can’t stop that, then how are they going to stop all firearm? Those folks that legally bought and own firearms use them for home and home security and keep them locked up and away from kids. I feel safer at home and have the ability to protect my family because law enforcement sometimes can’t be there immediately when a threat is occurring. I do not have any assault style rifles, I left them behind when I ended my military career and I do not have any desire to own one. Like the saying goes, I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Actually a gun law that doesn’t allow 18 year olds to legally buy the weapon would work.

So I agree with the author. Gun laws that still allow an 18 year old (who can’t buy a 6 pack of beer) to buy the gun wouldn’t work.

But maybe our society sees reason for young adults under 21 to rent a car, get a hotel room or buy alcohol.

Maybe this letter actually makes a broad case for more gun restrictions. The point is, our society is coming unglued and easy access to weapons isn’t helping.

Taking guns completely away will not work,but just saying oh well Will not solve this issue either.

What is going to happen is the gun lobby and GOP are going to fight any sort of solution that can change the current culture of gun violence to protect profits and some weird fixation on guns and protection.

The facts don’t lie, gun owners are more likely to be injured or injure a loved one by a gun than non gun owners. I’m not buying the protection angle, but do understand the sportsmanship, hunting or providing food angle.

I’ve yet to figure out how an AR is used to hunt or provide food. I’ve also not figured out why you really think you need a weapon to protect you from out Goverment. That’s not gonna work.

So slow your toll and accept the fact that gun violence is only increasing and the death toll of children is rising.

Sadly a large portion of our society see guns as an answer to violence while completely overlooking guns when violence occurs with one.

This whole blame the person, not the gun diatribe is like saying no longer valid. Most of these people that carry out mass shooting are emboldened by the gun they carry, take it away and they are the same meek individuals that lost connection with society enough to follow thru with mass killing.

Take the gun away and they all of sudden to pack the same ability to kill.

Coastal Rose

Before I accused somebody of being "full of soup", I would make sure I knew what I was talking about. It is perfectly legal for an individual to own a 50 caliber machine gun. Read up on your ATF laws, please.


ban public from owning AK 47 and AR15.These guns are made for 1 thing.To kill people.


Let’s ban everything that can kill an individual human…let’s ban everything that is ridiculously overpowered, goes too fast, really not needed by the average citizen. Fast cars/motorcycles, high speed computers, smart phones, sugary soft drinks, fried foods, tobacco, machetes, axes, all boats except commercial fishing, 4wd trucks, all guns cuz grocery store can do all your hunting, cops don’t need guns because criminals will know they’re not allowed and won’t have them (chicagoland), let’s say anything that contributes to heart disease, strokes,

high bp, lets ban all cars cuz…well they’re just dangerous in the wrong hands, all tv and radio cuz it’s way too influential …. List goes on and on.

David Collins

As foretold, the onslaught of knee jerk reactions , lucid or not , has unfolded .

Objects owned , in your kitchen perhaps , that could be used as weapons have been used as weapons . Objects owned that have been purpose built to procure fish , foul , meat or even grains have been used as weapons . With the invention of firearms it added to the distance from the quarry to accomplish this and the rest is history .

No way to un invent something . Yes , people with bad intentions will misuse any and all of the above to accomplish their goals . You can have a stack of laws from here to the moon but without enforcement you have only fire starter . You could remove every privately owned firearm in the country tomorrow and within a week more would come flooding in . Basic law of supply and demand and the world is full of eager suppliers . Just the way it is . Don’t have to like it but accept that is the way things work . Should Canada do what is proposed you will see this in action .

Growing up , post WW 2 , most every child had some type of a gun in the house . We also had PARENTS , a mom and a dad , that taught us to do no harm to others . As the years rolled by , liberalism crept in . The feel good movement , God is dead , free love , unfettered immigration and all that muck . Crime and violence was idolized on TV every night after dinner and a nation of wannabes created .

Now we have what we have with only a bad ending in sight . Values lost or taken are devilishly hard to restore .


Here is a list of 8 folks that received contributions during their careers from the NRA (updated May 2022). The top 50 were all Republicans. I listed names you’ll probably recognize.

Romney, Mitt R UT $13,645,387

Burr, Richard R NC $6,987,380

Tillis, Thom R NC $5,611,796

Graham, Lindsey R SC $433,046

Grassley, Chuck R IA $224,937

Budd, Ted R NC $223,778

Cotton, Tom R AR $1,973,201

Cruz, Ted R TX $176,284

Paul, Rand R KY $104,456

In 2013 the Manchin-Toomey amendment was introduced in Congress, a measure that would have required background checks on all commercial gun sales. The amendment failed, only getting 54 of 60 votes needed.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said: "Criminals do not submit to background checks now. They will not submit to expanded background checks."

OpenSecrets said the 46 senators who voted against the amendment had accepted significant campaign contributions from PACs associated with gun rights groups, including the NRA.

Here we go again!

Our NC senators are living high on the hog, aren't they?


Yes, they are getting rich. Burr's net worth was $190,000 when he entered the Senate. It's now over $7 million. What a crook, but hasn't been proven, yet we all know,

Our country is and has been for a long time, for sale by all politicians. Term limits in Congress and solid campaign finance reform are a minimal place to start.

Vernon Hill

Do you not have the guts-courage to show the democrats that took the same money….


I could also support a rise of gun sales to 21. But then how do you give a rifle to an 18 year old conscript? Bottom line is that handguns kill more people in this country than AK47 type weapon. Curious as to why that is not part of the conversation. Just look at the amount of people shot every weekend in Chicago. I do not hear this crowd moaning and groaning over that every Monday when the Chicago totals come out. This feels more like jumping on an emotional issue to push something that will not work, but make you feel better.


If turning in all guns would end murder in the world I would be the first in line. Unfortunatly that won't happen. Making new laws just doesn't work, criminals could care less about laws. I don't understand why people think they will. Is not murder still against the law? Be careful what you wish for. Right now the gun is the weapon of choice because it is easily accessable. when that is no longer the case people will use someting else and believe me there are lots of other things more than capable of ending peoples lives that will always be around. look up mass murders not using guns and you may be shocked. Remember Tim Mcveigh, the IRA bombings in the 70s?

I think putting more money into school security would be a great place to start. Try getting into certain buildings on Lejeune or Cherry Point or our courthouses. it is pretty effective. And by the way you can legally own a flame thrower in the USA along with cannons. machine guns and suppresors. Lets start working on solutions that will help but I'm not really sure if that is the real goal.


Comparing a rifle in the hands of a recruit, who is under constant scrutiny, has limited access to ammo and the whole scenario is a controlled environment, to a deranged incell 18 yr old out in society is just not sound reasoning.


Take a look at suicide stats. What should be more troubling? Of course, a major difference is innocent people dying vs a decision to take one's own life for various reasons. Are pro-abortionists especially those actually executing the procedure somehow more innocent of taking lives than "shooters", "bombers, stabbers. etc.?


No need to study this problem any further if you want something done quick and will come as close to working as anything you might find in public schools. Look at the accomplishments of someone who has been there and done something about it. Andrew Polkack who lost his daughter at Parkland likely primarily because of stupid policies in the BO admin. Just follow and do what Mr. Pollack was able to get instituted.


So then maybe we start teaching gun safety in schools. If you think that the whole time a member is the armed forces is in a highly controlled environment, you are greatly mistaken.

David Collins

So , this whole conversation is actually getting anything accomplished ?

You do not get violence without human interaction . Disagree , then do tell .


Those of us who find reasons why we can't control the possession, use, of firearms, would surely have a change of heart if it was one of theirs gunned down in a classroom. True or not?

David Collins

Good try , any anger would be directed towards the perpetrator and those sworn to protect who failed to prepare for such an event . In my eyes the two are guilty although perhaps not equally . Would be nice to see this eventuality actually taken seriously and not just talked about . To focus on an inanimate object is , trying to be kind here , futile at best and certainly counter productive .

To ensure safety would mean banning all sorts of things that could conceivably do harm . That would also include members of our own government that always exploit tragedies for their own gain . Seen plenty of that lately . Like they really care for they have armed protection 24/7 .

Noticed that it appears to be public schools , not private schools , that have been attacked . Is that where the incompetence lies ?


By now, we should all know what will follow mass shootings. The Democrats will make speeches about how Republicans refuse to prevent gun violence. The Mainstream Media will tell us how evil Republicans are, discuss the meaning and potential repeal of the second amendment, and debate the subject for a few weeks in public forums. The President will make a speech about more gun control laws. Then, you guessed it, nothing much will happen at the federal level as the issue fades until the next shooting.


All true jeep, you left out what the gop says, when not buzy cashing their Nra checks. It's they gays, no blacks, no abortion, single mothers, welfare, nary a word about easy access to guns by teens.


I pretty much said in an earlier post what the GOP says. They are getting rich, some legal and some probably not legal. The GOP has no intentions of doing much with all the money floating around them. They may toss a few bones here and there.

Coastal Rose

klacy, are you sure abortion isn't the number one cause of death of children in the US (more than 600,000 were murdered in 2019). Nobody gets angry about butchers cutting babies to bits, but they sure do get high and mighty about those who are killed with guns.

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