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Aug. 28, 2022


It’s just roughly 72 days before the mid-term elections and President Joe Biden has announced his next big payoff in order to buy a few votes and thank the nation’s educational industry for their campaign contributions. With the $1.6 trillion in college loans in his crosshairs, the President has decided to forgive between $10,000 and $20,000 of each individual’s college loan debt.

Just recently on the news, various members of the Congressional “Squad” were heard advocating for the forgiveness of college loans. It was noted that several of the “Squad members” have college loans outstanding themselves in the tens of thousands of dollars. It surely will be nice to know, once the “language” in the proposal is finalized, whether or not a member of Congress making $174,000/year will have $10,000 of their college debt forgiven.

As of 2021, approximately 37% of Americans age 25 or older hold a bachelor’s degree. That means that 63% of Americans age 25 and older do not have a 4-year degree.

I’m quite sure that many Americans did not attend college because of lack of funds. Why should those Americans that did not attend college and those who attended college with loans that were paid off have their tax dollars taken to pay off the loans of those individuals that just don’t want to pay their loans? Will we continue to pay off college loans for students that decide to apply for a loan next year or is this deal only pre-election?

Why not have the colleges be responsible and provide the loans for their students? At least then the schools would have “skin in the game.” I’m sure then, the schools would limit loans to those curriculums that they believe would have a higher likelihood of resulting in a good paying job for the student. This would also surely reduce the numbers of loans approved for totally worthless school curriculums! And I doubt seriously that schools would be so quick to forgive such loans.

“Last year (2019), nineteen presidents or chancellors of public universities made one million dollars or more in total compensation. And average total compensation for chief executives of public institutions reached $544,136, according to recent data assembled by The Chronicle of Higher Education” (Forbes 2020). This report did not address the thousands of school department heads, deans, vice-chancellors, assistant vice-chancellors across this nation that can easily have compensation packages ranging from $200,000 to $600,000/Yr.

“The most total compensation in 2019 for a public university CEO was Mark P. Becker at Georgia State University, who made $2,806,517” (Forbes, 2020).

The college loan program and the level of university and college administrator’s compensation packages have only helped fuel the staggering increase in college tuitions. Many of these schools have endowment funds in the billions of dollars. And let’s remember that the vast majority of both public and private universities and colleges enjoy tax-exempt status.

Forgiving college loans will only serve to add to current inflationary pressures and increase the US debt or require additional taxes. Though, on the Democrats positive side, it could just be enough to keep them in power.

It wasn’t long ago that for the administration in the White House to hand out between $300 and $500 billion in gifts required a vote in Congress. Unfortunately, today, all it takes is for the President to wave a wand.


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It's been reported that Jill and Yellen advised JB and KH against the pay out. Hopefully, the former are smarter than the latter in this case. It just might be there are more voters against it than for it. Those against have just got to vote in overwhelming numbers.

David Collins

Oh , the schools have plenty of skin in their games , your skins . The kind of skins that used to be in your wallet . They just want more of them .

Those ultra high paid college presidents or whatever they call themselves are worth every dime they make . Just ask them but then what do the Peons know ?


Yep, much like waving a wand to declassify government documents.

Today, "government" provides free education from pre kindergarten through the twelfth grade. Education provided by the taxpayer. As good as it is, it is inadequate in today's technological world. The world is far different than the 40s when many of us got our education. We need to extend the "government" funded system through the community college stage, negating the need for many to take out loans that will be difficult to repay. As such the cost of extending the system would be under taxpayer control as it is with our current K-12 system.

Unfortunately the small minded among us, like those who consider our schools nothing but sewers, fight tooth and nail against progress.

Doc Epoch

Yep, you're right, many of us did not receive our education in the 1940s. You did. Have you stepped inside a public school system since Truman? It’s not good, the quality of instruction is terrible and the environment is unsafe. I mean, look at our situation. Are we better off today than when you went to school in the 1940s? A Johnston county public school teacher was just arrested/charged for statutory rape of a student less than 15 years old. Last year, Carteret had an incident where a teacher was videotaping students in a HS locker room but like the Catholic Church’s response, nobody addresses the issue and nobody is held accountable. We only hear about the people who have been caught. Nationally, there are daily arrests of teachers for similar reasons.

I’m of the small minded group that disagree’s wholeheartedly with you. Call me whatever label you want but our public school systems are sewers. I will fight tooth and nail against so-called progress, mandates, spending, and grooming of children. The public school system are even worse now because of the failed pandemic response of 2020-2021 which coincidentally the Baby Boomer generation became the protected class of “victims” and fear became their virtue. Children had to fall in line with their rules and fear, “little super spreaders”.

I think we have had enough of your ideas of progress, it’s not like you can throw money and wave a wand like the President and NARA. It’s complicated and requires something many of the same generation can’t stand, personal choice. Personal choice is something I honor and with that we need school vouchers so people can get their kids far away from these people.


In Mississippi, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas and North Carolina, forgiven student loans will be subject to state income taxes unless they change their laws to conform with a federal tax exemption for student loans, according to a tally by the Tax Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-


Citing isolated incidents to justify calling pu blic schools cesspool, as well as the current maga scare word " grooming" is not based in actual reality. Elsewhere in this publication cc schools are rated near the top. Other public school systems are not so lucky. Despite some of the highest per capita spending the dc system boasts a less then 20% grad. Rate, Baltimore schools are a horror show. Let's all focus on a tiny minority who want different pronouns, and ignore the bigger issues.

Illiterate parents have Illiterate children. What is the solution? Outcomes suggest throwing money at the problem is not working.


Would love to see an experiment using either public school students minus union control of any form or a private school from a failing intercity school with a given number of students in a class beginning in K and continue through 3rd grade with an elementary teacher trained and proven successful in the science of reading. Believe that teacher would be successful if given latitude to teach 6 hours a day without union control. Of course, they might need a physically protected classroom with the ability to expel out-of-control students.


Public education is like anything else in life. You get out what you put in. Parents who are deeply involved, and insist their children take education seriously mostly have good outcomes. Do south Asian children dominate the Scripps spelling bee each yr because they are so much smarter then everyone else? Or is it because those parents prioritize vocabulary over video games?

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