Beaufort, N.C.

Sept. 18, 2020


Are Democrats Evil? As the saying goes, I understand that Republicans are Stupid, as well as wimpy cowards. At least the leadership is.

But Regarding Democrats, is the premise worth considering? What else can explain advocating for abortion up to the day of birth? Or leaving our southern border unprotected from the scourge of cartels, human trafficking, and the flood of fentanyl killing American youth? Is that Evil?

Is it Evil for George Soros to fund radical prosecutors like Kim Fox, and George Gascon that let criminals run free to murder innocent victims like Eliza Fletcher and Briana Kupfer? SAY THEIR NAME!

Is defunding the police, that is turning our great cities into violent Hell holes Evil? Is it Evil to mandate lockdowns bankrupting small business, so that corporate masters of the universe get rich? Is mandating the Jab for military service, job, or travel requirements in the face of overwhelming evidence of SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) Evil?

Is it Evil to allow China to buy up American farmland at an alarming rate? Is it Evil for the media to censor these facts from the American public?

Evil or not, there sure are a lot of people that seem ok with all this. If this is what progress looks like, I am not sure we are ready for Utopia.

I know I didn’t vote for any of this, I certainly didn’t vote to spend a trillion dollars for the humorously named, except it’s not funny, Inflation Reduction Act, with its 87,000 armed IRS, Stasi troops to abuse, intimidate and extort the taxpayers for the increases in taxes to pay for this Evil madness.

And now we find our tax dollars paid the FBI, to pay an informant, who paid a spy, with money from Hillary Clinton, funneled through her lawyers, to pay the same informant, to make up stories that they then used as facts, to get warrants to execute a soft coup, to overthrow a sitting president.

Evil, or just some overzealous bureaucrats having fun. Nobody got hurt. Except for the taxpayers and a few MAGA people. Who cares? But Biden won fair and square anyway. Everything worked out. Unless you hate corruption or are an election denier.

Yagottaadmitit, covering up that Hunter Biden laptop was genius, if you’re in that camp. What a perverted weirdo. But Zuckerberg got on board and saved the day. Probably not Evil. I mean Hunter is crazy Evil, but the cover-up, that was just something that had to be done, like everything else the FBI does. The Big Guy was Ok with it.

And what’s the deal with the drop boxes Zuckerberg paid for, and the experts he provided to help election officials handle the massive task of counting all the ballots the mules would bring in from nursing homes, abandoned buildings, vacant lots, and democrat headquarters.

It can’t be Evil to use any means necessary to defeat the redneck, racist, fascist, gun-loving Christian white people fighting against the efforts to save the world from CO2.

In the face of all this, add Democrat-caused inflation, job layoffs, food prices, gas supplies, rent prices, War, and child gender affirming mutilation. Yes, Democrat water carriers proudly march forth carrying these banners, leading the country over the edge of the cliff with their “do some good,” “be kind,” CRT and BLM crap.

Good intentions are the road to hell. Diversity sentiment has put people in power, whose only intent is to loot the store and get theirs with no regard for the people suckered in by their pablum, such as the Mayor of New Orleans, Latoya Cantrell whose first class “business trips” to France cost taxpayers an extra 40k, because it would be racist not to.

As the Democrat party doubles down on its parade of perverts, criminals, and crooks with self-righteous hatred of anything that contests their narrative, the divide in society grows exponentially

The eternal battle of good and evil is heating up. The Great Deceiver is on the job dividing, destroying, denying. What is Evil, except the denial of God?

A large part of society has disabused itself of the knowledge of God, and all that is left is hatred of Truth. Truth is a Lie. Trust government or trust God.

We are on the road to one world government, one currency, one leader. Two minutes of hate. Can they not see the signs or is it they are the signs. Push Back!


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Excellent letter! I wish I had written it.

As the writer says” “Unless you are an election denier,” - Democrats and RINOs have amnesia when they whine about Trump saying the election was rigged.

The Democrat Non-Acceptance Caucus denounced Trump as a faux president.

“I know he’s an illegitimate president,” Hillary declared after losing to Trump.

President Jimmy Carter said: “Trump didn’t win the election in 2016.”

Georgia Democratic Stacey Abrams never conceded her election in 2018 to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

“The Russians participated in helping this man get elected,” said the since-deceased Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Lewis boycotted Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, as did at least 66 other House Democrats. They collectively ignored the peaceful transfer of power.

During January 2017’s election-certification ceremony, seven House Democrats challenged Trump’s electors from 10 states,

“They refuse to accept the results of a free election,” Biden shouted. “They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but the shadow of lies.” I’m pretty sure Biden was talking about Democrats.


The irs is now the STAZI. Now we see a concise recital of Fox news talking points from the last 2 years, framed as good or evil. Pretty amazing!


Need to read "Starry Messenger" This book "... is a wake-up call to civilization. People no longer know who or what to trust. We sow hatred of others fueled by what we think is true, or what we want to be true, without regard to what is true. Cultural and political factions battle for the souls of communities and of nations. We’ve lost all sight of what distinguishes facts from opinions. We lob grenades at one another when we could be sharing beers in pubs."


Evil may be an understatement. No common sense; lie after lie, anything to distract from failures.

I can’t believe so many folks have succumbed to stupidity and hatefulness.

We live in a genuinely evil time where Biden and other Democrats call half of the country an enemy to the homeland.

Dems are using political and cultural power to force people to accept things no intelligent person should.


-Only White people can be racist.

-If you don’t like seeing young men with pants hanging below their underwear, you are a racist.

-If a criminal commits a crime, it is society's fault.

Many Liberals are evil because they are miserable with no standards, just double standards.


Actually biden called out 1/4 of the population, that maga wing of the GOP that sees trump as the second coming. the folks who call out lies of " the libs' while championing DJT as some paragon of truth? As DJT has watched his base erode he is now openly courting the Qanon folks. Even so far as to wear a label pin and broadcast their theme song at a recent rally. Embracing grievance politics and angertainment media leads SOME folks to see gloom and doom at every turn. This country has serious issues as all peoples do, A staggering national debt, the main legislative bodies in gridlock at a time when we need unity, compromise, and leadership. We also need fiscal responsibility, and I don't see anyone stepping up in either party to say spending must be cut and taxes raised. Instead of actual issues lets focus on black teens wearing their pants exposing their colorful underware. then lets blur the meaning of EVIL to include anyone who we disagree with on policy.


Actually it's not 1/4 of the population, either Djt has 4.1 million followers on his " TRUTH SOCIAL" In a country of 350 million that's 1.14%, let's be generous and say 2%.


We should also focus on Dr. Evil Fauci and his co-conspirators, including CDC director Dr. Walensky.

Criminal charges and certainly jail time should be afforded to these folks for their war against the public.


Things were terrible under Trump weren't they? Now things are great under JB aren't they? Just the way moderate Rs like it right?

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