Newport, N.C.

June15, 2020


The hatred of law enforcement comes in all colors. Yesterday while driving through a nearby neighborhood we passed a young man, in his very early teens on a bicycle. We went as slow as possible as he also had his dog trailing him. I saw him look at the front of our truck with a scowl on his face, muttering something we couldn't hear because we had our windows up, I told my husband that I thought he was just talking to his pup.

As we got further up the street, the young man flips his middle finger up at us. My husband stops the truck, puts his window down and asks, did you just give me the finger young man? He replies, “No Sir,” and my husband then says, “Do you have something you want to say to me?” He again replies "No Sir."

The license plate on the front of our truck is a "Blue Line" plate and the young man who scowled at it is white. My husband retired after almost 40 years in law enforcement. I don't expect people just to respect others but common manners even seem to be going by the wayside.

This kid has obvious disdain for law enforcement and at such a young age I have to wonder where he learned it from. Is it from his parents, the TV, or social media? In this time of such upheaval I pray for our country.

There are good and bad in all occupations and professions which covers a very large spectrum. Regardless of what some folks say, all police officers are not bad and they shouldn't all be villainized.


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David Collins

A few weeks ago the police were lauded as heroes , now they are cast as zeros . This is an example of how indoctrination , often from our schools by way of activist professors along with the left wing media , works . They prey on the young and dumb that are looking for a cause to champion . Sadly these zombies have been given the right to vote , at 18 . Big mistake . They have no life experiences to draw from other than what they have been told by those with nefarious intentions . This trend does not bode well for our future .


Young dumb zombies indoctrinated by left wing professors with nefarious intentions. Is there any tired old trope that will not be endlessly regurgitated by the 4 prolific posters on here. The yippie activists of the 60's and 70's are now conservative stock brokers. The republic will be just fine, kids are the same now as they were 100 yrs ago. Thirty yrs from now some of them will be making the same inane &dire predictions on the fall of civilization that we see in the comment section today. Thoughts and prayers for you gloom and doomers.


The Left (i.e. the D Party) hollered Russia, Russia, Russia because they needed it to bring down our president. Haven't heard from them China, China, China after its CCP released & covered up with WHO help a deadly virus killing how many & destroying economies around the world? Marism is alive, well & on the march especially within our own borders. Yes, academia has done a good job in its spread. What's really disappointing even the old have fallen in love with it after over 58,000 in their age group died fighting it in an era when it was less threatening than today.

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Replace word "today" with word "needed".

David Collins

Stockbrokers and conservative as well . Not the ones I grew up with . Of those that did not succeed in totally frying their brains on drugs , some became school teachers , now retired , and some moved away to the wilds of Vermont , New Hampshire and Maine , in order to eek out a living raising bees and cultivating maple syrup . A couple went into the family businesses and the rest sort of faded away into obscurity. Not a Republican amongst them all . Still fighting the battle . Today’s warriors , while their faces have changed , the empty slogans remain the same . Progress ?

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Let's look at this another way. Instead of assuming the worst and confronting the young man in an aggressive manner, why did you not just say something like, "It's a wonderful day to get exercise and the pup seems to be enjoying to." It would have maybe set a tone that could have led into a civilized discussion.


Seems like you were trying to get some road rage going. Shame on you and a police officer. Go figure.


Save it. If you had cancer would you go to the hospital with a Few Bad Doctors? Trying to blame it on the parents or TV... You clearly don't know the history of law enforcement in Carteret County... Yes or No, has any sheriffs gone to Jail in County history?


That is a great question, did the past convicted sheriff ever go to prison? There are some real bad apples in local law enforcement that need to go.


While negative views of law enforcement have been earned locally, we must judge each officer by his or her own conduct and discharge of office. This problem is easily solved; direct accountability of law enforcement to the people. Otherwise, we will continue to see this anarchy.

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