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Nov.12, 2020


Under the tri-county Regional Library System, Carteret County Public Library Board of Trustees (the trustees) had the responsibility to determine policy for and to prepare the library budget.

When the county withdrew from the region, the bylaws were rewritten, eliminating the trustees’ responsibility to determine policy and oversee the budget. Those powers are now assigned solely to the Library Director.

In order for this conversion to a county-managed service to be successful, the new director needs guidance, as there are currently major concerns among both the taxpayers of the county and our Friends group members.

Large numbers of books have been thrown away, the staff is depleted and transferred, branch identity and relationships have been eliminated, the budget has significantly increased, and patrons are upset. The county manager and assistant manager are both recently on record as stating they have no experience in library operations.

This is precisely why every management system requires checks and balances. A strong Board of Trustees, with various personal experiences and points of view, is the best sort of leadership.

The Friends of the Library groups have donated many thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars to the library system, and are the very strongest advocates for our libraries. A number of Friends members are former librarians and have a great deal of experience with library operations.

We are requesting that the Carteret County Commissioners:

1. Restore the responsibility for Policy and Budget to the Trustees, as in the previous Bylaws.

2. In recognition of the Friends' contributions and experience, add two seats (for a total of 9) to the Trustees, to be chosen by the Friends groups.

3. Include a member of each Friends group in any strategic planning process.

The Public Library System is a critical County resource and we are asking for your support.

Respectfully submitted,

PAUL AUSTIN, President, Friends of the Down East Library

DENA GOODING, President, Friends of the Beaufort Library

ONA SCRUGGS, President, Friends of the Newport Library

BARBARA McCREARY, President, Friends of the Bogue Banks Library

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David Collins

This topic is getting a bit long in the tooth . If the commissioners have not responded by now they probably never will . Had your chance on the third to send a message . That failed quite miserably .


Obviously not everyone feels that way, change requires persistence. Local libraries are an amazing resource,they provide books, periodicals, media and internet access that many could not otherwise afford/ have access to. The friends of the library are unpaid volunteers trying to improve, maintain and support this resource. I would encourage everyone who understands the value of books to support this initiative, by calling/ writing the commissioners and respectfully demanding some action.


You can “peacefully” protest...


With all the chatter about libraries these days, I wonder if it’s much to do about nothing. I have a library card, but haven’t used it in over two years. The authors, I enjoy for pleasure reading, are at least ten years old in my library, and I’ve read them all.

Just wondering if libraries, like newspapers, are on the edge of the digital information age? The world is changing and much information is available online.

Libraries have traditionally been public-gathering spaces, even used for places for lectures and exhibits. But, in this day of the coronavirus, does this gathering place still hold true?

Libraries do provide access to information for those who cannot afford other means of information. Most now provide Internet access as well.

With the invention of Smartphones/Tablets/Laptops are libraries becoming extinct like: video cameras, pagers, wristwatches, maps, home telephones (I don’t have one), dictation recorders, cash registers, alarm clocks, answering machines, yellow pages, transistor radios, directory assistance, travel agents, restaurant guides, pocket calculators, etc.?

Even the Encyclopedia Britannica is no match for Wikipedia. There is no reason to think that libraries are necessarily immune from the Grim Reaper.

Libraries once played an important role in the life of Americans, but unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.


Likely your right on all counts jeep, except comparing wikipedia, to encyclopedia. I still prefer a book to a tablet.


I prefer Hard Copies as well. Even have to print long articles I find on the Internet to read.

But I have 4 kids, all in their 30s, that have never purchased a newspaper in their lives. Only have one that is an avid reader and she uses ebooks. None of the 4 have been in a library since high school.

I suspect they are typical of most kids these days.


Yeah, quite possibly the "Second Amendment" support statement from the commissioners, will be tested quite soon, if the Dems win. Then we will see what they and the sheriff do in the face of democrat foul gun laws. I predict weak knees, indeed.



Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia in 2008 wrote that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and is subject to reasonable prohibitions and regulations and subsequently federal court rulings have upheld existing gun prohibitions and regulations.


Yep, and to some a total ban is reasonable; licensing and registration are reasonable, __________________(fill in the blank) is reasonable. To others, all gun laws are unreasonable. In the end, prohibitions and regulations are not about crime, it is about controlling citizens by government force. And that force must have an equal and opposite force to oppose it. Otherwise, we will find atrocities like governments in the past have done to its citizens.


Yep, what Hitler did prior to killing folks: Disarmed the Jews and Other Enemies of the State.


To the Carteret County Commissioners:

I call on you to deny the request “demands” from the The Friends of the Library groups. Their efforts are one of “control” and not necessarily to promote library involvement in the community.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the main issue here is really about “Change”. Most people don’t like change, especially organizational and restructure changes.

These good folks don’t like the new outside library director. But many times an organization needs to hire a “fresh set of eyes” to keep moving forward.

Instead of supporting the library they want to take over the management role with decision making responsibility.

It seems to me “Friends” are trying to dictate and bully the new library director and our Carteret County Commissioners.


Yes adding 2 seats is clearly a coup attempt. Change is always for the best,, No one dare question the actions of those in power! Friends of the library are dictators.

The rhetoric on ltte has become unhinged.


Nullify or invalidate.........Continue with therapy treatment and medications.


Can’t really find the words that will pass muster.

The only thing that comes to mind is Kristin Cooper.


Library Assistant

Carteret County, NC


Beaufort, NC 28516

Apply On Company Site

Save this job

Job details


$26,252 a year

Full Job Description

We have 2 positions available in the Carteret County Library System.

Job placement may be at any of the branches and will be determined during the hiring process.

Performs intermediate, semiskilled work providing support to the assigned branch of the Carteret County Library system. This position is responsible for providing high quality customer service assistance in person, by phone, and email. Work involves use of library technology and good judgment in application of library policies and regulations. The employee is responsible for assisting citizens in locating resources and materials, planning and assisting in programs and activities, and troubleshooting of library equipment. Work requires a high level of courtesy and tact in dealing with other library staff and the public. The assigned duties of this position may vary depending on specific needs of the library and the division of workload. Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Branch Manager and is reviewed through observation and public feedback for quality and effectiveness in fulfillment of library objectives as outlined by the Library Director.


I read with interest about a Library in Texas that started offering internet access for Telehealth appointments for low income families. All families had to do was get approved, then get a password and just park in the library parking lot and Voila.

Maybe this is something that could also be done for virtual classroom families that can’t afford the Internet or in rural areas where the Internet is not available.

By offering Telehealth Internet Service, the library gained much attention. Attention in the community that helped provide local funding and some state governmental funding as well.

Seems there may be potential for libraries to serve the community in many other different ways.


Hopefully, we will always have libraries, because not everything on the internet is true.

David Collins

Having experienced Telehealth virtual appointments , they leave a whole heck of a lot to be desired . So much is missed by the physician not being able to actually see , hear , smell and closely observe the patient . No actual vital readings are taken so what is the point of it all ? Oh , it costs the same for the end user . Will not do this again .


I've had 3 telehealth appointments this year. Nothing to them and certainly leaves a lot to be desired. May be the wave of the future since doctors get the same money vs in person visits.


Jeep, the

Jeep, the telehealth thing will get worse. Doctors will be replaced by ill trained physician assistants or nurse practitioners. They don't have the training or experience of physicians, and couple that with being remote from the patient, and that spells disaster. But this is what we allowed to happen. IT is our fault. The PA and NP creating should have been aborted long ago. It was not a good idea.


True, Corrupt. My doctor retired just over a year ago. She was replaced by a Nurse Practitioner.

David Collins

PAs were created to assist the Dr. and do first line triage of minor cuts and bruises . Always under the direct supervision of the Dr. . Nurse practitioners were supposed to be at outlying clinics to do basically the same stuff and were allowed to give injections , flue shots and the like . Nothing irreversible was allowed and referred patients to the appropriate Dr. for further examination .

Do to the shortage of first line physicians nationwide this has evolved into what we have today . Now we are importing foreign Drs to fill in the blanks but their “ bedside manner “ often leaves much to be desired along with a language barrier at times . Same goes for Pharmacists , if anyone has noted , especially amongst the big chain pharmacies . Strongly suspect that profit is the prevailing motive for this . Get used to this , changing times .

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