Morehead City, N.C

Feb.26, 2021


We love our neighborhood on the outskirts of Morehead City. The first homes were built more than 50 years ago and it has grown to include more than 200 single-family condominiums, ranch, and 2-story homes. It is the kind of neighborhood where people wave to one another on the street, stop to talk, and welcome newcomers with housewarming gifts.

As neighbors, we are concerned because 23 acres of beautiful residential land adjoining the Spooners Creek wetlands and our neighborhood is up for rezoning as commercial property so that a boat storage, maintenance, and sales facility can be built.

Now, we have nothing against boats. Many of us own boats and all of us enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Coast. But boat storage, maintenance, and sales facilities create traffic problems, increase water, light, and noise pollution, and change the character of an area forever. That’s why they don’t belong in residential neighborhoods. They do not belong in ours and they do not belong in yours. It is inconceivable that a zoning change that benefits only a few individuals but harms hundreds of homeowners is being considered.

If you believe in neighborhoods and share our concern that they should be preserved and protected from commercial invasion, please contact the Morehead City Town Council in advance of their March 9th meeting at The Town Council cares about what you think. You could be protecting our neighborhood and, someday, yours.


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David Collins

Oh come on now . You can never have enough boat sales/maintenance/storage facilities . Especially now that your neighborhood has grown and all those transplants have joined the party . Convenient water access in totally necessary and popping up like mushrooms in the morning dew all up and down our coast . What did you think would happen with all this uncontrolled growth that you , yes you instigated . We all do it ! It’s called progress and will continue as long as there are people consuming every square inch of buildable land . The only way to quell this sprawl is to actually own the property and then there are taxes . They will get you one way or the other so pick your poison .


This is what zoning is about, if you allow mixed use light industrial in what was a quiet residential area.. you folks who are concerned need to get organized, a letter to editor is a good start, but far from a deluge of angry calls emails, telegrams, and actual attendance enmasse at the meetings where such things are decided.

Without overwhelming public disapproval you can expect " progress" will always win.

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