Morehead City, N.C.

Jan. 04, 2022.


Once again, I feel compelled to speak about an issue that no matter how many times it has been brought up nothing is done about it by our county representatives. It is the flooding of homes caused by a little rain and poor drainage systems on our roadways. Where I live, I went through hurricanes including Florence without my house getting flooded. I give thanks for that.

However, recently there was some road work done on the road that passes by my house. Said roadwork is yet to be completed. However, I propose that as a result of this roadwork, somehow the drains got blocked by debris, dirt and straw that was used to cover the grass seeds, sown to replenish grass damaged and removed due to the road work. So, with a little rain and a thunderstorm two nights ago, my yard and the road were once again inundated! My yard was flooded up to my steps, which are over six inches above the drain grate level! The roadway was once again a huge pond! One could not differentiate between where the road ended and where the sidewalk began.

How many times are we the residents and taxpayers of Carteret County to put up with mess like this with no recourse? Who is responsible for keeping our drains cleaned out? Are the folks who do road work supposed to ensure they do not create problems by not blocking our drains with debris and dirt and straw in an effort to replant grass that beautify our roadways? What is the purpose of the Public Services department? Who checks after these projects are complete to ensure they are not creating problems and are done well? Why can’t something be done to help mitigate the flooding of homes in Morehead City and its environs? What can we as citizens do? (Remember my neighbor got the hand-slap a while back, from the city for cleaning the drain in front of the individual’s house! That cleaning actually prevented street flooding for years, until this go around, mind you).

Can we hear something from our representatives on a proposition? Anything. I hope our public services personnel reads the News-Times and is listening. Incidentally I copied this bit of information from our Morehead City website which has a division called “Street Division” in the government. It reads on the website that the:

Street Division also includes the maintenance of:

• 14.87 miles of alleys

• 22.46 miles of sidewalks

• 22.81 miles of storm drain

• 50.27 miles of streets

Code enforcement activities for the Street Division includes debris removal from private lots and lot mowing.

I wonder where those miles of storm drains are located. Is any part of them on North 20th street?


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I wouldn’t hold my breath on waiting for an answer from anybody who makes those decisions. Those officials like many others only care about what is best for tourism. Some of them actually care but not many. I’m sure if something of that nature or anything other than severe weather that would hinder the seafood festival or the big rock tournament, every effort to clear that up will be done at lightning speed. If a concerned homeowner who does something to help resolve the issue, like the person who did what someone is getting paid to do, they get reprimanded because it makes those very decision makers look bad. Like I said, you can get blood from a turnip faster than you can get an answer from any of those representatives.

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I live in Morehead and have witnessed a city worker turn a rake upside down and push debris in the street culverts instead of raking it up and put it in the truck he was using. Why??

David Collins

Why into the culvert ? Well . Out of sight , out of mind . Let some one else deal with it . That mindset is usually a from the top down thing .

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