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Jan. 11, 2023


President Biden travelled to Mexico this week to attend the North American Leadership Summit with Mexican President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On his speech Tuesday he stated: “we’re true partners, the three of us, working together with mutual respect…..to advance a safer and more prosperous future for all our people.”

I surely would like to understand how the Mexican President is treating the United States with mutual respect as he allows hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants each month to cross illegally into our country from Mexico? The majority of these immigrants come from other Central or South American countries and are bussed and trucked across Mexico to the United States border after paying the Mexican cartels thousands of dollars for the trip. Then, while US border agents are busy processing the immigrants, the cartels sneak thousands of pounds of illegal drugs (including fentanyl) into the US to poison our citizens.

And, how exactly is Prime Minister Trudeau “working together” with the US on this immigration issue? Has he offered to absorb a percentage of these migrants into his country or to pay some of the costs associated with their stay in the United States?

President Biden also mentioned: “the declaration on migration and protection which 21 countries ultimately adopted at the Summit of the Americas six months ago. He stated that: “to fulfill our commitment to that declaration…..I announced to expand safe and legal pathways for immigrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti, and are seeking a better life in the United States of America.”

My question: how many of these immigrants will be settled in any of the other 21 countries that adopted the declaration?

President Biden owes us an explanation as to what group of US citizens he believes will be safer and more prosperous due to the uncontrolled migration of undocumented immigrants into our country.

I support immigration into our country. Though, immigration into the US should be controlled, equitable and migrants should be properly vetted. President Biden should understand that equitable immigration means that all the migrants should not be people from Central and South America that paid the Mexican cartels ten grand for the trip.



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David Collins

Mexico’s Obrador is the mirror image of our own bungles biden . A figurehead . He is in control of nothing . The smugglers own that country . Been that way for years . Suspect he is cuddling up to bungles for one reason . That would be $$$ . Money to fight the Cartels he says . Money that will disappear in the blink of an eye . Obrador might be grossly incompetent/corrupt but he knows a soft touch when he sees one .

Trudeau is Canada’s problem and should be held at arm’s length .

As with most all summit’s, just a bunch of talk , expensive talk but just blabbering . Usually to convince someone to splash out a mountain of cash for this and that idealistic misguided cause . Good example would be the climate summit which accomplished a bunch of talk , unrealized pledges and wasted resources . All this gave every participant a slap on the back , a trophy and bragging rights . Without doing anything about this problem of paramount importance .


While the Paris climate accord was derailed primarily by former president Trump, the actual topic is immigration at the southern border. Perhaps some folks need definitions migrant, immigrant,asylum seeker? Meanwhile why do the cartels have such power? Could it be 100 years of failed American drug policy, has resulted in a billion plus black market in drugs? Has this contributited to the vast numbers of asylum seekers? Let's turn to Maga media for the simplistic answers we all crave.

" Joe biden"

Case solved, time for a scooby snack!

Doc Epoch

MAGA media? Haha. What exactly is “MAGA media”? Is MAGA media anyone who disagrees with your narrative that has been fed to you by the television and pod propagandists in pressed suits? Do you see maga media in the room with you right now?

You’re constantly wrong on every topic, yet you’ll defend yourself and the known narrative by claiming everyone is MAGA this or right wing that when literally we just people in your community who are afraid and outspoken for humanity. There’s liars and snakes in every news agency and press agenda’s from CNT’s articles about our illustrious county commissioners to Fox News lying about the vaccines to CNBC telling you they are safe. They are all liars with filters in place to protect their interest and are not looking out for the best interest of people like you and me. Why is it that you’re always the first to defend people who don’t care about you? Are you still in the denial phase after all this time?

David Collins

The thirst for drugs is a world wide thing . Eliminating drug use is a wasteful exercise in futility . Better off to let the users OD and meet their maker than coddle them . Their choice , their fate .

Illegals streaming into the US will never be completely stopped . Our relative prosperity and lax government action is a magnet for the illegals . With enough manpower it could be turned around but with things as they are , not a chance . A good start would be to hold accountable these religious groups and the NGOs that aid and abet the illegals . Accountable means arrest , prosecution , fines and serious jail time . Word will get out quickly and things will abate .

Sadly few will have the guts to do what needs to be done . We have been fat and happy for too long .


Religious groups and ngo's hmm do you suppose all the ' illegals" are working in the Grey market? Should employers be included in this accountability? Meanwhile as I said definitions, someone here seeking asylum is not " illegal" until such time as a court, and appeals decide to decline their asylum. Far easier to make broad generalizations?


Correct again, ski....Biden is the problem. Now that the problem is solved let's get him out of office. Sooner would be better than later.


The actual topic is about the problems at southern border, some insight on how that situation got to where it is seems like a good point to begin to understanding the situation, and possible solutions. Sorry my use of " Maga media" has triggered some folks, but then that is the whole point of Maga media, keep they base triggered about something, anything, just keep them triggered. In the world of magic and con games it's called " misdirection"

David Collins

Getting old bungles out of office now would unleash his Clown Princess , Cackles . We just think we have problems .

Hopefully the new majority in the house will wake up and cease funding things that do not matter . Long shot but there is always hope .


You nailed it, Doc. It’s called Trump Derangement, and some have it bad.

You are correct, Mr. Bach. Biden owes us plenty of explanations, including the border fiasco. Now some Dems are on him about the illegal immigration problem. He does not care about US citizen safety, so don’t expect any reasonable explanation.


Perhaps the actual king of maga media is Sean Hannity, although tucker may have surpassed him as the maga darling.. lets compare what ole sean said under oath.. with what nonsense he utters on air,, paraphrased boils down to I never believed the election lies vs the election was stolen. or perhaps nc's own Sydney Powell? No one takes what i say seriously, its sarcasm, its hyperbole, its so outlandish.... Sadly many folks do take them seriously.

David Collins

Jessie waters is the best . The others are too intense and end of days . And then there is Mark Levin . That will bring on any considering suicide . My favorite is the lovely CBS Nora . The lovely older lady with eye catching business suits . My bride and I attempt to guess which color will be worn tonight . News , was there any news tonite ? Yes there was . More illegals pouring across demanding heat , food , water , shelter and plenty of alcohol as well as willing or perhaps not so willing partners . Any age will do .


As has been said repeatedly on this forum, the border problem has existed for decades, in fact centuries. Prior to that mysterious " migrant caravan" timed just before the 2016 election, the vast majority of illegals came here legally on work vista's then became illegal by not returning to their home country. 40 yrs ago, 5 million illegals were granted amnesty, by then president Reagan and a willing congress. That 5mil has become...20 25 million just from births? COngress has always had the power to fix this, neither party has done so. Didn't the gop have both houses and the presidency 2018-2018? Here we are, and suddenly the talking heads of the "freedom caucus" are all about the border and the budget, let's pretend this all began with biden and Harris, because those facts make sense in our world view.


David Collins

No one believes the influx of illegals began with bungles and cackles . That was lame .

But , never to the extreme that we have now . The flood gates were opened the day the bungler took office and appointed his staff of misfits . That is a fact , pure and simple .


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