Carteret County, N.C.

Feb. 12, 2021


I'd stop reporting about this story, but, hard to believe, it never seems to end. It's a story about an alternate reality where the Public Servants rule and the Taxpayers be damned. The events told are unimaginable in a normal world and any similarity between the characters portrayed and actual humans are coincidental. Lastly, I'd like to apologize ahead of time for any mis-spellings, my computer spell check has a mind of its own.

Not so long ago, the County Mangler and the new County Library Disruptor decided to rewrite the Bylaws for the Carterwreck County Public Library Board of Trustees (sorry, see what I mean about the spell check). For decades, the trustworthy Trustees have been a governing Board with responsibility for oversight of the Library and the Disruptor.

Apparently, reasonable citizen oversight was bothersome, so the Bye-bylaws were revised by the Mangler and the Disruptor, making the trustworthy Trustees an "advisory" Board. The result is that the Disruptor spends the meeting advising the trustworthy Trustees of what she is doing to the Library. Actually, asking the Trustees for advice doesn't seem to be on the agenda.

As a little background, according to the new Bye-bylaws, the Board of trustworthy Trustees has 7 members, one from each of the 6 voting districts, appointed by that District's County Commissar, and one County Commissar.

On January 19th the trustworthy Trustees had their first meeting with a full membership. During the meeting the Disruptor repeatedly evaded answering questions from one of the Trustees who pressed her for an answer. Guess what? That Trustee was reprimanded by the Supreme Commissar the next day for "attacking" the Disruptor. And then guess what? At the January 25th Carterwreck County Commissars meeting the Offending Trustee and another Out-spoken Trustee were removed from the Board of Trustees. And a second Commissar was seated on the Board. Time to change the Bylaws again?

Final team roster: 2 Commissars, 4 citizens appointed by a Commissar, 1 vacancy.

So, to recap. Two trustees who dared ask questions have been replaced, and two Commissars now sit on a Board that has absolutely no power.

It looks, again, like expressing an opinion or asking questions are considered a threat to "public servants" in Carterwreck County.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, I remain, your mild-mannered reporter,


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These folks fall under the guidance of the county now, so, point the finger at the County comissioners. (i mean, if they cannot run a library, well, we're in a bit deep , don't ya think?)[whistling]


Like the previous editorial, talking about the commissioners wanting to put county biz on county web site and not publish it in the newspaper, does this really come as a surprise to anyone? The local politics are and have been a closed loop for decades, with of course editorial support from this paper ( unless it cuts into their advertising dollars) the same 6-7 family surnames are always elected, pass their seats around among the family, in laws and cousins. Sure in the ceratin knoeledge that everyone involved is :on the right page" and understands the status quo, and their place in the natural order of things. Criticism and or questions are either ignored, or attacked. The CC and the BOE know better, they have known better for generations, you tax payers, and voters just keep electing them and paying your taxes and let them run things as they see fit. Without question, oversight, or complaint. It has worked that way for generations and obviously it will continue. Amen.

Susan W. Simpson

To the Editor,

The central premise of “Mr. Kent’s” letter is incorrect.

The local library Boards of Trustees in the Craven- Pamlico-Carteret Regional Library were all advisory boards. The governing Board was the CPC Regional Library Board of Trustees whose members represented the three counties.

The library Board for the Carteret County Public Library has not been a governing board since about 1968 when Carteret County joined the CPC Regional Library.

Today, our county public libraries are agencies of county government; the local library board remains an advisory board; county government is the governing authority.

Also, the public libraries in the Craven-Pamlico Regional Library all still have local advisory boards; the governing board remains the Regional Board.

I know this because I was Regional Library Director for 6 years, and Carteret County Librarian for 26 years.

Susan W. Simpson


Thank you for that clarification on the status and history of the advisory boards. What I found interesting was a) the authors tongue in cheek delivery, implying Stalin like control. B) the fact that advisory board members who questioned procedures were promptly sacked. Could anyone else address this specific topic comrades?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

It’s all Biden’ and the demoncratd fault.


This article from The Daily Wire is interesting, and somewhat related.

K. Jack Schidt

Daily Wire = Fake News ... they were part of that coup attempt weren't they? (along with "our" congressperson)


Based on the ;local' newspapers in that area, this is a legit event, as explained in the article. (don't have a clue on a coup).

Jackie Gleason

As House Speaker Tip O'Neill Jr. once said...."all politics are local".....this cannot be any different. You see, most people (politicians and board members) who are influential in coastal counties have families employed by the towns, cities, counties, and state government. One hand washes the other so to say. They own the elected officials because these are the people who vote them in. The more "friends and family" on the payroll...the more votes....the more power. The media fails to report on the family tree ties and thus the circle of life begins so the taxpayers are at the mercy of the comrades. As Clark Kent perfectly points out....whether appointed by friends or family or voted in it really doesn't matter...those who go against the grain will be reprimanded. All politics are local.


Plain short podcast here from Dave Rubin, explains alot .....


To the Editor:

I have to disagree with Ms Simpson's online comment to "The Next Chapter" by Mr Kent.

The previous Bylaws for the Library Board of Trustees, as posted on the County website, were dated 4/22/08 and were in effect until rewritten by the new Library Director in 2020. The 2008 version was in effect during Ms Simpson's tenure in the Carteret County Library System.

The '08 Board of Trustee Bylaws, excerpted below, state:

"Duties: It is their duty and responsibility to determine the policy of the library. Advise in the preparation of the budget, approve it and work to obtain the necessary funds. Provide and maintain adequate buildings and grounds."

"Librarian: The Librarian shall have the sole charge of the administration of the Library under the direction of the Board and the Regional Director."

It is clear the Board of Trustees had strong governing responsibility.

If Ms Simpson did not understand this during her time as Library Director, did not encourage the Board to exercise its power, or the Board chose not to, that is entirely another discussion.

Paul Austin


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