Pinehurst, N.C.

Sept.24, 2021


On Wednesday my husband and I visited your beautiful, quaint city. We took a few days off our busy schedules to rest and relax. We try to come to the Crystal Coast at least once a year. We had a delightful meal outside along the waterfront marina.

After our meal we were planning to go shopping (early holiday gift buying) for a few hours along Front Street. We started at the shop with the kites and windsocks. We got to the door and was very disappointed that you and five other individuals (Town Commissioners) decided what was best for not only my husband and I, but for small business owners. “Town Ordinance - Mask Required"

We totally understand that the COVID 19 virus and the variant are real and can be very serious for individuals. In fact, I decided to be vaccinated. What was concerning is that 6 elected officials determined what is “best” for everyone, in the guise of “protecting me and others.” Trust me, I am an adult and can make that decision for myself. In America, we trust adults to make decisions for themselves, even if we disagree and some make poor decisions.

Freedom is a messy concept, but a very important concept that my family died to protect. I have no problem with someone who believes wearing a mask is best. I also have no problem with a store owner making that decision. I have grave concerns when the government tells me I must wear a mask when there is “science/data” on both sides of this issue. It may seem like you are protecting me, but I believe you are simply overreaching into my freedom.

There is data showing the virus will spread with or without a mask mandate. I wish I had confidence that everyone is following the science, but that is simply NOT true. The bridge between Morehead City and Beaufort does not stop the virus no more than cheap masks.

The good news is less people are dying. The virus is a very bad flu and is going to probably be around for a long time. Will you continue to mandate political restrictions, simply because you can? If any gov’t office should have encouraged the mask wearing, it should have been a sign saying: Our County Health Department warns you, mask wearing is encouraged.”

A warning is acceptable- again, I am an adult and fully able to make a decision. Those who feel uncomfortable are not forced to enter the store. Again, if the store owner wants that restriction (like wearing shirt & shoes) that is their business, not yours.

Bottom line, my husband and I got back in our car, drove over the bridge and spent our money in Morehead City. I hated this for your local businesses and felt sorry they had to respond to elected officials that possibly never owned a small business.

I do not vote for any of you but wanted you to know of a legitimate situation that hurt the economy of your town. I am sure there are others who have done the same, but just did not tell you.

Be sure your oversight is not overstepping your authority of “protecting” free people. I have also been an elected official; I encourage you to always lean into freedom. Free people are empowered!



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Rules are rules bottom line. The mask mandate is another safety measure to help reduce the spread of the virus. If you want to take the risk and play Russian roulette with this then go ahead. Trust me, nobody wants to wear a mask everywhere they go but they also don’t want somebody around them hacking and coughing and sneezing and not covering their mouth and nose doing so. You have a right to decide and so does the businesses. If you can’t follow the rules then perhaps this isn’t the area for you to visit.


And besides, our elected official yet whom do make bad decisions at times are only following guidelines mandated by presidential orders and the CDC. You can complain to them as well, it’s your right and freedom as well.


Lyndalyn, the German U-boats of WWII killed thousands along our coast. The local residents-and many others across the US-were mandated to install blackout curtains, turn off porch and street lights and prohibited (at times) to drive with headlights at night. All for the common good. Would you have been offended by such simple requests? Would you have the stance that you should be allowed to make your own decisions?


And the irony that your letter appears next to the article highlighting the most deadly phases of Carteret County and Covid. More people are dying while you are complaining about a mask!


I agree with these comments by quicksand and sandman. Masks are for our protection and yours. As you have a right to make that decision for yourself; those of us who actually live and work here have the right to look out for our area. It seems there is always someone who comes here - just visiting - wanting to complain or change things. You didn't mention where you were from but are there no mask mandates there and if so do you just flaunt your disregard for others in their faces also. Shame on you!


Sandman, in the early days of the "mask mandate" I found myself driving to Morehead to buy gas, but I found that inconvenient. I soon realized that some people are wearing masks, while others are choosing not to in Beaufort. Thankfully the Beaufort business' that I shop at are not "enforcing" the mask mandate overreach.


4343, I respect what you are saying. I know a lot of businesses are not enforcing the mask mandate and that’s their choice but you can’t tell who has the virus and is asystematic and who has the virus in early stages. Mask are not 100% safe unless it’s the N-95, but even the cloth ones offer reduced risk of contracting the virus. Businesses do not care if you get COVID or not as long as you are spending money to help keep them from going under. You can play Russian roulette all that you want and I pray that you or anybody else does not catch this deadly virus. The number of COVID cases are rising daily in this county alone and some people have passed away from it. Like I said before I hate wearing a mask just as much as the next person, but my health is more important than my pride.

Here we go again!

"Those who feel uncomfortable are not forced to enter the store."

Our house, our rules - I'm sure we will be fine without your business!

Carteret Native 01

Here's a headline that could be used on the News-Times article on Carteret General Hospital overflowing with Covid, sickness and death: "Foolish Tourists Bring Death and Pestilence to Our County". Or, maybe here is a better one: "Lack of Common Decency Among Visitors at All Time High". The ignorance and lack of consideration displayed by Covid deniers never ceases to astonish. Perhaps this whiner should just visit the beaches in Alabama.

Mr. Tom Slick

Hey i don't blame you...…… I moved to Morehead City...………….haha


I mostly agree, but I think you should keep your nose in the business in your own community and stay out of ours. Bless your heart.

the secret life of man

Bless your heart in southern dialect means,we love you even though you're clueless.And that my friends goes out to all of you.


Wonder what the folks say about us when we travel to other places?


"in the early days of the "mask mandate" I found myself driving to Morehead to buy gas, but I found that inconvenient. "

To 4343- Thanks to the local obstructionists and Beaufort Town Commissioners you are probably still going to be inconvenienced by having to drive somewhere else to get gas. You may not have a choice!

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