Swansboro, N.C.

Apr. 25. 2021


If the last Carteret County Planning Board meeting is any indication, our community effort to stop the rezoning in Peletier is at great risk. After comments were made demoting the act of rezoning to only “changing the color on a map” and increasing traffic won’t be a problem if people “learn how to use the zipper merge” going over the bridge to Emerald Isle, I am stumped as to the extent of understanding of the issue on the part of some of the board members.

So, as a member of the Peletier community and one whom the rezoning would directly affect, here again are some reasons why these comments display lack of understanding and more importantly lack of concern for the citizens of this county who are at the mercy of such indignity: Investors have purchased an old family farm right behind our house, and have petitioned rezoning of the property in order to accommodate hundreds of park model units, which in turn provide housing for hundreds of people who NEED a place at the beach.

This is not a ‘campground’ in the traditional sense. These acres will be stuffed with people who make noise, make trash, make traffic, and will create more of a hazard to an overcrowded tourist area. THIS MEANS MORE PROBLEMS FOR THE COUNTY AS A WHOLE, not just Peletier.

The area is presently zoned to accommodate single family homes, which fits into the growth plan of the community. Just how do hundreds of park models do this, along with the ‘Myrtle Beach’ look that the developers are planning? Peletier is about as far away from that as it is from the last known planet in the solar system. And this place is not for us locals, either. Don’t think you will be welcomed at the recreational activities proposed for Myrtle Beach, Jr. And forget about jobs coming in here from this catastrophe. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers...you won’t make a dollar in there. It’s all preplanned, laid out just like the developers want it...money out, money in, but not in Carteret County. Good luck getting to the beach if all you want is a beach towel and some groceries.

The first proposal submitted to the planning board requested one zoning change and listed 129 conditional uses for the property. 129? This list of uses virtually did away with zoning, which is meant to assist the development of this county and the good of its citizens. Zoning is not meant to be done away with as soon as someone has money burning a hole in their pocket, putting those of us who live here in jeopardy on many levels.

Based on the comments made at the planning board meeting and the utter disregard for the remarks made by the citizens who spoke against the rezoning (NO ONE who has spoken has been in favor of the rezoning to date), I am wondering why we even have a planning board? The rezoning request was sent on to the commissioners, just as if there were no opposition at all. How did this happen if the citizens who spoke were against the rezoning? It happens when people forget their primary objective, which is to serve the citizens of this county.

Allowing hundreds of people to set up just feet away from my property line, make their trash, traffic, and noise, is NOT serving me or any of my neighbors in a positive way. Even the local newspaper has recognized that our area is nowhere close to being ready to handle the increase in traffic that would occur and the costs that would result from a hasty, ill-considered action on any developer’s part.

These are some of the main reasons why this rezoning is a terrible idea. It has tremendous potential to disrupt a beautiful area of Carteret County, and the reason why we moved here over forty years ago.

I do want to acknowledge that two of the planning board members voted to keep the zoning as it is. I only hope that our commissioners will consider this matter much more carefully than the other planning board members did, and will hear US, the ones who live and work and spend our money here. It’s more than just a color on a map.


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Actually it is all about a color, and that color is green. Lip service will be given to zoning, while muti use and exemptions will abound. The two bills pending discussed in the previous editorial will make local control a moot point. Quad plexus means 4x the density of what was intended.

Sleepy lil town is a thing of the past anywhere near the coast.


"zoning" is a major tool in the political tool box - a bargaining chip in the real estate game. Again, who are the spongers of this frontal assault on property rights? Another 2008 may be on the horizon.? Names and numbers. If the green thing is to be managed by the NCCF then we are doomed.

David Collins

Absentee landlords want to put a huge trailer park , camper -trailer what ever they have wheels , in your back yard . Party time , you bet . Money for the investors trouble for the residents . This issue will show what type of officials you have elected . By the way , check and see if any of them have a stake in this project . You never know .

Jackie Gleason

Zipper lane?....no issue. Let the widening of 58 begin. From the EI bridge to Maysville. The color on the map is green and the contracts for road work and kickbacks will begin.

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