Emerald Isle, NC.

July 10, 2020

I just read Michael Taylor’s letter regarding the governor’s actions (or edicts) on the virus. He writes "we can agree to disagree on the legality of his methods if he is wise.”

I looked through my copy of the constitution and could find nowhere that our rights could be abrogated in the event of the threat of illness. If the governor can negate our rights for this reason what will be the next crisis where we are robbed of these rights? To suggest that an elected officer can pass illegal edicts if he is wise then our freedoms are in greater danger than they are from any external force.


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Yep. The state government(s) shut down “our” life just like that. The government picked winners and losers. Shut down mom and pop stores but let Walmart stay open. Selling the same goods. I guess “they know what’s best for us dumb ole regular folks”.


You are correct in that you will find no references to dealing with communicable diseases in the state constitution. You won't find any references to driving, either, yet the state has considerable control over that activity. The executive's authority to deal with communicable diseases, like the state's authority to regulate drivers, is well established and tested, judicially and legislatively. "Es la ley." The courts have said so, whether you like it or not. So. As Dr. Fauci recently said, in most cogent fashion, it's "time to stop this nonsense," quit acting like spoiled children, and defeat this thing. Oh ... here is a reference you may find useful: https://www.sog.unc.edu/resources/microsites/north-carolina-public-health-law


let me make sure i got this right . no smoking allowed is OK , no shirt no shoes no service is OK , mask required is taking away my constutional rights

morehood city res

waah waahhh, cry me a river. your fear mongering tactics are absurd.

Carteret Native 01

It's not unconstitutional to regulate drunk drivers! I'd venture to say that an unmasked Covid 19 patient at six feet distance is at least as dangerous as a drunk driver to at least 25% of our residents (those with risk factors). Unmasked folks are no less irresponsible than someone sipping a beer while they tool up Highway 24. When I see unmasked folks wandering the streets, I can't help but wondering whether they wash their hands after using the restroom. Nasty.


It puts the mask on its face


LOL, Sleepwalker. Good One!

David Collins

Realize this is a bit off topic but perhaps not .

There is a silly , my opinion , attack advert focused on Thom Tillis , something about the washing of hands by restaurant employees , posted signs in restrooms not being necessary , I guess . Would think after the food service training , I guess it is still a requirement , it would be second nature . Sadly I have witnessed employees not doing this and returning to the kitchen . Twice in Mexican Restruant s in Jacksonville and Swansboro . Not sure if it is a cultural thing or not but we no longer utilize those facilities .

Back to the advert . Anyone care to explain what is the meaning of this political advert . Does this mean that Mr. Tillis is nasty and should be defeated ? What is up with that ?


How the heck is someone supposed to sip on a beer while driving if they have a mask on?


Dah, just drive alone and you don't need a mask. LOL


Regardless of the perceived "danger", regardless of the "public safety need", or any other "safety" design; our rights are not to be violated. I personally feel that democrats are a direct and present danger to our freedoms and safety, as manifested by the crime sprees in the democratic controlled towns, cities and states. Given that, and with the current trend, we should wall off and isolate those democratic controlled areas until the madness is under control. There is no difference in this and the mask idea. Better yet, as we saw once in our history, let the sane states leave the union and form a more perfect union, governed by the original constitution and bill of rights; and let us see who survives. I choose to wear a mask, but not for virus reasons; I don't want to breathe the air that was in contact with a liberal marxist. There is just too much risk of being infected with their stupidity.


It’s all part of the PLANDEMIC. Barack Obama and the rest of the secret Muslims are coming to Morehead to see if you are complying with their sharia law! They will be using their 5G scanners! I told my Dr the other day before outpatient surgery: take off your mask and feel the freedom! Antifa is riding to town to start another pedophile ring in the bottom of the Pizza Hut! We won’t be masked! Sheeple stand up and cough!


The United States needs to pull out of Chicago, Seattle, Baltimore and all like cesspools. It’s federal $$ that keeps them afloat anyways. As a taxpayer, I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth.


And, the anti-Americans running those cesspools are about as pro-American as the Communist Chinese Party.


I agree Sleepwalker. My son lives in Chicago and says the black on black crime is unbelievable. I say let them go at it.


Ship a truckload of cheap guns and ammo to the democrat cities, wall them off, and let them kill themselves off. Problem solved.

why not

Right on mpjeep.


Was that what BO & Holder were up to in Fast & Furious but the delivery man went in the wrong direction? The next-of-kin in that little scandal & Benghazi will never get the truth from the lying cowards.


I just want to know why, with all the evidence that is reported in hand, that Hillary has not been arrested and jailed yet? What about the rest of that clan? It doesn't make sense; any more than this rioting insanity that is being allowed.

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