Newport, N.C.

July 24, 2019


While waiting to find out the future of our MaST program we have spent these last few hectic weeks hearing pros and cons, support and dissent, and most disturbingly, the passing of the buck between our Board of Commissioners and Board of Education.

While the supporters and opponents have been heard and continue to talk it needs to be pointed out that at no point have any of our elected officials, neither commissioners nor the BOE, come forward publicly to express support for the students, and neither have any made attempts to calm tempers or feelings.

We’ve witnessed our BOE pursue its self-serving agenda (namely Mr. Day’s vendetta against MaST that was made clear well before the school even opened) as well as our commissioners behavior with Mr. Robinson’s childishness last week turning his back on a speaker, and Mr. Mansfield recently accusing Carteret Community College of fraudulent accounting practices as well as reversing himself and saying they would indeed fund the school so long as it was a strictly trade school.

And to top it off, when I contacted Rep. McElraft concerning what many view as corruption involving taxpayer’s monies even she expressed no willingness to concern herself with “local politics.”

These officials are obligated to serve and act in the interest of their constituents and not just serve, or work in fear of, any political power, prominent family, or any special interest. Nor are they elected to carry out any personal agenda. These officials work for the voters and taxpayers and carry absolutely no authority or entitlement other than what we grant them.

But as voters we all seek that one who will stand out and actually exercise leadership, someone we can view as an example for others to follow. We don’t have that here. In fact, my greatest takeaway in this matter is that here in Carteret County it’s still just business as usual with no one looking out for anyone beyond themselves and their agendas. Thankfully we have had citizens willing to act — to stand up and speak out for each other and our children. No one else has or will. Remember that in the voting booth.



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"All politics are local"? Not exactly. Our county and state by most measures seem to be doing pretty good overall whether some agree or not. Nationally, it's a much different story. We have Speaker who claims our president is a traitor and is committing treason or at least uses words that effect yet she doesn't want impeachment him. All politics aren't local.


Some 61,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border since Oct and there is no crisis? Where have our leaders gone? None exist in the D Party that's for sure.

David Collins

The leaders that y’all voted in are still there . Just because some do not like their decisions will not make them go away .


Well, tbh, we could swap them for these folks? [ ] How about that?


I contacted Pat McGraft about a minor issue. Her response told me that she is lazy and will as the state party leaders tell her. Remember that she and the senator Col. Sanderson did just that to add tolls to the local ferries, until they actually looked at what they were told to do. Our leaders don't care about anything but their position in Raleigh. I reckon we could elect a dead dog and get no worse representation.


At least you got a response,lol, Bertie lovers and staffers are still looking for their 'living wage'!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahha (so he cut their hours, what a joke) Alot of them also got a pink slip! [beam]

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