Beaufort, N.C.

Jan. 8, 2021


On Wednesday January 6, 2021, the Republicans, led by the head of their party, Donald J. Trump, in a desperate move to hold onto power, attempted the armed overthrow of the government of the United States of America. Mr. Trump summoned the Republican militia to the lawn of the White House Wednesday morning, fired them up with a speech filled with lies and told them to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capital Building and “take back our country.”

Any coup has to have conspirators on the inside and this coup was no exception—at least 140 Republican Representatives and 12 Republican Senators repeated Mr. Trump’s lies and created a false narrative, twisting the Constitution into justification for armed insurrection.

In ancient times, plotters arranged to have the palace guard weakened and infiltrated with sympathizers so the mob meets little resistance when they rush up the palace steps and when the king calls for reinforcements, his cries go unheard and no reinforcements show up.

Wednesday’s insurrection was no different—a small number of Capital Police were on duty, they were spread way too thin, their barriers were flimsy and so the guards were quickly overrun. When the Speaker of the House and the Senate Minority Leader called for reinforcements, Mr. Trump and his Republican appointees at the Pentagon refused to permit the National Guard to immediately mobilize and put down the insurrection.

The Republican Party is gone. What’s left of it is a band of traitors. For many of you, the Republican Party left you, you didn’t leave it. Nevertheless, you’re now a man without a party. Renounce your affiliation with the Republican Party. Denounce Donald R. Trump. Repent, ask for forgiveness and swear an oath to defend the Constitution and swear allegiance to the United States of America.


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