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Nov. 1, 2021


Seems parents are up in arms, suddenly, about what their kids are being taught in public schools. The mindset that “parents should control what our kids are taught in school because they are our kids” seems to be evolving pretty quickly.

The school narrative didn't change overnight. Where was parental involvement throughout the years when the schools were moving toward liberal indoctrination of our kids?

How many school board meetings have those parents attended to voice their opinions? On Critical Race Theory? On homosexuality and transgenderism? On mask mandates? On the way math should be taught (“new” math vs. “old” math).

How many parents research, really research, the people seeking seats on the local Board of Education, and where they stand on important issues? Will these people blindly follow liberal politics, or will they take a more conservative stand?

How many of your school board members can you name? Schools have a responsibility, no doubt about it. So do parents. Our government recognizes the power that involved parents can wield: that’s why they’ve recently involved the FBI in ferreting out “domestic terrorists” disguised as concerned parents who attend school board meetings.


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Although I agree with the author…it’s very hard to predict what an elected person is going to do once they’re seated. It’s a best guess for sure.


The purpose of public schools is not to teach children what YOU want them to know, but to teach children what SOCIETY needs them to know… are certainly free to homeschool. Look at the Amish if you need inspiration….

David Collins

The slow relentless creep of unbridled liberalism has been oozing into the fabric of our education system for decades . Nothing new , just become more obvious .

Where have the parents been ? Must remember that most parents of child bearing age are victims of this same creep during their school years as well . Have faith in us for we know what is best and all that . It worked . Complacency set in , big time . Any who dared to object were relegated to the land of the deplorable ones . Just trouble makers .

Where we go from here is questionable .


I’m gonna venture to say that both parents have been working full time with little to show for it.


That was an interesting article, and factually correct. Other points that play into the serious decline in the quality of life is the notion that you need/deserve to have it all, therefore both parents must work. That then entails daycare, a second car and associated costs. If you dont know what daycare costs it is quite shocking. fully half of that second income goes to the basics of having the job. Both parents working. providing you with 1.5 incomes at the cost of neither parent seeing your kids except perhaps 3 hrs out of 24.

No solutions, just observations.


 "Recently involved the FBI in ferreting out “domestic terrorists” disguised as concerned parents who attend school board meetings." Name one domestic terrorist that attended any school board meeting. Just one.. If any of these meetings were transparent , and operated under Roberts Rules of Order. so that two way communication were possible. Do not blame parents for your failures. Publish the text of your meriting minutes as well as all e-mails. As well as the text of CRITICAL RACE THEORY.

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I definitely agree parents should be involved in their children's lives, education, and moral development. The idea that the fbi is going after "concerned parents" at school board meetings is pure propaganda. Do sane ppl shriek and rant that masks are the work of the devil? Vaccines are the mark of the beast?

Ppl who threaten violence to school board members need to be put in check, jail is fine too. Our own lt. gov is fanning the flames as hard as he can for his own political agenda. Some folks seem very susceptible to hysteria. Have you seen some of the school board meetings? Video is available.


Or you might be fortunate enough to be in a system like Loudon Co. So, here you and your kids are in the 21st Century when everything in public schools handed/forced down is nothing but "education".


Do you mean Loudoun County, Virginia? My husband and I own a home there and our experience is that many of parents of the school children there are forward thinking and not conspiracy theory driven. Only the opinion news stations, like Fox, want you to think that.


You must have missed it.


Btw, do you think what has been happening there had anything to do with Youngkin winning in a blue state especially in deep blue Northern Va.? Maybe I missed something. If I did I just hope folks nationwide wake up like they seem to have in Va.


Oh, let's not forget the Lt Gov and the Atty Gen wins that evidently Leftist "news source" seem to not recognize. You did run across it somewhere by now right?

David Collins

Nothing conspiracy driven about it . That is what these enlightened folks were taught , what they now preach and what they now teach .

Have to dwell on the past , not what progress has been made and was still being made before the poor , poor pitiful me for profit movement was launched .

Really need to get out of the US and then you WILL see what oppressive , yes slavery , really is . Upon returning you will kiss the ground in thanks for your good fortune . Hopefully your give it away attitude will be changed .


The premise of this letter was to get parents involved in the educational process of their children. I agree that the education of children needs improving. That responsibility entails more than "liberal" and "conservative" talking points. Children seem to understand far better than their parents that there are different points of view and that learning comes from understanding and factual information, not condemnation or bias based on fear and ignorance.

First and foremost I am an American and know how fortunate I am to live here. I have lived overseas. I have friends and family that live all over the globe and am well aware of what is taking place on this planet. Sitting back and trying to demonize those who don't agree with you, well that is not what Jesus would do.


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