Morehead City, N.C.

July 8, 2021


Voters of Carteret County, it is time to make a major decision and it is your call. YOU CAN CLEAN HOUSE BY FIRING ALL CURRENT POLITICIANS THAT HAVE BEEN IN OFFICE FOR MORE THAN TWO (2) TERMS or you can continue to allow them to tell you more lies, more promises, spend taxpayer monies like it is their personal money since they are no longer held accountable.

Atlantic Beach and Morehead City politicians have new Town Hall buildings in process of being built. Egos are the main culprit that caused this to happen as the honchos want a “Big Plaque on the wall confirming that they are the Official Officials that cause this to happen by their names being on the sign confirming the magnificent Executives for their legacy to live on in time.

Please remember the recent turmoil regarding the building project on Hwy 24 behind Walmart and Spooners Creek where Starling Marin Company in cahoots with a prominent family whose husband’s name was never mentioned due to his position as a pastor of a local church in which the surrounding subdivisions had a petition circulated and signed with 600+ names of homeowners against this intrusion of Starling Marine and a rest home in their area.

The Morehead City politicians as usual said to hell with 600 voters and showed them no courtesy, interest or concern to keep their neighborhood the way the way they wanted it with minimum traffic and noise. Just a personal thought, the rest home may never see daylight as it could have been an item being used to change the main topic.

With the coming retirement of current Chief of Police Bernette Morris, this same ego led politicians now want to spend $25,000 to fund a national search for the new chief of police.

I ask them how they can be so stupid to do this, because if they own a business, they will not spend this money to fund a project for their business under any circumstances.

I also ask them to remember when they hired former Chiefs Sammy Turner, Wrenn Johnson, Bernette Morris, why then do you now want to waste $25,000 to look for someone from elsewhere when you have several qualified Morehead City officers that can step up and become chief of police, that know the people in the department, city and citizens? This $25,000 can be spent on more pay for our officers that know we the people of Morehead City.

The Mayor of Morehead City, Jerry Jones has been in this position for a total of 22 YEARS AND 4 MORE YEARS WILL GIVE HIM 26 YEARS IN OFFICE. Another Joe Biden with about the same record of accomplishment of doing nothing.

George Ballou has held a position for 16 years on the board and always votes the way the wind blows. Keri McCann when she first ran for office 4 years ago, she promised to make a difference and she fell in with the” Good Ole Boys and do what they say.” Business as usual and while in office she has built a big bar on the waterfront and evidently gets everything she requests while others get nothing but problems in Morehead City when wanting to start or upgrade a business.

People, it is time to clean house in politics, get new candidates, new ideas, new visions and with people that have morals, conscience, and will listen to all taxpayers, not people with money that can force their wants on weak politicians that will not stand up for the majority.


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the secret life of man

Here Hear I'm with you all the way.Your observation is right on.


I would like to see an overhaul of the Atlantic Beach town council members and mayor, but it’s almost impossible to change their minds, much less change members in a tiny town.

When you live in a small community with a population of approximately 1,800, you are tied into the good ol’ boy network, even with the folks that don’t run for office.

Yep, the council holds meetings open to constituents, but local input is given very little consideration when decisions are finally passed.

In the past, we didn’t have enough new candidates on the ballot to make much of a change, possibly because not enough folks wanted to be elected. And maybe the good ol’ boy network is just inevitable in a small community.


"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely..."

Sir John Dalberg-Acton


Sadly, no one actually wants to run for office. People complain and blame politicians but no one wants to put in the time and energy to run for office and try and make a difference. That’s the sad part.


I would be happy to run if I thought I had a chance in heck of winning. what about Liz Ponder? She seems to have similar values as we do. There's a lot of costs coming down the road that we residents will be asked to shoulder due to the choices that are being made by the current government here. From costs involved w/subsidizing low paying tourism jobs to the additional crime costs from additional tourism and then of course, we will be paying more, yet still expected to pay for parking & subsidize those pet projects in one way or another.


Vern! Dude! Take a few deep breaths, man. Maybe a valium or two for that matter. Hey! I have an idea! It just came to me out of the blue. Why don't you run for office! Show us how it's done!

David Collins

The sad part is that anyone who throws their hat into the ring these days is brutally scrutinized by the opposition . Every thing that one has done or said or implied from the cradle to the present is gone over with a relentless magnifying glass and heaven help you if back in grade school you said something questionable or even passed gas in the lunchroom . An extreme example of course but hopefully you’ll get the point for we just got through living it . One has to have a certain pedigree , so to speak , and that is not always good .

Feel froggy , go for it . One never knows but a thick skin is a plus .

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