Morehead City, N.C

Sept. 9, 2020


This information is from the Washington Examiner:

Data from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the Election Administration and Voting surveys for both the 2016 and 2018 elections show that 16.4 million ballots sent to registered voters by mail went missing.

In the 2018 election, about 42.4 million were mailed to registered voters. Of those mailed, more than 1 million were undeliverable, more than 430,000 were rejected and nearly 10.5 million went missing.

“Putting the election in the hands of the United States Postal System would be a catastrophe,” stated J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

I’m stating all this information because in Sunday’s paper on September 6, Board of Elections Director, Catilin Sabadish, stated that President Trump, when he was in Wilmington, N.C., on September 2, told people to attempt to vote twice. What he really said was “follow your ballot.” This is because of the potential of your ballot getting “lost.” Sounds like more time involved, but the suggested that if you vote by mail and want to be sure your vote got counter, go to your polling place to vote. If your vote by mail was counter, the poll worker will tell you that your vote was already cast and you may not vote twice. But, if they allow you to vote, then apparently your mail in ballot is missing! It’s a safety net to avoid fraud. Let’s not be confused because of information that is being reported that’s not correct or neglects to give the reason WHY something was said.

I will solve my doubt by early voting in person. The designated early voting locations are definitely not as crowded as they will be on November 3rd. So wear a mask, vote early in person and have some peace of mind about this election.


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Time for a little common sense here. Would you mail a hundred dollar bill and write on the outside of the envelop “$100 inside?” No way! I paid extra to track a letter to Florida. When the letter did not arrive I went to post office. They could not tell me where it went. Said sometimes they forget to scan or equipment is down. In short, they could not track it out of town much less to Fla.


I make a motion that we go to Electronic Voting, from the comfort of our homes.

I manage my mutual fund, 401k, pension plan, SS, checking and savings account online. I pay all my bills online, including IRS tax payments, and only write about 6 checks a year.

Two-step verification helps with safety and my cell phone has thumb fingerprint verification. You can also get an e-receipt confirming your voting records.

I know you are asking about Hackers. But hackers can get into computer systems at voting precincts as well.

Just download the ballot form and send it back. Someone in this country is surely smart enough to make this happen and safely.

Just a thought for NC, Cooper, Forest and Tillis.


Whoooa beacon...did you just play the “common sense” card? Although i agree with you wholeheartedly...That card is not in their deck


I second that motion mpjeep.


It's a sham to start with. Yes i vote however the general public has no say so in the presidential election!! Trump won last year all the while losing the popular vote. The electoral vote decides the winner and always has.


Fedup...if we switched to the popular vote...California, New York, Texas and maybe a couple of other states would determine the president. Probably wouldn’t even waste money on advertising money on us.


I guess fedup is correct! By popular vote, by direct democracy, North Carolinians decided to require voter ID. Governor LeRoy claims this outcome was undemocratic. What?

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