Swansboro, N.C.

Jan. 27, 2023


As the Peletier commissioners consider nominees for a replacement commissioner, there are questions that should be considered during the nomination and voting process.

- Does the nominee have any connections to current or former Carteret County Commissioners?

- Does the nominee own a business that could potentially benefit from their position and voting decisions?

- Will the nominee prioritize serving the town and its citizens over personal gain?

- Will the nominee approach decision-making with independent thinking and critical questioning, or simply align with the group?

Leadership that prioritizes the well-being and progress of Peletier over personal gain is crucial for the town’s future, not only for the residents, but also for the local businesses.

In addition, it is important for Peletier leaders to strike a balance between promoting development and protecting the community and its residents. Proposals should be carefully reviewed and their potential impact on the community considered before any decisions are made.

The long-term effects on the town’s economy and residents should also be taken into account. Guided growth that prevents overdevelopment of RV parks and storage units will help maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the community.

Mayor Sowers, as you have been the mayor for over 10 years, what steps are you taking to ensure Peletier flourishes? What plans do you have in place to proactively plan for the town’s future? What is your vision for Peletier’s development?

Are the creation and updating of ordinances and plans for future development on the horizon? A new plan should aim to create a safe and charming corridor that appeals to visitors and supports local businesses. Residents hope that Peletier leaders will work toward solutions that benefit the local community. Everyone living in proximity to Highway 58 will be closely monitoring developments in the near future to observe how Peletier's leadership handles the anticipated changes ahead.


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The Good Ol Boy system is how not why they were elected.

David Collins

You bet they remember why they were elected . Largely , it appears to be not for the folks in general . Just certain folks and charity starts at home . Don’t expect them to work for free , do you ? The term “clean hands” seldom applies and goes to the tippy top . Been that way as long as I can remember . Been told it is just human nature at play .

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