Morehead City, N.C.

June 5, 2019


Your June 5th front-page article on the shark attack at Fort Macon beach this past Sunday is sadly reminiscent of the movie “Jaws.”

First, the word “shark” is omitted in the headline. Second, Fort Macon superintendent Newman seems to downplay the vicious attack as an uncommon “incident” and merely a “shark bite,” whereas toward the end of the report on another page with the understated heading “Bite,” it becomes clear that the young girl lost a leg and sustained deep lacerations also in her pelvic and hand areas. (FOX News reports her grandmother as saying the girl lost some fingers and may require a hand transplant.)

Third, The N.C. Aquarium representative describes the attack as a “mistake” and a “rarity” and adds, “Don’t let this ruin your vacation” (again reminiscent of the town management in “Jaws”).

Perhaps worst of all, Mr. McBane urges swimmers to stay out of the water “during low-light conditions.” Hey, the shark attack occurred around noon on Sunday.

The News- Times is doing no favor to our beachgoers by downplaying the horrific nature of this attack by a likely bull shark in the middle of the day.


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David Collins

First of all, Censors, please hold off until I am finished. What I am going to say is indeed factual and documented. With that said, women of child bearing age have been attacked by sea creatures during their period of menstrual flow. Blood in the water is blood, no matter the source. Even frisky male porpoises have been known to make unwanted advances . That should be easily checked because an article about that was printed in Dive Training magazine. Not saying this is what happened, was not there but all things are indeed possible. Can’t be too cautious when in an unfamiliar environment.


Your "facts" are undocumented and they are dead wrong. Menstrual women are not more (or less) likely to be attacked by sharks than any other humans. It has been proven numerous times that sharks are not attracted to human blood. Your “facts†is a hoax/myth.

Bill Price

TV and Movies show Sharks and other Wild Animals as your Friendly Buddies. Children and adults should be reminded that Sharks, Bears, Wolves etc. are wild , Dangerous, and they may try to eat you ..... Don't try to pet them. BP


I say don't report at all. Let the (tourists) take their chances. The sharks need to eat as well. We intrude in their environment, and wonder when one is attacked. Remember, the ocean is not a controlled environment. Please folks, the ocean is not a theme park.

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David Collins

Really, OO, why don't you tell that to those that survived the sinking of the Indianapolis ? Nice try.

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Sharks don't care about human blood. It is a hoax/myth. It has been proven so many times. It is incredible that there still are people who believe that sharks are going after human blood. You won't find a single credible experiment with sharks, including the great white, showing even the slightest interest in human blood. Maybe this video can get your head out of the myth:

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