Newport, N.C.

Feb. 10, 2021


Well, I guess I will have to find another syrup to use on my pancakes. Having used Aunt Jemima for eight decades, I will be darned if I now have to remember some stupid lame name like Pearl River Mining Company or whatever the heck it has been renamed to.

Also, no longer need to watch women's sports, as they will all be dominated by made over males, that apparently have decided they can't win in the men's sports arena, so like Democrats in the last election, why not change things to steal their way to the top.

Then there is the fact that neither I, nor my family was able to send me to college, so I found a good job anyway, by going to specialty classes over time. So with my being responsible, knowing what I could afford or not, now Democrats want me to pay my taxes to pay for totally irresponsible ignorants, to go to colleges they could not afford. There are plenty of good paying jobs that do not require a college education, but the elitists in DC that have been there their entire life, sucking up government salaries and pensions, are trying to force everyone to be college educated.

Oh, at least there were good paying non-college jobs out there, but as Biden and company continually eliminate them, there will be less and less.


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I feel your frustration, Coastal Guy. Democrats have been drifting toward psychosis for years and now with senile Biden at the helm, they have arrived.

Transgenderism, with the idea that a man can become a woman, is so absurd. But, under Biden, transgenderism is now the new front of inclusion and will only destroy women’s sports.

Men and women are different and that’s a scientific fact. It’s impossible to know what being of another gender is like. Without taste, smell, or sight you can’t know what peach cobbler tastes like or what a rose smells like, or what a sunset looks like. You couldn’t do any of those things effectively because there is no frame of reference to use. The same goes for gender.

The inmates are running the asylum, I mean DC.


It is never to late to get that education.


Welcome to the Carteret County News Times! [beam]


Does it really matter that much though?

I just don’t see the point in wasting time being angry about:

1. The name of syrup

2. How someone else chooses to live their life that doesn’t affect you

3. How the job market works for a new generation in a far more automated society

Let’s use this energy for compassion and learning instead.


I guess there are good reasons to forgive student debt, but there is the other side of the coin as well.

The biggest issue for many is that it’s not “fair”. But whoever said life would be fair?

And forgiving student debt doesn’t help educate the future population, but only provides benefits to those who already have an education.

Making education more affordable seems like a better alternative to me. I’m a big proponent of Community Colleges and their pricing is fairly reasonable.

sick and tired

I was watching a few videos from campus reform. The kids were all for student debt to be forgiven. But when asked how much of their money would they be willing to give to the kid standing beside them they sang a different tune EXCEPT for the ones whose parents were paying for their tuition. Those were fine with it. They also asked them the same question about grades these kids got down right offended. They worked hard and earned their grades and it wasn't fair to give it to some one else. YET I should have to give the money I worked hard for to pay for their college.

David Collins

Welcome to the entitled generation . Yup , elections have consequences you have yet to even consider .


You must be doing pretty well if what somebody calls their syrup is all you have to worry about. I don't know if I'd quit eating it though if it helped to keep me alive for 8 decades so far.


The syrup is quite delicious, not sure the picture or the name on the bottle makes much difference. Now I'm thinking pancakes and bacon for supper!


If anyone bothered to read the story/history of Aunt Jemima, they would appreciate her face on the bottle, as her family does. Impressive lady!


What has happened is that we have learned a few things since products were placed on the market. So, if a company wants to update to reflect that change, that is a good thing. Would not hurt if individuals did the same.

K. Jack Schidt

Bless your heart!

David Collins

All this about the label on a syrup bottle ! What is next , the KFC box depicting an antebellum colonel ? Some things just do not matter and these are some of them . By the way , who in the heck was Bojangles ? Wasn’t he a dancer of some type ? Gotta be some racism buried in there .


Bill Robinson, nicknamed Bojangles (born Luther Robinson; May 25, 1878 – November 25, 1949) was an American tap dancer, actor, and singer, the best known and the most highly paid Black American entertainer in America during the first half of the 20th century.[1][2] His long career mirrored changes in American entertainment tastes and technology. His career began in the age of minstrel shows and moved to vaudeville, Broadway theatre, the recording industry, Hollywood films, radio, and television.

Despite being the highest-paid Black performer of the time, Robinson died penniless in 1949, his funeral paid for by longtime friend Ed Sullivan. In 1989, Congress designated Robinson's birthday of May 25 as National Tap Dance Day.

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