Atlantic Beach, N.C.

Jan. 13, 2021


You could make a case for Trump and other conservatives helping incite folks in DC, but what about double standards - Democrats have been endorsing violence throughout the Trump administration and now call foul when they taste their own medicine.

Kamala Harris, VP-elect, said, BLM protesters should not let up, this is a movement, I’m telling you, they’re not going to stop and they should not stop, so everyone beware.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, said, of BLM protestors, if you see anybody from the White House Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA said, of BLM protestors, I just don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. You have to be ready to take a punch and you have to be ready to throw a punch.

Ayanna Pressley, D-MA, said of the BLM protests, there needs to be unrest in the streets.

Senator Cory Booker, D-NJ urged people to answer a call to action to protest at the Capitol. Please get up in the face of some Congresspeople.

Hillary Clinton said civility was only an option if the Democrats controlled the legislative branch.

Eric Holder, Ex AG, encouraged a group of liberal activists to fight back. When they go low, we kick them.

Senator Jon Tester, D-MT encouraged people to punch Trump in the face.

Ted Cruz, R-TX said we shall defend our constitution and we will not go quietly into the night.

Senator Josh Hawley, R-MO, first senator to object to Joe Biden’s Electoral College win and acknowledged the Capitol protesters with a fist pump in the air.

Rudy Giuliani, Ex Trump Lawyer, told protesters Let’s have a trial by combat.

Trump of course said many things like, Proud Boys: stand back and stand by. Big protest in DC on Jan 6th, be there, it will be wild. And of course whipping up the DC protesters saying we’re going to walk down to the Capitol, we will never concede defeat and if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.

And don’t get me started on athletes and actors that promote violence, from Colin Kapernick to Lebron James to Ryan Reynolds to Robert De Niro and on and on.

I think a case could be made that all of these folks played some part in inciting America.

MIKE PFAFF (mpjeep)

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A) two wrongs do not make a right.

B) protest is a lawful protected activity, you refuse to deriferentiate between riot and protest.

C) sacking the capitol while congress is in session, is orders of magnatitude worse then pulling down statues, breaking windows etc.

Deflections and what about isms are never going to justify or mitigate the events of 6 jan 2021.

Trump, worst president in 230 years.

David Collins

Bravo , Mike . Truer words are seldom spoken , or allowed to be heard these days . Bravo too , to the NT for not censoring .

Now the question is , what can realistically be done to remove the firebrand bad actors from their present positions in congress ?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Again you are trying to compare a rotten apple to. Rotten orange.

Sure there are rotten fruits in each basket.

But one had mold placed in the basket by the hand of another (Trump)

The other basket grew mold organically thru time.

There is a difference in those people above answering questions about the BLM movement and being the one starting the movement.

BLM started in 2013,was peaceful and still is peaceful 99% of the time. Right wing media smeared the message when a football player took a knee at a football game. One could say Trump gaslighted that peaceful protest when he said the NFL should ban these players from using their rights.

The “Stop the Steal “ movement started over the summer when Donald Trump started falsely claiming the only way he would lose the election is if it’s stolen from him.

The petty comparison of BLM riots to Trump’s Stop the steal riots are laughable at best and prove the fact that Trump’s biggest defenders are tone deaf to the real social issues in our country.

You all need to realize nobody is taking your pie from you.

I will ask again, why are we so mad? What has been taken from us?

It was just 90 days ago flags were on boats and everybody was saying how great America is.

So now we gottta take the country back?

From what?

What has changed?

You rally support Trump calling for an uprising?

Against what?


Why not restore the Rule of Law and restrict all government to the powers vested to them by the Constitution. Omnibus legislation is disgusting. Media are childish. For example the right to due process that is specifically guaranteed to the accused. If it takes a protest then so be it. It takes two to fight. Are you aware of the third world palace coup led by the Hilton's?


You have a short memory if you don't recall any killings by the BLM /Antifa rioters. Yes, there is a difference in that Leftist-run cities not only didn't oppose the rioting they enabled it. The DC protests were known about in advance but some or a lot responsible not unlike the other leftists enabling cities & Congress people & their hires responsible for protecting the Capitol failed miserably if they even made a weak attempt to provide resources and a plan. Something very fishy. Birds of a feather maybe?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

No short memory, you guys just aren’t facing reality yet. Now it’s fishy? The only thing fishy is Trump and his massive election fraud claims, or his massive win that was stolen from him.


Supreme Court Judges Alito and Thomas agree with Trump. His win was not massive but still it was a win. What are you afraid of??


You can’t debate folks that have their own made-up set of facts.

Separate the terrorist from the main population. Stand up to the cancel culture. Make violence from both sides unacceptable.

At this point in time, Trump needs to leave quietly, but Pelosi must also resign from Congress. Her Hitler style of ruling, and blaming everything on conservatives, is unacceptable these days and will not improve our country.

With Trump and her gone, it could possibly go a long way to bringing the country back together.

Yes, Schumer and McConnell should go as well.


And now Pelosi is Hitler like.. wow does the ccp have any original thoughts, or is it all just quoting right wing pundits?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The biggest threat to your way of life right now?

Insurrection by white Jen and women. Stop and think about that for just a minute.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

That should read white men and women.

It’s sad that that is what we are fearing.

This is spoiled behavior plain and simple. Can Any if you show me some proof white men and women feel they should take up arms against the nation for any other reason than Trump has them believing the election was stolen?

Whatever fears these people have are being driven by Trump media and Trump.


To answer your question - this from a conservative columnist: “The white supremacy portion/cult of MAGA is nothing more than a bunch of disgruntled whites, egged and fueled on by Trump, who can’t accept the fact that between the year 2040 and 2050, whites will be the minority in the USA. The greatest threat to democracy is white supremacy. The greatest threat to white supremacy is democracy. “


Do you have a TV? Did you notice "Impeachments" that ignored the rule of law and due process. and mid night raids on homes with full blown assault hardware. Trump's Do Constitutional rights were violated and denied repeatedly. What they did to Trump they can do to anyone - including framing General Flynn and threatening his family. Planting a wire in the White house. Not my kind of people - my race is red for your record.


Agree with the author that both sides contribute. Whomever or whichever party is in the White House really doesn’t make a difference to the average person in eastern North Carolina. There have been 16 presidential elections in my lifetime. Republicans have won 8 times and Democrats have won 8 times. Will probably continue to go back and forth in the future. In 1960 the Dow Jones was 618. Been steadily increasing ever since, no matter the party or occupant of the White House. Life goes on.


Obviously you are not a small business man, or have not noticed the heavy hand from government that has crushed many small businesses- FOR NO VIOLATION OF ANY LAW!!!! AND IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS THAT HAVE HELPED NO ONE


Actually a self employed sole proprietor. Pay more taxes that Trump.


"You can’t debate folks that have their own made-up set of facts." Exactly. You got it, let it sink in. There are no facts to back up your claims. The facts support otherwise, but you guys are resistant. Your examples are trying to justify Trump and his behavior, and you are using anything do it. I think you guys forgot all the biblical dudes that supported violence and death. Plenty of them, along with the villains on Saturday morning cartoons. Trump is a one man show and if you think he cares about his fan club, just ask all those going to prison for him. And don't lie and say they were not true Trump followers. All evidence points otherwise. He has never been a good President and, thankfully, will NEVER be President again.


Trump is only a victim of apack of greed driven politicians who are afraid someone will disrupt the cash flow they enjoy r pedaling influence. Facts - the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell has amassed a net worth of 23 million dollars on a salary of $194,000.. Senator Burr was not as fortunate, he only raised $4 million and enjoyed the advantage of selling his stocks short on private information.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

While discussing who all played a part. Has the CCNT done a story on Trump’s election fraud yet?

Has this newspaper laid out the story Trump and Giuliani are pushing?

It took a bit but other GOP representatives are starting to catch on.

The districts the Trump admin targeted are heavily African American districts.

The racism lightbulb went off for some. Trump media is basically accusing 15 million African Americans of cheating.

Keep not understanding BLM, it’s in the name.


Trump raised the bar for a Guiness record for the longest running infomercial in media history - five years and counting. And he did it all by himself, and against legions of political, back-biting enemy s. Trump will return to slay more dragons and set a new record. DC is a bad place. Can't keep a good man down.

morehood city res

yes, then count your blessings you live in republican led county. plus the you have the beach to hang out at. seems like the good life to me. don't let the protesting get you down. relax a little.

David Collins

Here is one for you guys .

My young bride purchased an ALEXIA years back . She loves all things Apple , Amazon and the like . I have never been quite comfortable with an electronic spy in the house and disconnect it whenever she travels about the world . This time I did not and have been using it for entertainment because it is convenient . For the last week I have been trying to get it to play my favorite local talk radio station 96.3 . It continually tells me that conservative station is not available even though it has played that same station many times before . Is it me , has anyone else experienced this , am I going crazy ? This is a serious question so no smart a** replies please . Yeah , it is obvious where I am going with this .


Hey, David. I tried it on my laptop and all was problems.

My wife got an Alexa for Christmas two years ago and I wouldn't let her hook it up. Too risky as far as I'm concerned. May be a spy vehicle.

I don't even use Google....I use Bing.

Can't stop her from using Amazon or I would. We are Samsung folks, not Apple.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I’m not a big fan of those types of things either.

I definitely don’t like the idea of any of the talk stations being blocked.

You can personally call into any of those stations during local talk stations to take issue with any point made.

Now I don’t know what to say about Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin, those guys are flat out off the rails in Lala land.

Please let us know what you find out as to why Mrs Alexa is acting up.


Beware of the new Nest thermostat. It watches and can cut off your power. Not saying that it will, but it can.


Of course it's not you Dave, the evil geniuses at Apple programmed every device to ignore conservative radio stations across the world on their devices. The next upgrade will actually convert the DJ to speak kindly about #46 and tell tales about how wonderful Hillary actually is. It has nothing to do with your technical illiteracy and there is absolutely no paranoia on your part. None at all.

David Collins

Actually ALEXA is a Amazon product . Good try .

I can pick up that station on my I-Pad , I-Phone and stereo , no problem but Alexis is dumb as a brick . Just think it quite odd , the timing and all that . Now where did I put my tinfoil hat ?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Trump has 2 days to release his taxes, collect a check from Mexico, balance the budget, win trade wars, unveil his healthcare plan and bring all troops home.

Buckle up America, America is about the be great again.


Big brother isn't telling the world about what you are doing. You guys do it by freely posting on sites like this. If you are afraid of the bogeyman, get rid of your cell phone. It is the most dangerous instrument you own.


Actually, Google could be the worst thing we do, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

In 2000, Google used "Don't be Evil" as the first sentence of their code of conduct.

In 2004, it was in their prospectus for their IPO.

In 2015, they changed it to "Do the Right Thing," because I guess in their minds, evil is OK if you think the ends justify the means.

If you have to do evil to inflict your goals and ideology on others, it means you're doing the wrong thing.

PS…..I use Bing, not Google.


Sounds like Google may be God. They are both preaching the same thing. Bing is owned by Microsoft, aka, Bill Gates. Thought you guys thought he was the devil.

David Collins

You are correct , Justice , Big Brother is far to inept to do that . Now big tech is a totally different story . Big Tech is ruthlessly efficient , largely due to the willing help from the users that fell for the ruse that it is totally OK to open every aspect of their lives , when it comes to becoming the next Big Brother and all that comes with it .


Agreed. Constructive paranoia is a survival skill. The free nest thermostat can cut off your power if it chooses.


With lots of help JB stole 4 years to steal as much as he can for he and the family but he won't last that sonny boy better hurry.


NeR as ican tell the only thing stolen is trump supporters ability to reason and or think for themselves. Cue the ranting about hrc emails, and obamas birth in kenya, and the war on christmas.


Watching the covid-19 memorial live right now with our new president and vice-president. What an emotional and heart-felt dedication from two great leaders! With this being so awe-inspiring, I can only imagine how great the inauguration will be tomorrow, definitely worth DVRing for later views!


Was there anybody there besides the usual suspects?

David Collins

Covid memorial , is that a tribute to what China has done to the world . Somehow this is a good thing ?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Well while you are stuck on China, Biden admin figured out in 20 mins yesterday that the Federsl tool out of vaccine went as far as delivery, nothing past that.

Sad, no federal plan to get it out, just deliver it.

Now we know why States are slow getting vaccine out, they had no direction, just rules.

Another Trump leadership failure.

Trump was too busy planning how to steal an election he lost.


The memorial was to remember all those that died from a pandemic that should have been handled better. Remember that statement from #45 where it will be gone by Spring 2020? Poor leadership is costly.


Your crowd may have gotten you a vaccine in another year or two. Suppose to get mine in 2 days.

There needs to be a lawyer beside every coffin of each and every person listed as dying from the Chinese Communist Party Virus Coverup and no less than a 5 million dollar law suit filed for each individual against the CCP. Govt lawyers could make no better use of their time.

David Collins

What the heck is a “ Federsl tool “ ?

The feds job is to acquire and distribute to the states . The states job is to distribute it to the masses in an efficient and equitable way . If the feds attempted to take total control you would have heard screams of indignation from all manner of state politicians .The states are the ones that either got the job done or screwed it up . Our state totally screwed it up with no signs of that changing any time soon . Blame what and whom you wish . Blame the man on the moon if it makes you feel better , matters not a bit . It is what it is .

No one knew for sure how bad things would get . Many an “ expert “ proved to be wrong . We learn from our mistakes but sometimes I wonder if that is a truism any more . The only ones that had an inkling are our friends in China and they were not talking . They are also having a resurgence right now and are locking down whole cities . Lock down means just that in the people’s republic .

Get your heads out of your hind parts and learn what is really happening round the world . Pretty easy to do , all it takes is the inclination to do so .

Big Fat Drunk Republican

It’s a federal program, you just can’t admit Trump was not governing. Yes it was given to the states to distribute, and how were the states to distribute?

There was no plan for distribution once the states got them, and most importantly no money to help.

The whole here ya go, now get it out approach obviously didn’t work.

You realize that Trump’s entire Presidency was about obstruction and trying to prove central Gov doesn’t work.

You guys really don’t see it do you?

If Trump would have spent his time the last 3 months dealing with the virus and rolling out the vaccine instead of spending all his time and resources making up stories about stolen elections, we may not be having this discussion, the roll out would have had leadership.

All good, there are adults in charge now.

David Collins

Thank you for asking about Alexa . Still refuses to play 96.3 . Tried a reboot and she replied something about Amazon . Actually this is a bit comical while disconcerting at the same time . To be sure someone out there has one of these beasts in the house . If so try it and let me know .


To fix alexa



Enable propaganda

That should bring in the talk station clearly


No, pretty sure the world's pandemic problem is all Trumps fault.


Trump proved he could do many things at once with all he accomplished while going through the fires of Hades set by the previously so-called president in concert with a so-called VP with other .... setting by their side planning the destruction personally & professionally of the man who beat them and your heir apparent.... big time in possibly the last free and fair election this country will ever see. Some gall people who refuse to acknowledge the truth the past four years wrought by anti-American sick puppies. Comey's conscience must be getting to him suggesting that JB should pardon a real president. Yeah, anyone with an ounce of integrity saw who the real American patriot was and is after all. Keep your fraudulent president because you all deserve him.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

So , the adults are in charge now ? Yup , I can see that already , ha ha ha . Glad they are adults and can be held responsible for what they do as well as don’t do . Let the show begin .


Are we just going to ignore the fact that the former President of the United States on National television said to a fascist organization called the Proud Boys to, and I quote, "... stand back and stand by". They definitely stood by until the election results came in and stormed the Capitol to find "information" about the stolen election. They were being sore losers to the results. Everyone should just move on with daily life, make yourself better and strive for greatness. Try to move on.

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