Morehead City, N.C.

Jan16, 2021


While many in our nation are celebrating President Trump’s departure from the White House and reiterating his many faults, let’s not forget what the man did while in office. He withdrew the U.S. from at least one unprofitable peace accord. He reduced corporate taxes, thereby bringing American businesses back to America and rejuvenating the pre-COVID economy. He reduced individual taxes, putting more money in American pockets, which also stimulated the economy and increased tax revenues. He called out other NATO members for not paying their fair share. He restricted travel from China, and organized private businesses into a successful campaign to speed up the process of producing a vaccine for COVID-19, producing a vaccine in less than a year. He officially acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving the U.S. embassy to that city. He brokered two peace deals in the Middle East by refusing to acknowledge that no deal could be reached without the Palestinians.

 So, while you are celebrating Trump’s many faults and his political demise, remember what he has done for Americans.

 While I am not altogether sorry to see him go, I am very apprehensive about what the Biden-Harris administration has in store for our nation. I am afraid that my great-grandchildren will live in a Venezuelan type of socialism. Remember what Churchill said: Capitalism is the unequal sharing of wealth; socialism is the equal sharing of misery.


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