Emerald Isle, N.C.

June 23, 2020


As you are most likely aware, groups of leftist crazies have now taken control of a section of Seattle, WA that they have named CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest), which was previously called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone).

These so-called protestors have learned that being on the right side of the argument is not as important as being stronger and intimidating your opponent. Their encouragement to do so comes from the knowledge that Democrat city and state leaders will run from any altercation with such leftist groups due to the basic fact that they need their votes on Election Day in order to stay in office.

The mayor of Seattle has termed the take-over of a section of her city as “a block or street party.” This so-called street party is so far responsible for two shootings and one stabbing. I can only imagine that it will be up to the homeowners and business owners of this new nation, along with Seattle’s political leaders, to decide if they want to continue this party.

Who knows, if other homeowners and business owners in other Seattle districts agree, then maybe they can persuade their mayor to allow them to join the new nation of CHOP. Such an experiment will shine a brighter light on what liberal Democrat leadership can do to a city.

If you are happy with the inner-city developments in Seattle (CHOP), Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Minneapolis and Chicago (104 people were shot, 14 deaths this past Father’s Day weekend) over the last few years, vote for Joe Biden this November. President Biden will be but only a puppet for the far left fringe of the Democrat Party.


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As bizarre as this sounds the author is right. A far left turn in November may not be recoverable after four years of progressive changes. Longterm damage to our republic will be too much to overcome.


What is really bizarre is that somebody thinks we have had four years of "progressive change" under this president! Sentinel


Should the democrat party win in November, we are going to find our nation cease to exist as we knew it. Socialism will take over with government control of our lives, personal property will cease to exist, law and order will perish, individual rights will disappear. The same democrats who are calling for abolishment of police, will try to disarm citizens. Many will comply. Then, the antifa type terrorists will be able to dominate with their arms. Mayhem will ensue. Free speech will disappear, and forums like this will cease to exist. Crime will be rampant, murders and serious violent crime will be commonplace. If this should be your will, vote Democrat. You will get what you ask for.


If elected, Biden will be our first Alzheimers president. IT appears we must make every mistake.


On a day when the covid-19 death toll of Americans reaches almost 130,000 maybe you would rather talk about the fact that the past two administrations, one GOP and one Democrat, left details plans on how to confront a pandemic. But, I forgot, the current occupant of the White House does not read his daily briefing.

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