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May 12, 2022


A letter in the News-Times entitled “Hope glimmers for America” recently informed us of a survey (“The manifold effects of partisan media on viewers beliefs and attitudes”) done by two political scientists where they paid Fox News watchers to watch CNN during the month of September 2020. It was noted that after this period that these watchers changed their stance or views on many issues. The author also noted that: “imagine what a year of good quality information (CNN, etc.) could do for Fox watchers.”

Well, I tend to agree with the author in that if you can control the information the public receives by determining what news networks they can listen to, you will sooner or later control their views on or their responses to the important issues of the day. Communist governments have been using this tactic for decades to better control their citizens.

It’s my understanding that this survey attempted to convey the notion that we have partisan media that tend to only present information to viewers that support their Ideology. I would surely agree with this position and state that most news networks today are partisan to varying degrees, making it difficult for viewers to find the truth.

The survey argued “that the partisan media influences viewers through agenda setting, framing and partisan coverage filtering – selectively reporting information flattering to its ideological side.”

The survey also stated that “CNN and Fox News covered very different topics and information during the incentivized viewership period. Consistent with partisan coverage filtering, Fox News was far more likely to report facts favorable to the Republicans, while CNN was far more likely to do the same for the Democrats.” Yes, the survey indicated that both Fox News and CNN were both reluctant to provide viewers information that would be seen as contrasting to the networks’ political ideology. This information unfortunately was not included in the letter.

And, I would like to state that nowhere in the survey, unlike in the letter by the author, were Fox News watchers called “whacky, reactionary, conspiracy-believing, flag-wearing, internationally-televised embarrassments to the country.” I will assume these comments are just part of the normal regiment of name-calling that the far left levels at those with which they disagree.

Yes, it would indeed be wonderful if all news networks were to stick with the facts and produce fair and balanced reporting. If that had been the case, we would not have needed two Special Councils and spent millions of dollars to find out that the Steel Dossier was a fraud basically created by Clinton operatives and the DNC.

If I remember correctly, it was CNN that promoted the validity of the Steel Dossier and Russian collusion for months, and then told us that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter told us that lawyer Michael Avenatti had “star power” and that he “was seen as a serious contender for the 2020 Presidential election.” Mr. Avenatti is currently awaiting a pending 30-month federal sentence for his 2020 conviction for extorting Nike and another prison sentence to be determined on May 24th for defrauding a client.

I would see it as foolish for anyone to suggest that CNN is not a “partisan media” and that switching to CNN would provide only “good quality information.”


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David Collins

How about everyone watch what you wish , the reason for a station selector , read what you wish and believe what you wish . Then go about and have a nice day .


Good point David! The problem for those people it takes too much exertion to do that.


The point of the article was about immersion in one and only one media source. By watching CNN some viewers question what they saw on fox. The reverse is also true. The author states "will assume these comments are just part of the normal regiment of name-calling that the far left levels at those with which they disagree." What a perfect example of media induced imbalance. Does the author not see or hear the constant attacks from the right, or are those harsh words justified by the maga echo chamber?

Beleive half of what you see,and none of what your hear and you may know a sliver of the truth.

Doc Epoch

Excellent work Mr. Bach, always a pleasure to read. The greatest threat to Americans and their way of life are the RINO Warhawk Republicans and wacko Democrats who perpetually stab the people in the back, facilitate the mass looting of the public, and send their children off to forever wars…btw Greg Murphy NC-3 supported another $40billion for our proxy war in Ukraine….thanks Greg for thinking about the mil industry complex during these uncertain times...

This isn't a foreign country doing it to us. It's the dumb, smiling swamp creatures that control all forms of media pushing agendas for the good ole boys in DC to spend more of our tax dollars. Individual thinkers don’t need pundits on either side of the televised political spectrum to tell them what’s happening. Take a step back and see that Project Mockingbird has been extremely successful. We’ve been duped. Wake up, the government had you chanting I can't breathe during a respiratory virus plannedemic while wearing masks that make it hard to breathe.

Here we go again!

Hillary & Hunter always add credibility to any opinion or article.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Profit driven media is only trying to sell, sell, sell.

It’s unfortunate there are very few news sources that don’t put their agenda and sponsors first.

Scary propaganda seems to sell very well for both sides.

Am I the victim or the crime?


A book that explains the process is "Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman. Well worth the read.


Who, what, why, when, and where are still the necessary components for news. Seldom if ever get all in any coverage by any media. Why?????? Why is alwas omitted - Seems to be in our genes. Both CNN and Fox are preaching to their choir.

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