Snow Hill, N.C.

June 12, 2020


It’s been a rough month if you’re an old white man from the South. The rhetorical lash of racism has been unrelenting, pouring verbal brine into wounds opened during Southern Reconstruction. Caught in the crossfire between professional politicians and professional racists, “news organizations” continue cleansing Southern Culture with a fervor Goebbels and Chernow would be proud.

Noticeably most of the violence took place in New York, Detroit, Minnesota, Baltimore and New Jersey. Perhaps a Northern Cultural cleansing would end the stench of racism but there’s not much Northern Culture to cleanse: no Washington’s, Jefferson’s, Madison’s or Monroe’s. OK, Rocky Balboa and dubious Pocahontas. No flag or Tom Sawyers. No “ingratiating manners.”

There is Wall Street: the mother of income inequality and the privileged Ivy Leaguer class. No reparations for ancestors of indentured servitude because most died chained to the machines that generated millions for the obscenely rich robber baron class. Otherwise, there’s just not much Northern Culture to cleanse.

Cleansing Cultures will only serve Sol Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in destabilizing the representative Republic founded to unite divisive cultures. Cultural divisiveness will not end until professional racists and professional politicians have squeezed every vote and every dollar from the rhetoric generated in the elusive pursuit of social justice.


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David Collins

Most astute indeed . This brings forth a question . It is quite obvious that the tearing down of offensive statuary and the renaming of things is the flavor of the month or perhaps the season . What about the things that I find offensive ? Am I allowed to tear down any statue or memorial pertaining to MLK for example . Not that I would do that , mainly because I really don’t notice such things and frankly do not care . But , if I did , would I get the same free pass afforded these anarchists ? Just wondering out loud .


If there are two people involved, someone is going to be offended. Society usually lands on the side of the majority and their point of view dominates. In today's world, the minority's view seems dominant, so thus creating the shift that many humans are having difficulty understanding. This world no longer operates under the same rules and assumptions of the last 100 plus years. Whether this will be an improvement or prove detrimental will be determined in the next 100 plus years.

On the bright side. The rest of the animal/insect/plant kingdom lives on through perseverance and adaptation despite humans.


Dorrie, JFA, your comments are noted. Someone is going to be offended no matter what.


David, I wouldn't either but I'm afraid it's only a matter of time. People can only be pushed so far. I see retaliation in the future.


As an old person from the south, my prediction is one day in the probable not so distant future, the tide will turn. Some event will probably happen, bigger than anything happening now, to conserve the history of of our great country and it will be done safely, peacefully, responsibly and intelligently.


There will come a day when revenge will be exacted on white people for the perceived misdeeds of the past. It is only a matter of time. Current events clearly illustrate that fact.


Tear down all statues of Obama, MLK, and others. Fair is fair. OR are only some folks offense important?


I'm with you....take 'em all down. We can only be pushed so much.

David Collins

While This for that may be gratifying in the short term , all you will be doing is sinking down to their level . The best , IMO , is to identify , locate and prosecute these anarchists to the fullest extent of the law . For gosh sakes , there must be hours of videos taken and very little effort to disguise anyone’s identity . Need to strike while the opportunity exists , hit them really hard in the wallet , and appropriate prison time . They have financial backing , pays for bail and expenses , so relieve them of a heaping helping of it . They have the spare time so let them see the other side of the grey bar inn where Big Bubba lives . The word will get out fast and these cockroaches will retreat back to the cracks where they belong . At that point break out the insecticide and hunt them down . Sitting around twiddling the fingers and mashing teeth accomplishes nothing . Someone out there knows or recognizes some of these bad actors . They will tell on each other , they have no honor .


You keep saying that the professional radical racist are trying to cleans southern culture... Does anybody else not find that very ironic? The confederacy committed treason and murdered thousand of American soldiers. Its only anarchy when someone that doesn’t look like you stands up for what they believe in. Save the long drawn out BS about statues, and just say, I’m a racist and I’m mad because I can’t hide behind “it’s heritage” any longer...

David Collins

The truth is everybody is a bit of a racist . Nature’s way of preserving the species . Don’t have to hate and kill each other . Just respect . That’s all .


The truth is none of us living today had anything to do with the atrocities that happened during the Civil War era. Many, including the men who fought in the war, suffered needlessly. That was a time we did not experience. Because of that one fact, why is there so much turmoil and disruption in this country? Why should we be blamed? At the same time, this latest issue began with the murder of man who was already in handcuffs at the hands of a police officer. That same man had not been resisting. Police brutality of all races has gone on for years and it is finally being addressed. We- meaning all races living today - shouldn't be blamed or inflamed about our ancestor's behavior during the Civil War.


The Civil War was one of several wars this country has fought that was a useless tragedy. How many books have been written about those useless wars? One of my ancestors joined the Confederacy at the war's beginning. He later joined the NC Union Volunteers. He served under a Union captain who was a real bad fella even though at least some of his superiors liked his tactics. Like they say "war is h@ll". The captain couldn't leave that "h@ll" behind after the war & go back to a "normal" life. He continued his wartime dishonorable & bad behavior & was eventually kicked out of the Army. Long story short he met a very untimely death from a "posse" in the out West town where he was continuing his wartime-like dishonorable & bad behavior. Some of the people trying & actually creating havoc with their dishonorable & bad behavior in the current "refighting of that long ago useless war" are h@ll bent on starting another useless war. They are NOT good people & they are NOT good students of history.

David Collins

This is off topic but , I believe relevant , with the uproar concerning social justice .

The Supreme Court overthrew the attempt to restrict abortions in Louisiana , I believe . While I am not a fan of abortions , I do see the use of it . We have gracious plenty of unloved and abused children these days and do not need any more . Those women , not men but that may change with the constant gene fiddling that we seem to love to do , that wish to terminate their pregnancy should be allowed to do just that . Freedom of choice based on a unique situation and all that . Now , the use of public funds should not be in play here . After all , the woman should bear some of the responsibility for her actions . That is the reason I have never objected to Planned Parenthood , even if I personally find the whole thing distasteful . Of course I have not walked a mile in their shoes either and probably will not . Giving birth to unwanted children is more socially disruptive , for lack of a better term , than aborting . In my opinion .

The morality of it all is between the woman and her God and should end there . Those that are morally outraged need to step up and adopt or zip thy lips . This thorny issue has festered way too long and consumed way too much time and treasure and fostered so much misery .

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