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Sept. 12, 2022


Say goodbye to being a parent if our progressive government continues to have its way. Yes, our government wants to own our kids.

Democrats want them as future dependent voters to expand their power base. Yep, kids will get lots of free stuff, but is anything free? Today's influence on young folks lies with public schools, social media, mainstream media, and the federal government.

Everyone I know wants to ensure that children have access to a quality education that will set them up for future success. The debate over how to best provide such opportunities has come to the forefront since the pandemic.

The position statement that public education was good enough for me, so it’s good enough for my kids or grandkids no longer passes muster. Charter and Private schools continue to see an increase in enrollment in 2022, while home-schooling is declining.

I didn’t realize that we need laws to give parents rights over their minor children, but…

Texas has introduced a bill that would expand parents’ access to course curricula and give them greater control over decisions about their children.

In April 2022, Georgia passed the Parents’ Bill of Rights law that ensures parents are allowed (1) to know what their children are learning in public schools and (2) to be involved in their children’s education.

Only 15 states in the nation protect parental rights. NC does not have a state statute that explicitly defines and protects parental rights as fundamental rights.

Governments at all levels have become involved in the private lives of families, dictating child-rearing standards and penalizing parents who do not follow or even question the rules. The government is trying to prevent parents' independent judgment regarding the best interests of their kids.

Local, state, and federal money on K-12 public education was $800 billion in 2021. Education is one of the essential budget items in every state, city, county, and town. Unions, associations, and lobbyists are also considered members of the educational system. Lobbyists and elected officials continue to politicize everything from school curricula to sports.

Indoctrination happens through many channels, speeches, and censorship, but its principal instrument of brainwashing is the school system. Teachers have a captive audience of pliable young minds.

After three months in office, Biden introduced a new program, the American Families Plan. Biden’s plan may seem kind and caring, but his plan raises a red flag that families are about to be seized by the government. Biden’s American Families Plan embraces the view that parents are inept and incapable of raising their children.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (I don’t trust Gates) fronted most of the money ($230 million) to develop and approve the Common Core State Standards (CCSC) used in most state schools since 2010 for academic standards and education policy. NC spent $66 million in taxpayer money training teachers in this standard.

Almost 70% of the states have dropped Common Core State Standards, stating standardization is not necessarily suitable for educational accountability. NC has kept this failed and flawed Standard framework in conjunction with the new Essential Standards.

Space limits a discussion on the federal partisan theatrical initiatives/laws like “No Child Left Behind,” “Race to the Top,” and “Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Gender identity, sexual orientation, and discussions with pictures of human genitals don’t belong in K-5. Let kids be kids, and keep their innocence for as long as possible.

The exploitation aimed at our children for political ends is perhaps the worst manipulation in this country.


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Common core was dropped because it was a disaster, teaching the test, not teaching the fundamentals to answer the questions, it also led to all manner of cheating scandals since fed. funding was based on test results.

meanwhile " indoctrination" the buzzword de jour, reality is most parents stop being able to correctly help with kids homework about 7th grade. While it is currently in vouge in some circles to rant about the curriculum, my experience has been many parents expect the school system to raise their children, freeing them for their own pursuits. Children need a balanced education,starting with a strong foundation of the 3 r's, and the ability to cope with life in 2022 and beyond. That includes being aware & tolerent of others who are different in some way. They do not need to be, nor benefit from being " indoctrinated" to pretend the yr is 1950 and only happy stable white folks with 2.5 children and a big yard in the suburbs exist.


The 'well-rounded education' should include a good grounding in civics and US government. The lack of this over the last several decades has led to such a state of ignorance that insurrection and 'Christian' nationalism now pass for 'patriotism.' Meanwhile ... back to watching re-runs of 'Leave It To Beaver' and 'Ozzie and Harriet' with a break now and again for Tucker Carlson to remind me of how terrible things are today.


I guess you are correct again, Ski.

Wake County Public Schools System's Equity Affairs office has been conducting training seminars on the "Social Justice Standards," intended to educate and activate students to advance a particular socialist/social democratic political ideology.

Ms. Melissa Wilson, a high school English teacher at Heritage High School in Wake Forest, NC, had her students take a Diversity Inventory that asked them to identify their sexual orientation, gender, religion, and socio-economic class.

Wilson told students to stand and read their inventory list. When the students expressed discomfort, the teacher told them it was alright because she used to be Catholic and is now a bi-sexual atheist.


The story you relate is mostly correct..this incident was in 2019 with a 10th grade honors English class. The students were not required to recite their list. But were uncomfortable being asked to stand near a poster that would reflect their sexuality

A parent complained. This survey was not part of the class curriculum. The teacher was ordered to stop and suspended for a week. It is unclear where she got the survey. I read articles from 9 different sources and only 1 said she told the class she was bisexuality, none said she was a lapsed catholic or atheist.

(Edited by staff.)


The accusation came during a meeting of the Chatham County NC School Board Sept 12. Ryne Smith says his daughter’s 8th grade class at Chatham Grove Elementary School was instructed to list their three favorite things. When she listed “art, basketball, and the Bible,” her teacher, Wes Lail, told her “God is not real,” according to Smith.


Well they edited my comment for some reason, so again.. what conclusion are we to draw from quoted isolated incidents? Does the exception make the rule? if liberal professors outnumber conservative ones 12 to 1 .. that suggests that perhaps one mind set is more drawn to teaching then the other. or a nefarious conspiracy to indoctrinate Americas youth. Horses or zebras?


Yep, Gates financed and approved the Common Core Standards for K-12 education.

President Obama, whose new administration was populated by former Gates Foundation staffers and associates, embraced and promoted the standard and in some circles, Common Core became known as “Obamacore.”

The Gates and the Obamas were parents of school-age children, although none of their children attend schools that use the Common Core standards.

The Gates Foundation gave more than $5 million to the University of North Carolina-affiliated Hunt Institute, led by the state’s former four-term Democratic governor, Jim Hunt, to advocate for the Common Core in statehouses around the country. The grant was the institute’s largest source of income in 2009, more than ten times the size of its next largest donation.


Gates has donated millions to many worthy endeavors. It was state govenors assn, and several education groups that put together common core. The goal was standardization, and to bring America's students grades up on par with international students. Not everything need be looked at with a jaundiced partisan lens.


With kids being indoctrinated by critical race theory and transgender ideology you better vote “R” every chance you get.

Don’t worry about their name, just look for Republican beside it. We must stop the threat to our kids and grandkids.


Crt and transgender , indoctrination and grooming, the fear mongering of the far right is surely effective on a minority of people. How about instead of trying to own the libs, and 7 hrs nightly of propaganda on Fox. We ( the gop) promote some actual policy ideas? Naw, that's complicated much easier to rule by executive action.( until the next admin comes in)


In 2002. “No Child Left Behind” was ratified into law. In 2010 “Common Core Standards” were approved into law.

In 2015, here comes Obama to the rescue with the “Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Our federal government continues to dummy down the grading system so test scores and drop-out rates look better and the government looks like heroes.

But wait: Our government wants to quit testing kids altogether because testing is “racist.”

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