Over the past few months, the Covid pandemic has changed the way all of us live our lives and the way we do business. Curbside pickup at restaurants and grocery stores has become more prevalent and many of us will continue to take advantage of this service for years to come. I wanted to take a moment to travel back in time a few months to point out the affect of a little forward-thinking vision.

In March, when social distancing rules began being put in place, many people were predicting a huge economic collapse and had a “hunker down” mentality. I remember noticing that during a time when many businesses were shut down and debating on reopening, our local Chick-fil-A in Morehead City started expanding. They were constructing a double lane drive-thru to help handle increased traffic. When businesses were allowed to reopen again, they were not only ready to resume, but they were better equipped to handle the new changes in customers needs. Seeing opportunity when others see despair has always been the American way and this was a local example of this type of thinking.

Several times in the past few weeks I have seen cars wrapped around the building and debated on whether to stop. Each time, I note the time my wheels enter their parking lot and the time I leave with my food. Each time, it has taken between 3 minutes and 4 1/2 minutes to get my food. I couldn’t begin to guess how many cars were in line each time, realizing there is a complete circle around the building before you even get into one of the drive-thru lanes. Even more amazing than the speed they serve you is the attitude that goes along with the service.

They have had a young person “directing traffic” and the young man was doing a little dance step while keeping things organized. It reminded me of a New York City traffic cop. Everybody has such a positive attitude it is a pleasure to spend a few minutes in my car watching it unfold.

I eat at many different establishments in Carteret County and this is not intended to criticize the others. But I did want to praise the ownership, management and employees of our Morehead City Chick-fil-A for showing us that even during a once in a lifetime pandemic, attitude is everything.

Grateful Consumer

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Yep. Those guys have a great business model...the left hates them...


Maybe the best way to praise management and employees is a letter to the Operator instead of a letter to the Editor.

McDonalds has 2 lanes for years. Nothing new here.

Cars are always wrapped around the building at Chick-fil-A. Great food and fast service. Attitude does go a long way for repeat business.

Chick-fil-A has always had a person out front helping with your order. Much better than talking into a speaker and fewer mistakes with order. This service has nothing to do with the pandemic, just an SOP.


I plan on celebrating the Biden/Harris landslide win by enjoying a delicious Chik-fil-a spicy chicken sandwich on Nov 4th. I figure all the regular customers will be home in deep depression so will cruise right up to the window to place my order with no wait!


You mean the Harris/Biden potential win.

Pelosi, and democrats, are looking into the 25th amendment so as congress can remove a sitting president for health issues.

Pelosi did say “this is not about President Trump, it’s about future presidents”.

What she didn’t say, and some speculate, Pelosi wants the 25th to be able to remove Biden from office due to his reduced mental capacity and replace him with Harris.


Wendy's has a better spicy chicken sandwich and fries.


Biden hasn't answered one hard question. I do recall he said he would do away with the Trump tax cuts which would affect everyone.

So while that plate is spinning he went on to say he would tax people making $400k or more. Let me get this straight, Biden won't answer questions on supreme court justices or loading the court, because it will change the narrative of the race?

If someone won't answer a question, it's because they know the audience won't like the answer.

So if you’re foolish enough to vote for Biden, don't complain when your taxes go up, your 401k goes down and jobs are lost.


Patrick Conneely, owner of Chick-fil-A in Morehead, is pushing for Carteret County residents to vote for the $42 million school board referendum and the sales tax increase referendum.

Mr Connely is a wealthy man.

I voted against both referendums when casting my ballot for Trump/Pence.

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