Gloucester, N.C.

Jan. 10, 2014


Here is a list of items I don’t believe were or are covered in the “restrictions/ordinance” for the county or the town of Newport that I believe need serious consideration should they decide not to vote “NO” they’re not welcome in our county.

No fire department along the coast, much less our county, has equipment that would be necessary to fight any fire on an industrial wind turbine 500 feet in the air. With our strong winds, and often dry surroundings, (droughts), sparks could be blown to residences, businesses, forest areas, etc., causing great injuries and well as serious damages. The owners should be required to provide necessary equipment to fight a fire on a turbine.

I’ve read nothing regarding a time frame whereby a turbine would be inactive or any specific time frame that would require it being removed from the land. We cannot allow them to just sit on the turbine farm idle for years. A time frame needs to be set for the removal of any equipment that isn’t operating, regardless of the reason. A bond should be required covering the removal of any structure (turbines or buildings).

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to require a $100,000 security deposit for each erected turbine, not to mention a considerable deposit for removal of any solar farm.

The tax assessor should be required to provide the public the total number of residences and businesses within two miles of the farm in any direction. This will give us a clear idea of the total number that could be highly affected. This can be easily produced from tax maps and parcel numbers. Once this list is established, each parcel number owner should be notified of what they are trying to do as some may not be aware.

The public needs to be provided a number that it can expect in its electric bill increase as a result of Duke/Progress Energy or any power company buying power from the wind farm owner. We deserve to know what to expect and whom it will effect. We should know the number of individuals and business the farm will provide power to, as well as the percentage of increase in rates. The planning commissioners should determine the exact amount of increase expected from any power company servicing the areas that would be effected.

We need the average number of prisoners at the Newport Prison and the average time they are in the prison, along with a count of guards and employees at the prison that could be effected. We also need the number of students and personnel in any school within a two miles radius that could be effected.

The ordinance should include regulations regarding the owners not being allowed to sell the wind farm.

If any turbine is shut down or  declared inoperable, it should be removed from the site within 60 days from date of notice.

The industrial wind farm will curtail any future development of businesses and development of residential construction within view of the turbines thereby seriously effecting the tax income for Newport and the county. How can this be restricted?

What would happen if the power grid cannot handle the power produced as a result of high winds in our area? This could happen and could conceivably cause a fire at the power grid or nearby.

A complete shut down should be required during any storm with high winds that could tear the turbines  apart. A high wind figure should be established for a required shut down.

If allowed, a key should be provided the closest fire department for access in the event of a fire, which is frequent with the turbines. They should also be provided any information necessary to cut off the power grid and turbines, as they will not have someone on site 24-7.

The age of the turbines should be known whereby it will be replaced and/or removed by the owners due to rust or any other deteriorating factor making it a danger.

The town of Havelock as well as Craven County should be asked to participate in any ordinance restrictions, as they, too, will be effected by the industrial wind farm.

Why did the wind farm apply with the FAA for 50 permits when we’ve been told 40?

Should it be allowed, they will endanger not only Carteret County, but the whole East Coast by putting our radar systems in a position of not being able to identify drones, planes, etc. Cherry Point is the major radar system and should be protected as well as Beaufort airport, New Bern airport and Atlantic Training area. The area planned for use will directly hinder pilots landing or departing from any of these airports. Inquire as to how they will effect Camp Lejeune’s radar. Since the base commanders are not allowed to discus anything in relation to the radar and turbines, under Obama’s orders, we must find retired military that would know.

Serious consideration should be given to our roads and highways and the damage that would be caused by the transporting the heavy equipment to build the industrial wind farm. A substantial bond should be required for any repairs required. Pictures (videos) of our roads and highways should be taken prior to their starting construction if allowed. The DOT should be asked to make the same requirement, as the cost should not be the expense of the taxpayers in our state.

Another issue not covered is wildlife, sea gulls, egrets, pelicans, etc. They will be at risk of being killed by the thousands if this farm is allowed. We must know how many birds these turbines will kill.


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