Emerald Isle, N.C.

May 16, 2021


During the 2020 campaign and subsequent to his election as our President, Joe Biden promised his administration would offer transparency to the citizens of this country. Just after four months of his presidency, I can surely say that I am rather perplexed regarding his administration’s transparency on some of the issues encountered to date.

One hundred and eighty thousand immigrants are illegally entering our country every month, and these numbers do not include the illegal crossings that are not intercepted by our border agents. Many of these immigrants were being packed into detention centers which were kept off limits to the US news media. The Biden Administration’s response was to state that there was no crisis at the border and that these crossings are only normal activity.

Only after the detention centers were emptied by transferring the occupants to other facilities within the US were pictures allowed to be taken in these detention centers.

NBC News recently stated in a report that “per the Labor Department, the Consumer Price Index jumped 0.8% in April and that over the last 12 months prices have increased 4.2%, which is the fastest rise since September 2008.” Also, recent reports have noted lumber prices rising as much as 250% over the last year and the gasoline that I purchase down the street has gone from $2.09 per gallon four months ago to $2.84 this past Saturday (a 36% increase). Average new-car prices are up 10% over the last two years.

Yet our Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, recently stated that she “was not concerned about inflation becoming a problem,” though she added that there are tools to address it should that happen.

As most everyone now is aware, we are currently experiencing a gasoline shortage on our east coast. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency due to the hacking of the Colonial Pipeline which has created the shortage. Though, President Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Graholm, recently assured us that there is no gas shortage, but a supply issue (“supply crunch”).

Someone please tell Secretary Graholm that when Americans can find no fuel for their automobiles, we really don’t care how she defines it (no gas is no gas). And when President Biden was asked whether or not that he was briefed regarding a possible ransom that was paid to the hackers in order to get the pipeline operational, his answer was “no comment.”

The cost of last summer’s riots is said to be approaching $2 billion and with deaths associated to the mayhem said to exceed twenty-five. The response from the Left was to call these riots “mostly peaceful” and to raise money in order to pay bail for the looters and arsonists.

There were approximately 4,000 people shot and 769 homicides in the city of Chicago in 2020. What is President Biden’s plan to address this horrific problem? To date, I’ve not heard President Biden or his VP Kamala Harris address this issue with a specific plan of attack. Though their administration does seem to favor taking away guns from law-biding citizens and defunding the police in order to appease those on the Left. Is this the solution?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the following information: the number of persons jobless less than 5 weeks is 2.1 million, the number of persons jobless for 15 to 26 weeks is 1.2 million, and the number of long-termed unemployed (27 weeks or more) is 4.2 million. Small businesses are struggling to fill job vacancies. Yet, President Biden suggests that there’s no evidence that the generous Federal unemployment benefit is the reason for keeping the unemployed from filling these jobs. I would love to see the facts that support his so-called evidence. Who making more on unemployment would be out actively searching for a job in order to bring in less money?

The only conclusion is that transparency, like beauty, must be in the eye of the beholder.


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Honestly now, has a politician ever told the truth? The current administration is a joke and what they believe is a joke. They are turning the United States into the laughing stock of the world.

David Collins

Also promised us diversity and a diverse bunch of know nothings and do nothings we do now have . It shows !


If you have any question as to what we’re in for over the next 4 years under Biden, then you have spent the last 5 months with your head in the sand.

His first act as President was to shut down a critical infrastructure project, the oil pipeline putting thousands of people out of work with the stroke of his pen.

That was followed by a flood of Executive Orders that put America on a path that could lead to a Socialist society. And we are about to go back to being an oil importer after being an exporter for the first time in years.

Next Biden told invaders along the southern border “come on in” during the first 100 days of his term. The result is a flood of illegal aliens with numbers that haven’t been seen in 30 years. He put the VP in charge of the situation on the border yet she hasn’t visited that border since being elected and as of now has no plan to do so.

The other thing that the Democrat Party is doing is attempting to undermine the education system, trying to quietly take it away from the local level and move to the national level.

Those are just a few of the things we have to look forward to for the next 2-4 years.

The only hope we have is to hang on long enough for the midterm elections and for the Republicans/Conservatives to regain control of at least one if not both houses of Congress and be able to check these radical leftist projects designed to destroy this great country.


Well, judging from the near hysteria of some comments the sky is in fact falling.

I understand after the last administration hearing an actual true statement from POTUS could be alarming. Perhaps Biden did not know if the ransom was paid. suspecting and knowing are two different things. Why does the VP need to be at the border in person? For a photo op? The concept is "delegation" do you expect senior executives to be in all places and at all times? As far as " hanging on" and retaking the house and senate, well normally the out of power party does well in the mid terms. Add to that the voter suppression efforts underway around the country I suppose it is possible. It is also possible that simple arithmetic suggests, as has been said repeatedly, and not just by me ( newt, mitch, et al) If the GOP can not make a bigger tent, and add LOTS of new members ( rather then shed them as is the current case)then they will cease to win elections. NC has a dem gov, VA has a dem gov. Now we know the rural areas are red in both states, and the dense population areas are blue. Unsurprisingly dem governor's have been elected? Now give this some thought, every DAY approx 11,000 kids turn 18 in this country.

Bigger tent, or eventual extinction its just arithmetic.


Almost all mentioned was spoken about on sleepy Joe's little campaign / car trail, and he said to the entire world he was going to do all these actions openly, short of the gas debacle. I do not know why anyone is surprised? I said he was going to destroy America in less then 4 years, now watch.


Although what you said is true, obiden has been transparent. On the campaign trail, both he and kami told us they were going to do the things you mentioned. Many times. The problem is, most people don’t pay attention or watch enough news to even make an informed decision. Results? We are witnessing America being destroyed from within right before our eyes.

David Collins

He was elected and certified . No one saw this coming , really . A history of indecision , wrong decisions and pandering to whatever direction the wind blows and no one saw this coming ? Said it before, will say it again , y’all ain’t seen nothing yet ! And then there is the beloved son Hunter . A relatively small fish in a big swamp but one that needs to be dealt with , harshly . Let the chips fall where they may .


One of bidens campaign blurbs was he was going to treat us like family... I’m just as not qualified for one of those high paying jobs he pilfered for his son...waiting for my ridiculously overpaid job that I’m not qualified for uncle joe.

Jackie Gleason

Living overseas for work half my life I can tell all that the world looks to the United States President for three things: (1) Leadership with command and control (do the things you say you are going to do / there are consequences for actions (2) Material Presence (3) America First. With regards to #1, Biden may not lack the perceived leadership role but he certainly lacks command and control. When he speaks there is an emptiness in what he is trying to articulate. Some may say it is a blank stare but most in other countries call it incoherence. With regards to #2, Biden lacks material presence. Call Trump the big orange man but you knew when he was coming and could pick him out of a room of thousands. Biden is clearly lost in the crowd of world leaders. #3, most importantly America First. There is an old saying for Americans working overseas. If the world hates America then we must be doing something right. I saw it during Reagan and Clinton years. Most good American Presidents put priorities on citizens in this country first. Biden completely lacks the "America First" vision. The world loves a weak American President. We have him. Historically speaking, Biden spend two years in the third grade for lack of meeting grade. He barely passed in college...He finished almost last in law school and admitted to plagiarism receiving an F in one class. He was known by most on each side of the aisle as one of the dumbest people in the US Senate. This is what we have now. Is it better than the big ugly orange man. Maybe. But the world loves a weak American now.


I too have spent half my life overseas, and my experience suggests the rest of the world is not looking for America first from us. Assistance partnership. Nato and seato for instance. The dire predictions on this forumof America destroyed by biden, our way of life destroyed.. is just maga media rhetoric repeated on here daily,, just in case you missed the angst fest on fox from 7 to 11 last night


I know most of you are hung up on the 'party' thing, and , well, its your opinion. IMO, you all need to ask a few questions of the local 'public servants'. (because both of these 'party's of servants' had a hand in this, TRUMP had over 1 year to put this TREASONOUS SEDITION down. ) Also, its worth noting that all of these 'public servants ' TOOK DIFFERENT PATHS TO EITHER DESTROY AMERICA ECONOMICALLY , AND SPIRITUALLY , and remove the community outreach from our list of attributes. They continue to DESTROY YOUR PAID FOR SCHOOLS, which, is a FAR WORSE CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN , and cause problems in the PRIVATE SECTOR! YOU WERE ALL ATTACKED, BY YOUR GOVERNMENT AND ITS STILL DOING IT ! YOUR RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED , AND CERTAIN SERVANTS took liberties, that they HAVE NEVER BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION TO , UNDER SOME MAGICAL GUISE............... Tens of thousands of AMERICANS DID DIE AS A DIRECT CHOICE , AND ENFORCEMENT OF THESE SMALL TIME CROOKS . They were 'elder' people, you remember, the ones YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT, no matter the cause! TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SMALL BUSINESSES WERE SHUDDERED , NEVER TO RETURN , ALL THE WHILE ALLOWING HUGE CORPORATIONS AND BIG BOX STORES TO FUNCTION NO MATTER THE COST? YOUR CHURCHES WERE FURTHER SEPARATED FROM YOU AS IF AN ULTIMATE ACT OF BRUTALITY IN YOUR TIMES OF NEED. Family's have been cast aside with friendships that span decades all over WHAT? You people really need to wake up, and REMOVE ALL OF THESE POSERS FROM YOUR SERVANT ROLES! They have EXTORTED YOU PEOPLE AND CONTINUE THE RACKET AT YOUR EXPENSE. Make no mistake about it, this IS NOT OVER, BY A LONG SHOT, so, maybe you all need to realize, these little peons , and weasels need to be removed from an AMERICAN SOCIETY altogether for at the least extortion and racketeering ! TRANSPARENCY, YEA RIGHT, NOT FROM ANY OF THEM. (unless you catch them on film )


One way to fix transparency: Since Congress wants surveillance on all Americans everywhere we go these days, shouldn’t we put body cams on members of Congress? And then have them mic’d up and put on Youtube?


A Thomas Sowell clip....Biden Has Always Been a Doofus...



The Swamp is once again full of worthless trash. Perhaps this so called congress that has contaminated this country should themselves be transparent and let the people of the country know ALL their movements and whereabouts. Practice what they preach . Great leaders are transparent about everything, not hide their transgressions.


David Horowitz / raised communist



I always find it humorous when one points out an longtime existing problem and wonders why the new administration isn’t fixing it. Trump was president for the entirety of 2020, yet never addressed the Chicago problem....


Because Trump is white and Mayor Lightfoot said the only help she wanted was from black people. Funny you say that since Obama was Pres for 8 years and from Chicago.


Chicago can’t be fixed. Beetle juice took exception when the feds were going in there to try. Those folks are miserable sons of guns. I propose that the United States pull out of Chicago.


From the quality and content of many of the comments here, one suspects that we have a high percentage of FoxNewsies, OAN viewers, and NewsMax fans among the News-Times readership. Just, like, you know. Sayin'.


The best is yet to come Inflation will soon eat us alive. Spend now while the dollar has value. Retirement will not be possible.

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