Morehead City, N.C.

Oct. 9, 2020


As the owner operator of Chick-fil-A in Morehead City I get a chance to speak to business owners from around the nation and I often tell them how blessed I am to live and work in Carteret County. It starts with outstanding people who share like values and give back to their community in a variety of ways. I tell them our way of life is unparalleled with the natural resources of the coast combined with a great business environment, the lowest tax rate in the state and outstanding public services, like our schools.

In the restaurant business every penny counts, so it isn’t surprising that when I heard about the two bonds that would appear on the ballot this year, I did a little re-search. I was so convinced that the contents of the bonds are needs, not wants, and bonds are the most cost-effective way of funding these projects, that I decided to make a concentrated effort to get that message out. I joined with a few other business leaders and formed a grassroots group we named Carteret Citizens Advocating Responsible Spending. As the name implies, we are a group of Carteret County citizens who want to insure our tax dollars are spent, or not spent, in a responsible manner.

The biggest reason I believe using bonds as the funding mechanism makes good sense is that tourists and second home owners will help foot the bill for these important projects. It is estimated that over half of the revenue will be generated by tourists and second home owners, most who own much of the high value homes on the coast. Here’s a real-world example of why this makes such good sense.

Let's say there's a family that owns an older home. They have needs for additional room and the roof, windows and HVAC have all exceeded their planned life and now repairs are piling up. They could try to pay for that all at once or they could get an equity loan and stretch the cost out over a few years a very low rate.

A bond is a similar financial mechanism that eases the burden on Carteret citizens and it is repaid by an increase in property tax of only a quarter of a penny or $22 per $100,000 of assessed property per year. (For the average Carteret County property owner, the bond will cost less than $50 per year.) The other bond is only a quarter of a penny added to the sales tax, which equates to 25 cents added to $100 in spending. Once again, it’s tourists which pay over half of our county’s sales tax.

And as for our homeowner example, imagine if your occasional house guests were to pay half the cost of your home renovations? Wouldn’t that be a great deal! That’s why I believe these bonds make good sense.

I would encourage citizens who want more information about our group and hopefully, join us in our grassroots effort to get the word out about this important choice on the ballot, to visit our website or through social media at Face-book.comCarteretBonds2020 .

These bonds were supported unanimously by our Board of Commissioners, Board of Education and our State Representative Pat McElraft. These are elected officials with a long history of being excellent stewards of tax-payer dollars, including keeping our taxes the lowest out of all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. After looking at the particulars, I can see why these fiscally conservative elected officials sup-ported these bonds and I trust these people that have earned my trust.

There is so much attention being paid to the top of the ballot this year and rightfully so. How-ever, I urge citizens to please not forget about the final two items on the ballot, which are these two bond referendums. I hope you will vote for both of these bonds and join our effort to help spread the word. Hopefully, this citizen led effort will result in the passage of these cost-effective way to finance these important needs.

Remember, Bonds Make Good Sense.


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While it might true that out of towners pay half of bond revenue, who pays the other half? Oh locals..well. Who pays that sales tax increase year round? oh locals.. every one wants a bond issue, schools, pet projects, new public safety building ( the taj townhall ) a bike path in Cape Carteret. Bonds are like a 18 yr old with a credit card.. whoppie free money , instant gratification, worry about paying it back later. VOTE NO on bonds, all bonds!

45 million to BOE to be spent as they see fit? Stand alone gyms and arbitrary land purchases? I think not.

One of the reason people cant afford to live up north is high taxes, why are taxes so high? School funding and BONDS on every ballot.

Vote NO on bonds, NO NO NO don't make our cost of living on the crystal coast any higher!

Just Relax

drewski, Your whole issue is spending. Carteret County has the lowest tax rate in the state. After the election in a few weeks, our entire board of commissioners and entire board of education will be Republican. We will have the only county in the state like that...... Look it up. Republicans aren't perfect but in our county, they do a pretty good job of watching out for your tax dollars. If they don't, somebody primaries them and replaces them. Who is the best watchdog we have. The local Tea Party. The Tea Party, the Commissioners and the School Board all support these referendums. But I'm sure you will start criticizing the Tea Party next. ......

Who pays the other half? Do you honestly think we are going to get are harbors and inlets dredged for our fishermen and our schools updated and not pay anything? Almost any other county would be paying 100%. We are lucky to have tourism so we can have somebody else help pay half. But you want it all paid for by somebody else. I'd love to see your house that never needs a repair. Sorry, government has to spend money to keep things up and money comes from taxpayers. Want a government that doesn't charge taxes? It's called Communism....

Bonds are the one way that the County Commissioners not the Board of Education has control over the money. The bonds that passed 16 years ago were overseen by the commissioners and they made sure it was for exactly what was written.

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Just relax.. "Want a government that doesn't charge taxes? It's called Communism." Sigh, as always some ppl have to invoke Stalin or Hitler to try to make a point. The fact is I don't support millions spent on beach nourishment, I have seen millions of dollars of sand swept out to sea overnight. Bouge banks has survived for millions of years without pouring tax dollars on it ,right? i dont support stand alone gyms either, yes the Fed govt will pay when they are used as shelters ( with fema tax dollars) is that 2-3 days out of every year, perhaps a week? possibly not at all for a decade? We have the lowest taxes in the state, that's good, lets keep it that way. The issue is not low interest rates, or how wonderfully the local tea party watches our money, to me the issue is a 40+ million blank check to BOE. I will be voting No on this bond issue for that reason.

Just Relax

Here come the facts... This week, Republican State Treasurer Dale Folwell led the purchase of $400 million dollars in bonds for the state at an interest rate of 1.48%. That is the lowest in state history. Carteret could get similar interest rates with voter approved bonds. Even if it doesn't pass, the Commissioners will undoubtedly move forward to take advantage of these record low rates. The only difference the full-time resident taxpayer will see their taxes go up a lot more than with the funding option that is on the ballot.

Next, The board of education does not control the bonds. The board of commissioners does. Once again, I'm sure they aren't conservative enough for you.

Finally, I have no idea how beach nourishment got into this debate. Pointing out what you consider to be wasteful spending as a reason not to support a common sense funding option doesn't make much sense.

David Collins

If that were the case we would have the best funded schools around . Why would we need a BOND ?


I have a very hard time seeing four freestanding gyms as needs as opposed to wants. Would be nice to also see the total amount of interest that would be paid out over the life of the bond. Show us the actual cost. There will likely be yet another bond in the not too distant future to actually build the new elementary school as unlike the earlier drafts, the final version of the proposed bond only purchases the land for the school, say hello to even more debt. Over a quarter of the county's budget goes to the schools, perhaps the school system should live within it's means vs. shaking us down for more money.

This bond and tax hike isn't fiscal conservatism in the slightest, no matter how much one tries to spin it as such.

Vote NO on both referendums to put the breaks on the Educational-Industrial Complex.

Just Relax

The gyms aren't being built just to give the kids something new and shiny. They are being built to the Federal specifications to be storm shelters. So the feds will pay the county if they are used for shelters during a storm.

...... you might have read that interest rates are at record lows right now. Voter approved bonds have the best interest rate of any government lending. Google Voter Approved Bond Interest rates and search through there and you will find that right now it is under 2%. So for the school bond, that's about $800k in interest. But remember, tourists and 2nd homeowners will pay half. So that's $400k.. And it's spread out, most of the time for 15 years, like a mortgage. If you own a $200 house, it will cost you about $50 a year. The quarter cent sales tax will ad 25 cents to your $100 bill at Wal-Mart. Start screaming now about waste. Sorry, but in America taxes are a reality and money does have to be spent. And the thing that you and your conspiracy friends on this site don't understand is that the projects have already been approved. This vote is about financing. If it fails, the gyms will still get built. It's just the local taxpayer will pay the entire bill.

.... Take a few minutes to do some research. Google is an amazing too.

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"The gyms aren't being built just to give the kids something new and shiny. They are being built to the Federal specifications to be storm shelters. So the feds will pay the county if they are used for shelters during a storm."

What will the feds pay out exactly when used as shelters during a storm? In any case, in addition to the construction costs; the insurance, repair/maintenance, utilities, and more will be on the county residents when the feds aren't paying out. As others have said, it would be far cheaper to pay for hotel rooms out of the path of a hurricane for people, not to mention that a hotel room is far more comfortable than being stuck in a large open space.


Mr. Conneely, Thank you for the crash course in economics and finance, for us simple minded folks.

Just wondering if some of the repairs and maintenance items should be in an annual operating budget or are these expenses always Capital Requests? My ignorance, because I just don’t know. I understand private sector budgets, but I’m ignorant of public sector budgets.

Does seem to me that some of the items on the proposal list should fall under annual operating budgets and not Capital Requests. Have we just let our Original Capital investments just go by the wayside with a poor plan of proper annual repairs and maintenance? Why haven’t we been budgeting for some these expenses over the last several years?

How did we allow the deferred maintenance to pile up on existing buildings? If there isn’t enough money in the annual operating budget to maintain existing facilities, how do school officials expect to maintain the new facilities and equipment acquired with these bond proceeds?

Bonds are not a magical cure for our depleted budgets. Taking out a bond/loan, regardless of the interest rate and terms, is going to place further pressure on our already overtaxed budget.

Why do we need 4 gyms at one time? During my marriage, I Planned Not to have to buy 2 cars at the same time for my wife and I. Makes good financial sense, even if I could get zero percent financing.

I very seldom, actually never, ask my house guests to pay for their visit to cover my home repairs, so I’m not sure why you make that point. Maybe I should ask my guests to at least kick in some money on the electric bill.

Upon reviewing the project and estimated costs, I can see cosmetic wants and wish list items, not necessarily all “need/must do” proposals.

The PDF shows the expense side of the $42 million bond referendum, but I’ve seen nothing on an estimate of how or when it will be paid back.

Mr. Conneely, what is the interest rate on the bond, the length of the bond life (usually long-term over many years) or the bond underwriting costs? After all, a bond is a loan and has to be paid back by taxpayers, with interest. And most likely paid back by our kids.

As to your point of “These bonds were supported unanimously by our Board of Commissioners, Board of Education and our State Representative Pat McElraft”. All of these folks are employed by taxpayer money and I’ve yet to see many folks that don’t like to spend taxpayer money, unless it’s politically motivated.

Mr. Conneely, your analysis of what low cost payback for the citizens of CC reminds me of an advertisement I saw….for only 99 cents a day you can…..

Has anyone noticed we are in a financial crisis in this state? The majority of our children are spending much of their time at home with virtual schooling. Do we know when and how often new gyms will be used or how long the pandemic will last? Dr. Cohen is currently discussing concerns on the increase of Covid in our state. She has Governor Cooper’s ear and could send us back to 100% virtual schooling at any time.

Bonds do make good sense at the right time. But this is not the right time to spend $42 million.

Just as an FYI, I voted Against both of these bonds.

Just Relax

mpjeep, I'm going to become your new best friend. I've read your comments for a long time on every article and letter to the editor...... I run my own business and work about 60 to 80 hours a week depending on the time of year. But I will take some of my computer time to check on you and make sure your ... comments get responded to.

Let me start by saying you commenting on State Rep. Pat McElraft's open hear surgery and using it as a way to get in a comment about abortion is so distasteful. You are so obsessed with your political agenda you couldn't just simply put in well wishes for someone going through life threatening surgery? .....

Your letter insults Patrick Conneely, owner of one of the most well run and respected businesses in the county. Do you go to Chick-fil-A and complain there too?

I know what it's like to run a business and how he has the time to work on this citizen led effort amazes me........

..... How is the money going to be paid back? Like there's some bit conspiracy. A bond is a loan. The county is the borrower. Most bonds are bought for 15 years. Right now rates are less than 2%. That's about $800k interest on $43 million. Half will be paid by tourist and 2nd homeowners. That's $400k on locals. Property tax on a $200k house will go up about $50. Quarter cent sales tax adds a quarter, 25 cents , to your $100 purchase at Walmart. .......

You live in the county with the lowest tax rate in the state. You want more. Your harbors need dredging and your schools need updating, you don't want it done.

Outsiders will pay half. You don't want to pay anything.

The all Republican Board of Commissioners and the very conservative Tea Party support the bonds. They aren't conservative enough for you.


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In a time when we are headed towards a deepening recession with the blue wave coming I do not see a need for new taxes. We will be taxed enough with the coming new administration. They are clear on that. Time to prepare not spend more.

Just Relax

Bonds are controlled by the Commissioners and it's a yearly thing. If the economy tanks, they stop taking draws on the bond money and just pay the interest on what was borrowed. Those are the facts and why bonds are a smart way to finance county projects.


Why do bonds?!?! That is crazy to give more money to a corrupt school board as it is! They can’t handle their 4 high schools and one they don’t really even pay for the newest one (MaST) but they shift money around so the public thinks they are doing a good job... At MaST they get the money from the county commissioners, the federal government, and the state but they can’t even handle that “free money” properly. You think they really can handle “free” 42 million? Um no that problem will be a different boards problem to payback years from now. What makes good “cents” is to get rid of the current board members! Get to the polling stations today and vote them out. I have always voted red, well not this time for the board of education for our county. Worse decision ever made was to have a board partisan! Politics don’t belong in the schools!!! Our kids deserve better. They don’t need this burden to pay back this “loan”


I forgot to add when I call Pat McElraft she always says she doesn’t get into local issues! @PatMcElraft you realize you are talking out both sides IF you actually made a comment on this!!!


That would be a no until someone can show a means of maintenance within the budget. Apparently, if passed, this chunk of money will be blown with another bond in the future to maintain the schools again.

Just Relax

They can show you a means of maintenance within the budget. Do you think they print that in the newspaper? That would be some stimulating reading. Get out of your basement and go over to the county finance office and they will show you.


Anybody remember when our last, if ever, bond was? Think we've had one in the not ancient past but don't remember? Somebody help us out with t hff at info.

Just Relax

15 years ago was the last school bond. The projects came in under budget and not all the money was spent. With a bond, you have control of over how much you borrow. You are approved for a certain amount but you only take what you need. It's just like building a house. You get your construction loan from your bank and if it comes in cheaper , your mortgage is less.


Scratch the "t hh at" & sub with "that".


On Mr. Connelly’s website the following statement is posted “The truth is the County Board of Commissioners approved these referendums unanimously and if the voters choose not to use bonds as the mechanism to fund these projects, the vast majority of these needs will eventually be funded”.

What in essence Mr. Connelly alludes to is that the $42 million is going to happen whether or Not the citizens want it.

Just Relax

There was a budget process that lasted for months that included citizens comments. The citizens who wanted these projects showed up. Others sent letters. You just sat at your computer and made comments on letters to the editor. The citizens that took the time to show up let their voices be heard. You didn't. So the projects will be funded and if people like you who so proudly voted against these bonds win, you will get to pay more than if the bonds passed. ...

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David Collins

Makes me wonder , with all these slick signs with cutie pie images thrown about , is there something else afoot here ? Guess the question is what is in it for them ?

Can understand why school employees are for more money seeing how much goes for salaries , benefits And retirement . Totally understandable . How about supplements, do the towns or county pay supplements like others do ?

Just Relax

Little paranoid? The signs are paid for by the citizens group who got contributions from other citizens who realized funding these projects this way will save millions of dollars for local taxpayers when the tourists and 2nd homeowners pay half. You think the money is going for teacher pay? Bonds can only be used for capital projects and the ones listed. You are seriously paranoid. ...

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Thought that was the case. Just a matter of how it will be funded. Again, like to know when was last bond? Has it been paid off & revenue stream? Pretty obvious but still be interested in little bit of details.


What Mr. Connelly is saying, without using a “warning” tone is:

I’d prefer citizens to settle this bond issue by voting Yes, so as not to resort to other means.


It would really behoove us all to reach a positive agreement on this bond referendum, instead of having to take alternative action.

Any way you say it, seems to be an intimidating position statement.

I'm not sure when the last bond was here.


My bet is the family and friends plan. Lots of money to spread around for environmental impact studies, design/engineer build...on and on. Apparently promises have already been made if it’s going to happen one way or the other.


Another tax or debt in the form of a bond, just what we need. When the democrats steal the election, we will see enormous taxes, failing businesses (to include chicken sandwich vendors), and likely a civil war over the Bill of Rights. All will bring economic failure. To that end, of course, let us have more debt. Anyone who votes yes, is very short sighted, indeed. If you doubt there is a coming problem; try and find ammunition anywhere. There isn't any. That alone is a barometer of things to come. Bonds? A silly proposition at best.

Just Relax

It's amazing the same 4 to 5 people respond to every letter to the editor and every comment is NEGATIVE. I'm going to do just what they do and instead of writing one comment, I'm going to respond to each one.


I’m glad you enjoyed my opinions, justrelax. Here’s another one I hope you’ll enjoy.

Political leaders often talk as if the right to vote is our only tool for holding the government accountable. Maybe, maybe not.

In 2018, the Seattle City Council passed a law requiring big companies to pay a special tax for every person on the payroll, called a “head tax”.

Amazon was the largest company being taxed and many citizens worried that Amazon, and other companies, might move from Seattle due to this tax.

A petition of signatures was gathered by citizens, the issue was placed on a referendum, but before any vote was cast, the city council repealed the “head Tax”. They knew they couldn’t win against the citizens.

The key to understanding this reversal is recognizing that citizens have power as Consumers, as well as, Voters.

Look at it this way, when we choose a place to live, we are "buying" a mix of lifestyle benefits, and the "price" we pay is determined by housing costs, taxes, regulations, etc.. If the costs go up, we could move, as some companies and people are doing in CA and NY.

In Seattle, residents quickly recognized that the "head tax" would make it harder for the city to retain and attract quality jobs for its citizens.

There's a larger lesson here as well. People who mistakenly believe that voting is the only tool for holding government accountable, misunderstand how society is governed. They believe governing a city/county/town is the responsibility of the government alone. Families, community groups, businesses and government all play a role in governing society.

And as citizens, we can most powerfully influence the governing process by our decisions about what to walk away from or toward, even if the board of commissioners totally disregard their duty to its citizens.

Just Relax

You spend a lot of time on the internet quoting things from Seattle and NYC, but you haven't taken the time to research the local issue this is about.

If you feel so strongly about this, did you go to any of the public hearings? Have you written your commissioners? ....

(Edited by staff.)

Just Relax

Why don't you organize a group to do what they did in Seattle? That's what Mr. Conneely and other local citizens have taken the time to do. It's a lot harder work than sitting at your computer spitting out opinions. Words are one thing. Actions are something else. You have the words. Step up and take some action.

David Collins

Agree with SleepWalker . The devil is in the details and exactly how things are worded and especially the interpretation of said words . Bet your last dime there is plenty of ambiguity in that document .

How about skipping the Gyms ?

Just a vocal few .... they gotta have it all wrong . Over and out !


Hey "Just Relax", don't forget to make about six posts back to back pointing to inane articles written by wacko right-wingers!


Seems to me that someone needs to Just Relax.

No, not all of my opinions are negative. I fall into the old 80/20 rule, with 80% negative and 20% positive.


Hey Relax, I don’t think anyone here minds if you post all the comments you want. I certainly don’t mind. The more the merrier I say.

I can tell you the same thing that two Supreme Court Justices, Scalia and Kennedy, said in 2005 when discussing people being offended by government’s display of the Ten Commandments: Just stop looking or in your case reading -- Turn your eyes away if it’s such a big deal to you -- avert your eyes.

Those of us that post our opinions here, enjoy doing it. All you have to do is read the letters or articles and by-pass the comments section.

I’m sorry you are not more tolerant of folks with opposing views.


By my fuzzy math calculations (5 out of 4 people have trouble with math, including me), you could put 500 people/families in a 4 star hotel in Raleigh for $200 per night. If they stay there 3 nights that would cost approx. $300,000 per year assuming we average only one major hurricane per year.

So $12 million divided by $300,000 means we could keep folks sheltered each year for 40 years. Probably can get a free continental breakfast and round of golf included in the hotel package.

Now my estimates are probably on the high side because we can probably get a quantity discount for 500 people/families, maybe $100 per night. And for folks with pets, we will probably have to do a $39 a night room, of course that won’t include the golf package.


A Change of Mind -- You Can’t Beat Education

Just Relax, After reviewing your explanations of the $42 million Bond Referendum and Mr Conneely’s letter to the editor, as well as, his website, I “finally” came to the realization that the money is going to be spent for these school projects whether we vote “Yes” or “No”. It’s just a matter of how we provide the funds.

I concur with you and Mr. Conneely: “Bonds Do Make Good Sense”.

Unfortunately, I’ve already cast my vote, before I did the proper research. Hopefully most citizens will be smarter than me and do the research before voting.

I apologize to anyone I mislead or offended.

Just Relax

Thank you sir. It's a sign of a noble man who can admit that their mind can be changed when more information has been presented to them. I tip my cap to you.


Yep, just relax, It was a knee jerk reaction on my part after seeing $42 mil and I went into panic mode, and fired off a comment, before understanding the main premise of the letter.

Keep me on your hit list. I’m sure I’ll say plenty in the future that you don’t concur with.

Thanks for recognizing my ability to admit when I am wrong. I’ve had to do that several times when posting on these boards.


Wow @justrelax what incentive do you have??? Sounds me that you just might be the person that owns the property that the new school will be built on... or you are a business owner that will be making money off the interest... sounds like you are more involved than anything else. Maybe if the board could handle the budget properly then we wouldn’t have to worry about stupid bonds....

Just Relax

Only property I own is my house and the bank actually owns that for another 3 years. But I have lived in Carteret long enough to have told my friends that the comment would be coming that someone supporting this common sense funding mechanism would claim corruption. Always the evil developers or landowners. Very predictable. BTW.. Commissioners do a good job handling your money. That's why the are giving voters this option, which is by far the most cost effective, first. Tough to argue with facts.


In a discussion of wasteful spending another example of county wasteful spending ( beach re-nourishment) should not be confusing. What is not germane is raleigh just spent a gazillion dollers in bonds because money is so cheap, Raleigh is not Carteret county. Money lending, being cheap is not a reason to spend it. If the bonds pass the CC and BOE can say the majority has spoken, if the bonds fail and they spend millions on useless stand alone gyms anyway they may find them selves voted out come the next election, as they should be, if the bonds fail and they go ahead and spend money the people said NO to. That is an important difference. Vote No on bonds and do contact the commissioners and explain their seats depend on their decisions.


I do agree with you, drewski, about voting these clowns out of office when the opportunity presents itself. To spend this kind of money during this terrible economic climate doesn’t make sense and especially since we don’t know how long the economy will be in this bad shape.

And of course, why 4 gyms at one time? My wife and I have two vehicles and I try to never have to replace one of them within 4 or 5 years of each other.

Having said that, and realizing it’s going to happen one way or the other, bonds are the best route to take.

I do have a concern that since our schools are in such disrepair, why did we ignore maintenance and not budget for repairs each year? Who is responsible for overseeing repairs to our existing structures?

And I do understand your position of going on record by voting No. But in the long run, this will cost taxpayers more money.

Let’s vote yes to the bond, and when the time comes, as Willie Nelson says “ Vote ‘em Out”.


Let us assume a new elementary school in mhc is required, what options were explored, what options are available? Perhaps the armory building could have been converted? Then another elementary converted to an intermediate? 4 stand alone gyms as an afterthought and lets get everything we dream of cause money is cheap is not sound policy.

Just Relax

That seems like a logical question/proposal. I would hope you would start coming to Commissioner and School Board meetings and participating in the Public Comment forum. That is , after our wonderful Governor tells us it is safe to do so. With any luck, your first appearance will be under the first term of a new governor.


You talking about the Raleigh run by the party you support?


I call it Raleighwood!


Seems sales tax is an alternative to raise revenue where everybody pays. According to Hoyle once school bonds are paid off property tax go down. So when was the last bond paid off & did they go down?

K. Jack Schidt

All I had to see is that the county commissioners and tp "patriots" (hahaha!) support this scam for me to vote "NO".

Tax the developers and "friends" of the commission until they are paying their fair share. Republicans have shown, time and time again, that they are completely unable to govern.


Kjack...make no mistake about it. There is as many “wealthy” D’s as there are R’s.

David Collins

The old “ tax the rich thing again “ . Thought there would be some originality drifting about , guess not . The pro bond folks remind me of my sister in-law that went busted buying things at on sale prices . Broke is broke , no matter the price .


Particularly the ones who have been in politics for over 40 years. Managed to enrich their family nicely too.


It's not about the $24 mil school project. That is going to happen one way or the other. It's about how to finance the school project and bonds are the best choice.

Could be worse, Surry County is looking at a $40-$50 million bond to build a new jail. I'd rather do the schools.

Just Relax

Wish I could message you personally because this will probably get attacked like I'm kissing your tail, but man do I have some respect for you. You took a stand on this early on based upon your experiences and the information you had on hand. Then you found out more about it, admitted you had a change of heart and unlike most, who would quietly slip away, now you are defending your new position. Wish I had better words but the one that just keeps coming to mind is RESPECT. Thank you not for your new position, but for inspiring me to look at some of mine.


Actually, Just Relax, I should thank you for providing me with information I hadn’t considered with my original posts. You also made me aware that I should spend more time thinking things through, before commenting in haste.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve made a mistake or have misjudged a situation, as I have done several times on these boards.

Don’t worry about getting attacked for your comments. I get beat up all the time (and rightfully so due to my sarcasm and extremely Dry sense of humor) to the point that having a reasonable discussion sometimes seems impossible. We need more discussions where no one is demonized, shamed and both sides are open to changing their mind.

Yes, some topics will always be controversial and folks that post on these boards are passionate or they wouldn’t waste their time sharing their views and opinions.

My hats off to you and I truly appreciate your candid feedback!

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