Morehead City, N.C.

May 13, 2021


On Wednesday, May 19th, beginning at 5:30 the Morehead City Town Council will conduct a hearing into the request by property owners and developers to change the zoning of property in the Spooners Creek neighborhood, south of Hwy 24, from R-20 (Residential) to Commercial.

The neighborhoods of Spooners Creek, North Spooners Creek, Woodridge, and the Shores Condos (approximately 236 residences) are well aware of the noise and light pollution coming from the Wal-Mart, the Wal-Mart gas station and the Cypress Bay Shopping area.

To move commercial development directly across from these businesses into a residential area will only accelerate the noise and light pollution as well as possible runoff into Spooners Creek with the paving that will be necessary for commercial use. For those who live closest to or who border this property the detriment will be immeasurable!

Additionally, the number of deaths and accidents that have taken place in this high traffic area, without the added traffic that these businesses will generate, makes this location even more dangerous not only for those of us who deal with this hazardous traffic area daily, but for all who drive this section of Hwy 24.

The property owners and developers are currently shouting from electronic billboards that this commercial development will be better for our residential neighborhoods! In truth it will be the sellers of the property and the developers who will benefit and our neighborhoods will be never be the same.

The property owners and the developers are proposing a boat dealership and service business and an independent living facility, presumed to be three stories, in this approximately 23 acre, heavily forested, natural area. Those of us who bought and built in these neighborhoods, some several decades ago and others more recently, did so with the understanding that we were investing in R-20 neighborhoods.

The success of the boat dealership and the independent living facility does not depend on their being located in this specific area. Commercialism crossing the highway into a residential neighborhood like a wildfire spreading will not make our neighborhoods better by any stretch of the imagination! The south side of Hwy 24 from Open Door Church west to HoHo Village is strictly residential. If Spooners Creek loses its R-20 zoning, this will be just the beginning of the commercial sprawl for other nearby areas.

Communities everywhere have long established zoned areas to protect the integrity, rights and well- being for property owners and their homes. We respectfully ask those who serve on the Morehead City Town Council to protect these rights by maintaining our residential zoning.


Spooners Creek- “Extraterritorial Morehead City”

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Referring to “Extraterritorial Morehead City," it brings up a great point of the ETJ citizens. Council members are making decisions that significantly effect residence in the ETJ, but those citizens are currently unable to hold those elected officials accountable. It should lead us to question, will the council members votes reflect the needs and desire of their constituents inside city limits or in the ETJ? And, how did the ETJ member(s) of the MHC planning board vote on this issue?

The city limits throughout the county are insufficient as growth has and will continue to occur. Residents of the ETJs should be considering annexations in order to have elected representation on the city council(s) as this issue will not be the last to effect ETJ neighborhoods.


Involuntary annexation is now against the law unless the city can provide the essential services - which they can't. I am a EJT resident and there is no motivation to voluntarily join this group of good ole boys. Complete financial transparency and a functioning sewer line is worth my vote..


EJT are allowed one seat but better fsct check that. Consider that the reverse might make more sense and provide freedom of action as well. REVERSE THE ETJ AND MAKE MOREHEAD OPEN TO NO REGULATION. i WONDER - WHY NOT.

David Collins

Should protect . But, always a but , there is non-conforming special use . Gotcha !


An attempt to remove actual property lines with speculation. Eventually reality comes to play. ie: had noone ever developed carteret county well, not 1 death would have ever happened here! (hindsight) [wink]

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