Atlantic Beach, N.C.

Oct. 2, 2020


Originally just wanted to say that I was having a hard time understanding people taking down Biden signs along the road and replacing them with Trump signs. What are you afraid of? How about you put up the sign that expresses your opinion and leave the other person’s alone. Signs are not going to decide the election, votes are!

But after reading some of the extreme opinions that are out there, in the course of trying to put this thought out, I now feel it is not so hard to understand. There are some very distorted and inaccurate views being expressed. So I suppose the inappropriate behavior is just a follow-on to the misguided thinking and beliefs.

I hope and pray we can move back in the direction of being more reasonable and less extreme in our beliefs, and regain a sense of fair play.


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By inappropriate behavior...I’m assuming you’re referring to the burning and looting. Maybe it’s the wholesale murder of our minorities and their our minorities.


Fair play is a Theory and without the rule of law, as we’ve seen with riots, we don’t have fairness.

Don’t get me started on Fair Play in the Media and within our Political system.

I do agree that we all should leave each other’s property, including yard signs, alone, but I don’t know the specifics you are referring to.

Opinions are opinions and if they seem extreme, then it’s probably because you disagree with them.

When you discussed Fair Play, Reasonableness and Inappropriate Behavior I thought it might be much more important than Yard Signs. Like what’s going on in this country with Blue on Black crime like the following:

The Breonna Taylor case shows we need police reform, as well as, judicial reform.


*Police had a no-knock warrant for the middle of the night on a “possible” drug arrest (not murder, rape or kidnapping)?

*Louisville, KY has a “stand your ground” law? Kentucky’s “stand your ground” law allows its residents to use “deadly force” against intruders they believe are breaking into their home.

*A Kentucky criminologist called it a "classic botched raid”?

*The arrest warrant was for a man that didn’t live at the address of the killing?

*Detective Joshua Jaynes, who applied for the no-knock search warrant, has been placed on permanent administrative reassignment.

*Mr Walker (Breonna’s boyfriend) was eventually not charged with shooting a police officer?

*The City gave Breonna’s family 12 million bucks before any arrests were made?

*No drugs were found in the apartment?

*Police chief retired/fired shortly after this event?

*3 cops there that night were not wearing body cameras?

*No-knock warrants have since been banned in Louisville?

*An innocent, unarmed woman is dead because cops thought she “might” have drugs in her apartment?

*How could officer Hankison be charged with wantonly endangering three of Taylor’s neighbors by shooting into their homes — but not with endangering Taylor herself?

*Grand jury proceedings have no judge present, no defense attorney present, usually no witnesses present, only the DA, who can say whatever he/she wants to sway a jury?

*Louisville police department has a “shoot only if you have line of sight” policy, yet 32 shots were made randomly?

*No police officer was charged in Breonna’s death?

Breonna didn’t cause her own death, but yet she is dead and no one is held accountable.


I’m amazed and disappointed that nobody has responded to my post about Breonna Taylor.

Agree, disagree, indifferent? I guess no one gives a rat’s patootie. That’s a shame.


Why are you amazed it just goes to prove to you that situations like these are overlooked. Yes be disappointed because I am overtime I have this conversation with someone. I wish that more of these "nay-sayers" could walk one week in the shoe of a Black Person. I bet their perspective will change greatly. Thank You for Your Post!


Agree with Rand Paul's proposed bill. However, there always seems to be another side to the story of BLM "martyrs" which winds up causing lots more crime & the radical Left love it. Here is at least some of that other side where those "innocent" folks for some reason encounter the authorities. "More evidence that Breonna Taylor was living on the dark side." By Andrea Widburg. With that said this case seems to be one of the most unjustifiable needs for lethal action & obviously the reason for the $12M payout. Obviously, the problem with no-knock warrants once the encounter starts it's uncertain what the ending will look like hence the need to act on Paul's bill. The supposed fact that they did knock doesn't change much.


Yes dc, they say they knocked, but I've watched enough Cops TV show to know that as the battering ram is in full swing the knock is happening at the same time.

BS from the Cops to cover their behinds!


I agree wholeheartedly with the author. This forum on is typically dominated by a few blowhards bent on derailing any attempt at civil discussion that does not conform to their own perspectives. I do not think any position I hold constitutes a truth beyond the fact that I believe in it. Those who think differently aren't wrong. Instead they have arrived at their opinion based upon what they have learned and experienced up to that point. Far from being a reason for me to express vitriol our difference of opinion offers me the opportunity to learn. That learning on all of our parts cannot happen when we attempt to suppress the expression of opinions we disagree with.

- With respect to the murder of Breonna Taylor, I found that a previous respondents points were still capable of shocking me about a case which I thought could shock me no further. Justice will not be served in that case until the officers, and more importantly their Chain of Command are held accountable.


What is LE, society, taxpayers, law-abiding citizens, etc to do about the drug problem since the Taylor story is related. "San Francisco reminds us why we have drug laws" by Andrea Widburg. Do we all want to wind up like SF? This article provides good insight about where we're at as well as where we're headed.


Well if andrea widburg said it must be the 5th gospel? Lets review history as far as drugs go. Alcohol prohibition was a failed social experiment, brought on by conservative christians who knew what wS best for everyone( sounds so familiar..cant quite place it) when prohibition was repealed drugs were outlawed for basically racist reasons blacks were too bold while doing cocaine, and Hispanics were puffing away on the evil weed, plus we had a huge federal aw enforcement apparatus that needed employment..thus the dea was born under Harry Anslinger. Meanwhile quack remedies filled with opium and cocaine were sold over the counter. And by mail order by sears and roebuck.

Those drugs were gradually put under the controls of prescriptions by an MD.

Heroin was actually invented as a cure for all the morphine addicts post civil war.

Now flash forward to the renewed drug war by every republican president since nixon... that of course feeds the prison industrial complex, it has no effect on the availability of llicit and illicit drugs, in Carteret County or anywhere else.

As scary as that is, prescription drugs are more prevalent, and abused in far greater numbers. So whats society to do about drugs? Same thing we did with alcohol. Legalize it, tax it, regulate it. Monitor it, hold people accountable for their actions, and treat it like the public health crises it is.

Should be a medical issue, not a criminal one. If anyone thinks prohibition was a failure but " the war on drugs" is working i would love to hear your rationale!


Add "anti-" before word "drug".


Blue on Black Crime -- 2020

From one of the sites blowhards.,,,don’t get me wrong, rioting and what’s going on in many cities, I certainly don’t agree with and it disgusts me, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Five former detention officers and a nurse at a North Carolina jail have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Neville, who was Black, was placed in leg cuffs and wrist cuffs as officers sat on him while he kept saying he couldn’t breathe. As a result, Neville was unable to breathe, which caused a brain injury that would eventually kill him. Neville was unarmed!

New York City, NY -- Police officer involved in the high-profile 2014 chokehold death of an African-American man has been fired.

Eric Garner, whose dying words "I can't breathe”. Officer Pantaleo, who is white, is seen with his arm wrapped around Garner's neck as they struggled on a street in the city's Staten Island borough. Garner was unarmed!

Louisiana -- In graphic, matter-of-fact chatter picked up on the trooper’s body-camera mic, a Louisiana State trooper Hollingsworth implicated in the death of a black man, Ronald Greene, The trooper can be heard talking of beating and choking Greens while he was handcuffed before “all of a sudden he just went limp.” Greene was unarmed!

Minneapolis, MN -- George Floyd, a black man, died after being arrested by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Footage of the arrest shows a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck while he was pinned to the ground. Chauvin has since been charged with murder. Floyd was unarmed!

Wolf City, Tx -- A white Texas police officer, Shawn Lucus, shot and killed a black man that resulted in the death of Jonathan Price. Price was trying to stop another man from beating a woman in the parking lot of a convenience store. Price was unarmed!

Atlanta, GA -- Garrett Rolfe, a white Atlanta police officer is facing felony murder and other charges related to Rayshard Brooks' killing outside an Atlanta fast-food restaurant as Brooks was running away from Rolfe to escape being arrested for DUI. Brooks did have a taser in his hand!

Kenosha, WI -- The white officer who shot Jacob Blake, a black man, seven times in the back, as he resisted arrest while trying to get in his car where a knife was believed to be, has been placed on administrative leave. Blake could have been armed with a knife.

Indianapolis, IN -- Video obtained by attorneys representing Dreasjon Reed, a man fatally shot by a white Indianapolis metropolitan police department officer, purports that Reed was tased, and then shot in the back after running from officers. Reed was unarmed!

Austin, TX -- Austin police gave details of a fatal officer-involved shooting that led to the death of a black man, Michael Brent Ramos. Police were investigating a report of people using drugs in a car in a parking lot. Ramos refused to get out of the car and drove away as white officer Chris Taylor fired multiple shots into the car, killing Ramos. Ramos was unarmed!

These are just a few 2020 cases of white cops killing black people with unjustified use of deadly force. Police are killing too many people both black and white….almost 800 total B&W this year alone.


Any thoughts about these "no-knock" operations by feds & others in what might be described as "excessive force" in cases like Manafort & Stone? Can you imagine the outcomes if armed & ready bad actors or not had been inside, exchanged fire, & people shot and/or killed on both sides in those cases? Begs the question why can't both kinds of warrants be handled in daylight with a little to a lot less force? Got to be a better way.


Yep, dc, if it's not a murder, rape or kidnapping warrant wait till daylight. This was for drugs and no drugs found.


Nearly 800 is a disturbing stat. Certainly needs improving with upper echelon working overtime to improve with better vetting when hiring, & improved training & leadership. Were all unjustified? We should ask how many lives did LE save in the same timeframe while trying to keep from getting killed themselves? No excuses for anybody but facts are useful.

David Collins

Yup , stupid people putting themselves in the position , due to their own conscious decision making process , of getting themselves or others injured or killed . Yup , that is the police officers fault , totally , 100% . Give us a break . Stupid is as stupid does , armed or un armed .


The militarization of law enforcement is beginning to backfire in a big way. Even in ole Carteret that have been several police shootings of citizens. Of course, they were ruled justified, no surprise there. On top of that, there are those who want to disarm citizens of modern arms; these are the democrat/socialists. They believe that a armed government is paramount and a disarmed populace is ideal. Ideal to be rendered as sheep. Each citizen must be responsible for their own security; the government always come after the crime is done. The day is coming when each citizen must decide to stand for their rights; or simply become a sheeple. That time is very near, indeed.


True, corrupt. These days I don't know if I need my guns for BLM or the police. Sad state of affairs. No pun intended toward Cunningham.


After the armed citizens take over and disarm/disable the government, then what is the plan? This nation will not be saved by guns. The simple mix of greed and stupidity, both flourishing at the present moment, seems sufficient to bring us down.


The nation was once saved by guns............The Revolutionary War.


Come on mpjeep. Fast forward to 2020 and inform us how it is going to go down.


There is a reason we study history, justiceforone.


I have to agree that the votes will get the candidates elected, not the signs, so what is with the roadways loaded with the political trash? I’m sure that every voter knows who is running and don’t need to see a ton of signs plastered all up and down the highways. A motorist can get a $250 to $500 fine if a piece of paper flies out of their vehicle yet this litter is acceptable? I am not against anybody’s choice who they feel is the right person for the job, that’s their right to choose. Now enough about that. Next thing that is nonsense is the whole “we are coming for your guns” threats from liberals/ socialist candidates? Look law abiding citizens do not have the luxury of having secret service agents or bodyguards surrounding them 24/7. They have to rely on law enforcement that they are starting to lose faith in so they look to alternative protection. Most even pay to take conceal carry classes do they can LEGALLY carry theirs for protection. After all, with violent protest occurring nationwide, you need it, as long as it used when your life is in immediate danger and not like you wanna be Wyatt Earp. So here is my question to the anti-gun politician supporters and any politician who reads this post who is anti-gun, if you strip the law abiding citizens of their right to keep and bear arms, how are you going to stop criminals and other law breaking riff-raff from possession of firearms? You can’t even stop them now so why does law abiding people get punished for your lack of common sense?


Hitler’s governmental gun control declared that all firearms and ammunition be surrendered.

Denying mostly to Jews who were unable to defend themselves from being exterminated. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference for Jews with or without guns.

But is gun control something we want the government to dictate to us? I don’t! And really, the bad guys will find ways to get guns. Always have, always will.


Ditto to that Sandman.


It does the heart & soul good to see & hear those two young pro-Americans in Baltimore & wherever in CA Maxine resides evidently outside her district. The young lady in Baltimore videoing the surroundings & taking on the forever & dictatorial-like Democrat-controlled city with no hope for change unless young people like her can break through that iron wall of control of politics & policy. And, the Navy Vet in CA videoing his surroundings then the mansion Maxine lives in evidently not in her district. Hopefully, there will be many more like these two wise Americans supporting & voting to help this president change the past failings of D- controlled cities. It could be the pollsters are not aware of many young & all minorities that support this president.


Well, I have always been a supporter of the second amendment. Always will be. But I don't see how in the context of today's world it will benefit us. Looking for an explanation on how guns will effectively remedy our nation's problems, but none of you seem to be able to explain it.


Schumer: Hey Mitch, we can’t hold in-person hearings on Supreme Court Justice Barrett due to Covid-19. And a virtual hearing and vote is out of the question.

McConnell: Well Chuck, do you have any objections to us voting by mail?


Guns are not going to remedy our nations problems no more than than the people who want to run and control this nation. Heck they can’t even agree on anything. If the the republicans introduce an idea, liberals shoot it down and vice versa. And who is left to suffer, the taxpayers. Guns serve 2 purposes, 1- hunting. with the prices in the market, a lot of folks fill their freezers with meats for

A few cents while store want $15 or more dollars for a single package of meat. 2- it is 3 am and someone or more break into your home with intent on harming you or your family? What are you gonna do? Wait for law enforcement or protect your family? Just think of the innocent victims who’s homes and businesses have been destroyed because of those who took protesting to a violent level. Most have invested their whole life to what they had and thanks to riff raff, their hard earned life has been destroyed How were they protected? Where were the politicians and law enforcement when that was taking place? Don’t get me wrong now. If you want to protest, by all means go for it, it’s your right to do so and it gets the point across when others sweep it under the rug. However, with all the shootings going on, it should be directed to those involved and not those who had nothing to do with it . Attacking, beating, looting, and destroying innocent peoples property does not help the cause except to create more chaos. It’s not the firearms fault that people use them for the wrong thing. It’s those who use them for anything but survival and protections for they should be held accountable as a domestic terrorist. That goes for those who beat, loot, and destroy home and businesses during said” peaceful protest”

David Collins

Amen ! Well said .


Sandman, I agree with you that guns are used for protection and providing food by hunting and that is an individual choice afforded by the second amendment. What some imply on these posts are that guns are the solution to solve our political and economic problems and the time is very near to use them. Can you name a modern day country that this has worked for? I only see blood on all sides and the thugs in control.


Hey Justiceforall, Per your recommendation, I watched the documentary “A Life on Our Planet”.

I did enjoy it and thanks for passing it to me. Eye opening and sad.

David Attenborough has certainly led an amazing life and has put together a great film outlining how we are destroying our world.

As he said, our wonderland is turning to wasteland, with earth losing its balance, as we use it up.

Toward the end of the documentary, Mr. Attenborough offers many solutions for us to get back on course, but too many of us will ignore his advice. We (include me) don’t have the Wisdom to comprehend what the end results of our destruction of rainforests, oceans, rivers, streams, wildlife extinction, destruction of fertile land, overfishing, ice reduction, etc.. will bring to us sooner or later. It will happen, but it should be a wake up call.

PS Wasn’t his life with Gorillas amazing? And the trust he and the gorillas had toward each other!

David Collins

You are absolutely correct Justice . Violent rebellion solves nothing and creates rule of might made up of feuding warlords and no personal freedoms at all . There are oh so many countries going through this right now . Usually starts on the road to Socialism . People need to get out , read and start paying attention before jumping off of that cliff . Not so much the fall but the shock of the sudden stop that gets you .


Don't remember if it was a WWII Japanese flag officer who said they were hesitant to attack our mainland because it was assumed there "was an American behind every Bush with a gun", or words to that effect. Did read recently that WWII vets from both countries met at some point after the war & that was iterated by at least one Japanese vet. Not sure that would be a concern today but who knows.


Shame on Hunter. Told his daughter he had to give daddy only 50%? Joe is easy ain't he? Think this could be true?


Great speech in Greenville today. Where was Biden speaking to his 3 losers today? Kamala was suppose to somewhere in NC today. No show but some of her folks have the virus & she is shut down 'til Monday. Didn't know they could get it but the president wished them well


Another NeverTrumper bites the dust with Scully admitting he lied.

David Collins

Finally go in to vote . Thank goodness it is over for me . Time to let the hair go with the hide .

On a side note , voted at the Boro Rotary Bld. where all the Covid precautions were front and center . Had to use a pen , provided but had to take it with me so as not to infect others . Sounds great but for one little thing . The polling booths were not cleaned a single time while I was inside . Not once . Go figure !

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