Atlantic Beach, N.C.

March 16, 2020


When you purchased the lot on Cedar Lane to accommodate more parking for the ABC Store on Atlantic Beach, I pled with Mr. Jack Askew to PLEASE spare the decades-old oaks and cedars that were around the perimeter of the lot.

At that time, he told me, “We’re going to clear cut it!” As shocking as that response was, it HAS come to fruition. You’re literally “paving paradise to put up a parking lot!”

Mr. Askew clearly had the option of leaving the trees and paving around them, but he chose, instead to mow down a lovely natural area here on Atlantic Beach and leave an ugly, stark sight instead.

We have very few natural resources here on AB, and our beautiful oaks are among the most spectacular. Why you would purposely destroy nests for birds, shade and oxygen for us and leave an ugly, empty lot is incomprehensible.

As an agency of North Carolina, in a position such as yours, it’s important that you respect our ecology and do everything in your power to NOT do any further damage to our ever-shrinking natural areas. Your irresponsibility and careless disregard for Atlantic Beach by your poor custodianship, is unforgivable.

How cruel to destroy a beautiful, living, breathing treasure such as the oaks and cedar that perished on Cedar Lane. Cheers!


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AB as well as the rest of the "CONDO COAST" from Beaufort inlet to Bogue inlet for the last 50 yrs has suffered in the name of "Progress".I suspect even where you live 'either oaks or dunes were taking down for your little dream house or condo.But on the brite side ya get all the sand ya want pumped on the beach yr. after yr. at the expense of the tax payers .Just look what they have done to the Circle and the fishing piers.More progress!


Lets see how their 'tourism' theme works now, or even in October,,,,,,,,,, hahahahahhahahahaha ... [cool]


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]. Exactly! You can't have it both ways!


Its is all the rich people who have ruined the coast! I miss the circle and I miss the piers. I rode through Surf City last fall and could not even recognize where my mom had her place .it was all gone. They build those condos so close when one catches fire the rest are close to going up in flames too. Just like it did in Surf City last year. I think all the rich people should have to pay extra taxes to keep the sand pumped and pay a beautification fee to replenish and rebuild the natural environment. Furthermore restrict the building period to where there will not be any more damage to the wetlands or natural habitats.


I remember when I was a younger lad we came to the beach and had no problem parking and having fun. We went to the circle and had a blast. Ones that memories are made of. Now you cannot make those memories because you have to pay $10 a day to park and ride up and down the street to find public beach access places which they are fading away. It's time to stop all the developments for tax money. It's way past time to adjust your budgets and stick to them and not waste your money's on useless things. Put more taxes on the rich people who have these properties and make them pay for the street repairs and such. We poor people are fed up with the mess you Commissioners and City Council members are doing in the name of a dollar. You are tearing Gods earth and wasting valuable resources and endangering more sea lives and animals by taking their very homes away. Ronnie Van Zant wrote a song when he was the lead singer for Lynyrd Skynyrd. The title is "All I Can Do Is write"! In this song he sings of the Concrete Jungles taking over the beauty and natures lands and ruining the country sides and natural environment and animal refuges for the developments of condos and businesses. Here is the deal... You all need to stop building and making parking lots and charging people to park and bring back the fun stuff we all had as kids. If not there will be no more anything because everytime you build it upsets the balance of nature and it makes it harder in the common people to enjoy life here. You keep up the charging the parking fees and your tourists will eventually go some where else. Also where is all the money going from the parking fees? AB has some of the sorriest streets. Put more money in Fire and EMS and Police instead of your pockets and special building funds. Put more money into revamping a place for entertainment like it used to be.


I agree! I remember the good old days, esp. The Circle! Those days are gone, along with much of our beautiful scenery! It will never be the same[sad]


[unsure] You can’t have the progress & growth you strive for without sacrificing something. As the GOP Godmother of CC you should be Happy that they did exactly what they said they would instead of just doing it and not telling you.


Bear26- if you want ferris wheels, gun & knife bars and all the other "great" stuff the circle had then invest and open them. It is NOT up to government (AB or Carteret County ) to intrude into the private sector. Free enterprise economy is based on private investors and privately owned business.

David Collins

Vada , please temper your anger . You have found a truly rare thing . You found a politician that kept his promise to you . He had the lot clear cut as promised . You don’t have to like it but you should respect him for keeping his promise .


Unfortunately when you talk to the Board remember — They ARE the Rich — they are not even going to consider taxing themselves. The only reason any of them get elected is because they can spend tons of money on campaigns instead of putting that money to good use within the towns and I don’t mean by building more Condos or hotels we DON’T need.


We are way past time to eliminate the Socialist ABC boards and let the free market take over.

David Collins

Yet one more off the wall comment . Whew !

David Collins

Even if the ABC system was privatized , there would still be boards to provide oversight . What would change ?


Been here for 35 years, before beach nourishment was popular. Guess what it is not working. Here is my plan (1) Divert the sand tax to purchase of beachfront rentals. (2) Tear them down (3) Create parking lots with beach access. and charge as they do now. EI is making a nice net profit on the two now in use $!00,000/yr More locals will use the beach and spend all their money on beer. I know what you will say, so don't say it. This will work.

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