Cedar Point, N.C.

May 27.2020


I am not a conspiracy theorist or a black helicopter or tin foil hat guy . . . but I am admittedly a consumer of facts.

As of NC DHHS website's OWN data (pulled the morning of 26 May, which is a little more than 2 months from the first recorded COVID-19 death in NC):

~ 754 deaths total (693 of which are from within a known setting)

~ Of those 693, 401 occurred in nursing homes + 57 in residential care facilities + 15 more in prisons.

~ That leaves only 218 total spread over nearly 70 days that have occurred outside of those facilities. Or, stated another way, 3 per day in the state of NC total.

~ And, finally, zero (0) deaths in the age brackets of 0-24 years.

Those N.C. government-provided facts beg the questions :

1. Why are we looking at changing the school year in any way (K-12 or university)? Delays or constraints in sports? Partial time at school and at home for students? What is the educational impact? What is the impact to the family with two working parents? How does it help to have any school turn them away so they can go to another child setting like daycare? Or worse from a risk standpoint, be sent to the only other location they have for care as a family - the elderly grandpar-ents!? What is the impact to the psychology of the students from how the adults are reacting to the invisible enemy?

2. Why is any facility still closed vice versa trusting each business with the CDC-listed risk factors and us to behave as re-spectful citizens? A business being open and patronized is not a mandate for everyone to show up. If you are not comfortable, do not go. I would add that if you cannot respect others and the business' rules, also don't go. Businesses in the free market WILL develop ways to protect those at risk (spe-cial shopping hours or haircut hours or gym workout hours or equipment or a church service just for those at risk to afford them more space) if it is good for their business' bottom line - which it will be.

Sadly, we can't even have a fact-based conversation without taking political sides. Historically, the side we were ALL on was the side of "we, the people.” Can those in charge please trust us to get back to that patriotic place that makes America what she is? Please?


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David Collins

Nope , it is an election year and the opposition will pull out all the stops to make things look as dire as humanly possible to affect change in leadership come November . Should such change actually occur , magically all our pains will go away . Won’t they ?

sick and tired

I told you. Yall did such a great job teaching your kids at home, and so willing to comply that this will be the normal. The state now knows that you will, can, and do a better job of educating. Meanwhile we all still paid the taxes for education. and there are no talks of refunding property taxes that went for "education" Yeah, its cheaper for them, and works out better in education scores. They are crying that the school cost MORE to run when it is closed it will certainly be a nice little cash cow for them.


The public failed this test. Now, the government, from local to federal, knows the sheep will comply with any order. Just instill a little fear. It is that simple. Next: "Aliens are coming to earth", sound familiar?

David Collins

You talking about that Russian made sci-fi thriller ? Of course some would say they are already here . They are called Democrats . Totally from another world .

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