As the debate rages across the nation about guns and the appropriate age of gun ownership following the carnage left by a crazed shooter in Uvalde, Texas, it is interesting to see the contrast and contortions of the progressive liberals as they argue that a 3-year-old can determine his or her gender while at the same time restricting a driver’s license or gun ownership to an age limit.

The renewed argument to restriction of gun ownership is based on an immediate reaction to last week’s horror in Texas with an intended effort to control the public through legislation and external forces- licensure or restrictions. All the while the proponents for more government control are ignoring the signs that our country is losing its moral compass as a result of efforts to diminish the role of family and particularly parents.

How else can we explain the efforts of the ultra-liberal progressives who extoll the virtues of letting a 3-year-old decide his or her gender, or any of the other 58 newly discovered genders, without engaging the parents? According to science there are definitive markers to determine the sex of an individual: XX for female, XY for male. But that’s science and what do scientists really know?

Then, in the same breath, these progressives decry the lack of control over the use of firearms and the need to, at the very least, set age limits on ownership.

There is no question that age appropriate approvals are valid, as in the case of gaining a driver’s license, which requires training and is limited to the age of 16 or older.

Likewise, it would be best to set an age limit, and perhaps even a training requirement, before certain firearms may be purchased by an individual. This may have prevented the 21 deaths at the Robb Elementary school but it does little to address the carnage in metropolitan communities that has been ongoing for years.

In cities like Philadelphia and Chicago, gun violence in the inner city is at historic highs but those events don’t fit the progressive narrative of restricting gun ownership because those very same proponents know that they will never be able to stop these attacks. Today the weapon of choice in these inner city attacks is guns, but absent guns, the weapons would be knives, clubs or even automobiles.

 A Chicago Tribune story by Kori Rumore notes that over the past five months the city recorded 228 homicides. Even more shocking is that the city reported 52 shootings, not all resulting in death, over the Memorial Day weekend. Yet these statistics, for only Chicago mind you, do not result in any outrage from progressives or even those in Washington who want to control our lives.

There are two reasons for the resulting silence or disinterest in these stories. The first is politics. These inner city communities are neither a source for votes or more importantly, money to fill political coffers.

The second reason is that any effort to confront the growing violence will require a deeper dive into the cause, which involves a declining social and cultural environment that is intentionally being destroyed through government initiatives that actually promote single parent households, and other actions that pay people not to work nor be responsible for their lives.

This cultural decline can only be stopped if a community pushes back and refuses to relinquish morals and accountability to government control. The facts of the past twenty years of uncontrolled violence can be laid at the feet of government that pretends to know best, but in the end only hastens public and moral decline.

The efforts on the part of North Carolina legislators to re-enforce public accountability and parental responsibility is the crux of the recently introduced House Bill 755, entitled ‘Parent’s Bill of Rights.’ If approved over Governor Cooper’s threatened veto, the bill will codify parents’ access to educational materials and prohibit instruction of sexual and gender orientation in the K-3 curriculum. It also requires teachers to inform parents if their child displays gender confusion or wants to be called different names or pronouns.

The education lobby, as expected, reacted to this legislation, complaining that it is too restrictive and represents educational censorship. This complaint is predicated on the concept that teachers and government know what is best for the children and not the parents.

It is ironic that only a few days after H.B. 755 was introduced, the principal at a Fuquay-Varina elementary school removed LGBTQIA+ flash cards that were being used to teach colors in a pre-school class. The principal took the action after a parent complained to a state legislator who in turn called the elementary school. According to a News & Observer story, one flash card pictured a pregnant man.

Ignoring the obvious dismissal of science with the picture of a pregnant man, it is obvious that the flash cards were being used as a developmental, some would say propaganda, tool. This event confirms the need for parental participation and oversight in the nation’s classrooms.

But this bill has a second and more important component that should be supported by educators. Since it is a parental bill of rights, it presupposes or actually expects parents to be involved, which is something that educators and the public should desire.

The growing loss of civility and the subsequent increase in violence cannot be legislated away. These are the fruits of a nation that has diminished the value and importance of the family and the concept of personal responsibility.

The mass shootings in Buffalo N.Y., and Uvalde, Texas are symptomatic of a nation that is diminishing the value of family and personal responsibility, thus leading to more incivility and destructive behavior. There is no easy solution, no magic pill, that will solve the epidemic of violence but it does start at the lowest common denominator- the family.

Educators and the public should embrace the Parent’s Bill of Rights and in the process strengthen them to require more, not less, parental involvement with the ultimate goal to re-institute a civil society.

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David Collins

You have to have actual parents in order to have effective parental involvement . How many mothers have abandoned their child/children to live with grandmama while cavorting about doing the same things that brought the unwanted children into the world in the first place ? Real father figures are not to be found , just sperm donors .

And the never ending cycle continues .


This opinion is more appalling then most. Gunfire in chicago is related to the parents bill of rights how? Wow, simply amazing, and quite depressing as well. Now personally I think not having detailed discussions about sex and gender with k-3 is fine. The fact is little heather might have 2 mommies, and is some mention that families can take all shapes and sizes appropriate? One commentator suggests parents( women) are off being promiscuous, and leaving grandma to raise the kids? ( always the woman to be blamed I guess) That is certainly one of many possibilities. Another is mom is working full time and going to school and can't afford daycare.

Bemoaning the decline of the nuclear family, and blaming that on those darn libs is just not in touch with reality. Many women want to have a life outside the home, children, and a career, and that is not at all wrong. Neither is wanting to be home and raise the children. The sad fact that it takes two incomes to be lower middle class is just that: a fact. This pretending that June Cleaver vacuuming the house in a dress and pearls, while Ward worked and the 2 perfect children were happy and well adjusted is fiction. Trying to live up to fictional tv characters as some standard is just insanity.

The reason the LGBTQ activists don't want parents told if their child reveals to a school employee they are lgbtq, is in some cases that child is promptly kicked out of the house. Bad, terrible ,shocking things happen to homeless kids.

That says more about the parents who would do such a thing, then it does about activists who would try to prevent it.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

I almost stopped reading after the first paragraph, but wanted to see how far off the rails the author went.

He got 3 hrs of Sean Hannity into one letter.

The comparing of gang violence in Chicago to mass shootings is some of Hannity’s best work.

Blaming or comparing the LGBTQ crowd for gun violence is s close second.

Right wing radio is ruining minds.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Since Hannity likes to make minds believe distorted facts about Chicago.

Let’s examine a bit l.

The toughest gun laws in the country is old news for Chicago. Since 2010/2012 that’s no longer the case.

if you looked at Chicago’s spike in gun violence, one only has to know

Chicago’s reputation for strict gun laws is rooted in its 1982 ban on handguns. When the U.S. Supreme Court’s District of Columbia vs. Heller decision in 2008 struck down a similar ban in the District of Columbia, Chicago was the only major city left with a blanket handgun prohibition. The distinction didn’t last long.

In 2010, the high court followed up Heller with a ruling in McDonald vs. City of Chicago which nullified Chicago’s ban. At that, the concealed carry of firearms was still outlawed in Chicago as it was throughout all of Illinois.

Two years later, however, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Illinois concealed carry ban as unconstitutional and the state soon after became the last in the nation to approve concealed carry.

Knowledge is power! By these accounts the lifting of the no conceal carry law and no handguns in the city is the only thing to point to as the spike in gun crime there.

So next time Hannity tries to make you believe something that’s not true, just do some research on your own.


What was once up is now down… light is dark and dark is light. No personal accountability for anything anymore. It’s always something or someone else’s fault.


As far as chicagoland… there’s a major problem. Obama said it out loud in a speech up there during his reign. “Gun ownership is not the same in urban Illinois as rural Illinois“… hmmmm what ever could be the difference…I dare a liberal to come out and state the obvious.

David Collins

Don’t get the endless fixation on Hannity and other like should . He has an opinion show , just like countless others . Perhaps we need something else to occupy the mind . Hey , it is turtle season . Watching sand dry could be therapeutic .

David Collins

Instead of should , substitute shows .


I still fail to see what gun violence in urban areas has to do with school shootings. Wasent Jim Croce singing about the south side of Chicago 50 years ago? When school shootings were relatively unknown?

Another contributor besides the easy availability of semi auto long guns to immature mentally ill youth is the news cycle after each new sickening event

The shooters bio..victim family interviews. Just the type of thing that would appeal to the next would be shooter. Infamy.

Meanwhile the right wing luminaries have blamed guys abortion, lack of Jesus. Lack of respect. Easy access to killing machines. And a lot of mentally unstable folks can't be the problem according to them.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

Chicago gang and criminal violence has nothing to do with school shootings. It’s a deflection to distract.

They try to make people believe the blue states are where the most gun violence is and that the media is targeting white gun owners, while leaving guns in the hands of criminals and non whites. That’s so scary isn’t it.


Most of us have probably read about school massacres by stabbings or some means other than guns in countries where guns may not be as accessible as here. There are plenty of cases of "shooters" that were fatherless but not in most every case as we might have read. School massacres can be traced to something like 1929 (not certain) where believe maybe the school secretary of some other official bombed the place. That's not to say these mostly young boys aren't a troubling stat and guns seem to be their weapon of choice. Anyone heard of this kind of violence in say a Catholic School? Obviously, they're not as prominent as. public schools. But why do these young boys focus on public schools? Easy target, anger towards something/somebody in the schools, etc.? Must be Hannity or Trump? 8


Sadly, his daughter's life was taken by laxed public school security primarily resulting from asinine policies passed down during the BO admin. Parent Andrew Pollack went into action. If TX and every other public school district would study what his actions have accomplished and follow suit they just may preclude the slaughter of innocent public schools kids in the future. Don't then just wait for the next one.


School shootings are, in spite of the hype, incredibly rare.

Catholic schools in the USA are not that common (7,498 schools in 2006/2007, and declining, versus 98,817 public schools)

You take an event so rare that the FBI cannot gather enough data to create a consistent profile over 20 years, and then wonder why an identifiable 7% of schools have not experienced an event that hits .001% of schools in a given year


Excellent points, ski.


As a parent and a grandpa I’ve seen many many kids throughout my years. There’s been many kids that display “not normal” tendencies and It was obvious to any casual observer that the little angel wasn’t right. Unfortunately most parents, grandparents, loved ones refuse to see the same thing and are very defensive of their little angel…regardless of the early warning signs. The CC Sheriffs mug shot page is full of the little darlings that grew up being “off”. You’ll never get the truth out of the parents of the school shooters because that would mean they would have to admit their failure as parents. Got some in the family… the failed parent/grandparent is long since dead and has left society with ticking time bombs.


Contrary to the opinion that the " grandpa spidey sense" can just point out the " off children" It is generally accepted that psychopaths are quite adept at appearing normal and fitting in. their brains are wired quite differently but to outward appearances they are not "off". teen boys esp in groups are known to make bad decisions. I would venture to say many of those mugshots are folks who came from good homes, had every opportunity growing up, and still made bad decisions that led to incarceration. I know from my own life several kids who were " off" and have done very well, and a few who had stable home lives and have spent their adult lives in prison. I can agree that many, if not most parents are blind to their childrens faults. This idea that "off" children are so easily identified and the parents blindness is the root cause of crime and antisocial behavior does not hold up to scrutiny. Lil jonny killing neighborhood pets is one thing, "off" children is something else entirely.


Seems reasonable to conclude that as our culture has eroded the shootings have increased. Suicides among teenagers and young male adults have also. Connection is apparent with suicide and these shootings whether taking their own life or suicide by LE while committing the act. School shooting may be rare overall but it's not when it happens to those who are affected. Along with trying to return to a culture that was somewhat more stable than today improving mental health is essential to the quest. Until those can gain a footing securing schools to prevent potential carnage among innocent young lives and the devastation of their families

sensible efforts must be taken following examples of those who have experienced the Mr. Pollack and even countries like Israel.


Return to a more stable culture? the past is gone, ill remembered, and impossible to return to. The days of every kid had a shotgun in their truck at school are gone and not coming back. Modern problems require modern solutions, like waiting periods, age requirements, background checks, and red flag laws.


So, the last thing the left wants to do is harden schools because that might actually work if done right? Keep playing "take away the guns" and wait for the next one.



Harden the schools? The obsession with blaming the left is counterproductive.

The Jonesboro school shooting had the 2 very young shooters lying in wait outside.

Are sports canceled? Each student wrapped in ballistic blankets and escorted from school bus to bunker individually?

That ct school shooting the first shot shatted the locked front door glass and he stepped right in.

Common sense suggests limiting access to guns, is more workable then trying to " harden the schools"


If the dem bashing and lefty blame game could be put aside for just a moment.

An 18 yr old can not legally buy a single can of beer. They can buy a m4 knockoff and 4 30 round magazines, 120 people dead or seriously wounded in less then 30 seconds.

Does that make sense to ANYONE?

David Collins

Gosh , might have been a bad dream or perhaps just making this up but is not the left where defund the police and all other measures to weaken their ability to do their jobs came from ? Is not the left where criminal loving DAs , prosecutors and judges come from , not to mention emptying the jails and prisons ?

Common sense is not so common any more . Fortifying the schools can happen infinitely quicker than a bunch of self serving fools dithering about , accomplishing nothing other than grandstanding . 35 or more years of this nonsense has not shown anyone anything ?

Gun crimes of any sort should require long , long sentences and killing another with a firearm , murder , should result in the death penalty consummated quickly . In under two years at the most . Of course the bed wetting liberals would perish at the thought of all this . Perhaps they can find a good counselor for themselves but failing that , there are quite a few international flights leaving RDU and CLT daily , for more suitable countries perhaps . Be on one . That way one can be part of the solution and someone else’s problem .


So, leave the schools open similar to how the left likes the borders and do a Fast and Furious operation. No, Fast and Furious didn't work did it? No worries the left will get the job done the way they've handled crime in general.


An 18 yr old can not legally buy a single can of beer. They can buy a m4 knockoff and 4 30 round magazines, 120 people dead or seriously wounded in less then 30 seconds. WOW that would be some incredible accuracy, 1 shot 1 kill is better than Rambo. I do understand what your point is, but exaggeration doesn't help. Let us assume we could make all assault style weapons vanish, what would be next. My guess would be semi auto handguns. is that the next style gun to ban? So lets get rid of all those next, would that stop these shootings. I would guess not. What could be next? Mt guess is what is considered by many as the most deadly close quarter weapon there is. A weapon that in WW I Germany tried to have it declared as a weapon of mass destruction. In WW II the Germans would shoot on the spot any allied solider who was caught with one This is a weapon that will never be banned and is legal in almost all countries that have guns (UK, Canada , Japan, Russia.....). A gun that with every pull of the trigger sends 8 to 12 .32 caliber lead bullets down the barrel. This would be the shotgun.

So if some type of weapon will always be around lets start trying to find other solutions that may work. The quickest thing we can do is to put a SRO in every school and improve upon school building security. Why does the left always scoff at this idea? Is it 100% effective? NO, what is ? I do believe it is a good place to start. I heard on ABC news tonight (so it must be true) that for children 4 years and younger drowning was the leading cause of death. We could change that completely by passing a law making it illegal to allow these children anywhere near water. Sounds pretty stupid right, would never happen. So instead we provide education, flotation devices, and life guards to help. Is it 100% effective? NO, but we still try.


So since shotguns are devastating close qtrs weapons, and handguns are too, we are to conclude that preventing 18 yr olds from buying gas operated long guns is not a workable partial solution? you already have to be 21 to buy a handgun. A shotgun while devastating, holds at most 5 shots. You can buy 80 rd drum mags for AR clones, 2 30's is 60 shots. Suggesting thats not a serious & unnecessary threat because of " 1 shot 1 kill "is just silly.


Like I said before I have no problem with the 21 age requirement and if it prevented one school shooting it would be a great thing. The first point I was trying to make is that if a person wants to commit such an act they will find a way.

Second is just because a weapon can fire 120 rounds a minute does not mean they will kill 120 people in a minute. Trying to be real.

Third many shotguns will hold over 5 shots. I have several that hold 9, KELTEC makes one that holds 20 rds and some shotguns will even take drum magazines. Each number 4 buckshot pellet is approximately .24 caliber, and each 2.75-inch shell holds around 24 pellets. In a 5 shot capacity shotgun thats 120 pellets each one a largercaliber than what most AR style rifles shoot. That does not mean it will kill 120 people but it will kill many, and I know that the .223 round is very devasting on it''s own. When a shooter can walk up to kids that are trapped in their classroom and pick them off at will I am not sure if what he is using really makes that much of a difference. Listen I am willing to discuss and try anything that will help. I just don't think that alot of what I am hearing will.

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